Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 19 Apr22594 Most Empowering Remote Community Support Organization 2022 - East Africa ur AIM Foundation’s genesis came 13 years ago when it began its activities in the USA. The organisation is now a globally recognised non-profit that inspires, gives hope, and empowers communities around the world through providing unique programmes and long-term support. Indeed, Our AIM Foundation has come a long way since its founding, for example, it maintains multiple branches across the USA, Africa, and South Asia. The non-profit strives to reach the communities that have been left behind – forgotten. These demographics include the elderly, the vulnerable, and those who need urgent relief through a sustainable programme. In 2022, the foundation operates through its Education, Health, Women and Youth Empowerment, Water & Sanitation, and Hunger Prevention programmes in the USA, Malawi, India, Pakistan, the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, and more. Henceforth, its free services have come to the aid of over 4,000,000 individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, with over 950,000 orphans and poor children’s education supported, over 500,000 medical aid received, 350,000 meals having been distributed, 2,000 water and sanitation facilities have been donated. Its volunteers, known internally as ‘angels’, are a driving force behind Our AIM Foundation’s success. The majority of the foundation’s team is comprised of these ‘angels’ who dedicate their time and knowledge to uplifting and supporting others in meaningful ways, ensuring that others get the opportunity to experience some the privileged opportunities that they have enjoyed. Leading this team is Nisha Mandani, the organisations Founder and CEO. Mrs Mandani is a philanthropist at heart, constantly searching for ways to help the less fortunate based upon her motto, ‘If you are blessed, it’s your obligation to be a blessing to others.’ Her tireless work has driven over 300 donors and partners to contribute their precious time, knowledge, and resources to Our AIM Foundation’s mission. “The reason who I am today is because of all the struggles that made me strong, resilient, and also made me to detect the pain struggles of millions of women children out O there and become the beacon of light for them through Our AIM Foundation,” she states, before continuing to offer more information into their operations in Malawi. “Our Holistic Community Center located in the remotest village Tongozola, Malawi that operates since 2018 highlights the most among many other projects. This unique 3-acre solar-powered compound houses FREE programs such as Education, Women Empowerment, Health Clinic, Feeding and Water & Sanitation and many more. Currently it serves community from 126 villages surrounding it. The villagers are often destitute and in a helpless condition of poverty with no access to adequate education, proper sanitary facilities, health services or sustainable avenues to provide for their families.” Whilst the non-profit has achieved international prestige, it has also faced its fair share of challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic greatly impacted the non-profit sector; however, 2022 will be a big year for Our AIM Foundation as many of its plans blossom. Education and health are the foundation’s top priority for the next decade – it believes that these are the fundamental elements within the development of community. Recently Our AIM Foundation has launched multiple education-centric programmes, such as ‘Adopt a Child’s Education’, ‘Adoption of Schools’, and a research-based mindfulness training and non-violent communication project “Awareness in Mind”. Contact: Nisha Mandani Company: Our AIM Foundation Web Address: Changing the lives of disadvantaged communities internationally, Our AIM Foundation provides real, constant support to those who need it most, no matter whether they are located in the USA or overseas. Empowerment is what the foundation does best. In 2022, Our AIM Foundation is turning its attention towards improving education systems and providing mental health support to youths.