Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

Aug22499 30 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Aug22499 Financial Intermediary of the Year 2023 - Milan lue Factor is an authorised and professional intermediary involved in the activity of purchasing and managing nonperforming loans (NPL). It’s core business is the non-recourse purchase of such loans, focused especially on the banking and financial sector. It has analysed and processed NPL portfolios in excess of 25 billion euros, and managed the sales process for over 2.5 billion in the last 5 years. Blue Factor’s main customers consist of persons such as professional investors, qualified investors, investment funds, banks, finance companies, lawyers, consultants, and any other businesses/ personnel involved in carrying out financial activities such as loan purchase or loan sale. Blue Factor also manages third party loans (i.e. Special Servicing) and structures securitization transactions, also performing the role of Master Servicer pursuant to art. 2 Law 130/1999. The company’s corporate values encompass integrity, responsibility, quality, equal opportunities for all, and team building. The company chairman Fabio Tavarelli has laid foundations prioritising strong ethical values, which are particularly important considering the area in which it operates.. All activity is conducted responsibly, with attention to results and legislation. Blue Factor is a financial entity operating in a market subject to supervision, so appropriate controls and checks need to be implemented pertaining to the Italian, and EU, banking and financial legislation. This is continuously updated to guarantee customers (investment funds, advisors, banks) operations structured in a compliant manner. The company objective is always to work with a high degree of quality, enabling it to reach internal targets and accede to customer requests. Its highly trained and qualified staff are integral to this, as is the regular revision of working procedures for streamlined processes, compliant with legislation and suitable for the transaction complexities. Blue Factor strongly believes in equal opportunities and fair compensation, and employs based solely on merit. It has a 52% female employment rate in the company, including female CEO Luisa Franchina, and top managers Serena Mantovani and Laura Pacini. In addition, it is important to note that teamwork is fundamental to Blue Factor in terms of structuring the company. It tries to maintain a close-knit and collaborative team at all times, with a healthy interest in achieving common business goals. When it comes to NPL, the world as we know it leads to delays in repayment times and a lower profitability from investments. Blue Factor thinks that there needs to be an integrated approach to recovery, and an expansion of supply chain services offered, to ensure continued profitability for the company. The positive results achieved by Blue Factor are mainly due to the appropriate and managed risk control and containment policies it implemented during 2022. The company has also strengthened its commercial activity during 2022 and the first months of 2023, investing in the building of relationships that can help to develop the new business branch of the company. As a boutique, small-medium sized company, with specialised knowledge and streamlined processes, Blue Factor can respond quickly and promptly to customer requests. It can also adapt to market changes with pace, and analyse even the most complex operations in order to be able to provide solutions in a short time. It is also extremely proud of its highly specialised IT department, which has been able to generate and develop an in-house loan management program that adapts to the needs of the company and its stakeholders with periodic releases. Blue Factor has recently been recognised for its outstanding work by the Worldwide Finance Awards, who have named it Financial Intermediary of the Year 2023 – Milan. This is a great honour for a company who have continued to provide innovative services despite the recent global challenges, and truly deserve the plaudits. Company: Blue Factor S.P.A. Web Address: Contact Name: Laura Pacini Active on the market since 2008, Blue Factor S.P.A. is an independent financial intermediary supervised by the Bank of Italy. It specialises in the enhanced management of non-performing loans originating from the banking and financial sector. B Jun23693