2019 Legal Awards

Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards 33 stablished in 1988, Rosenbaum IP has been devoted to supporting their clients’ needs for intellectual property asset development, commercialisation, and enforcement when necessary. Expertly marrying together professional and technical skills, with sound business principles and extensive experience, the team work tirelessly to maintain an exemplary level of client service and work quality. In the last sixteen years of the practice’s existence, clients have been able to achieved upwards of $1.7 billion dollars in market value through financing rounds, M&A, licensing, or litigation awards. With clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, Rosenbaum IP’s work stretches to both ends of the size spectrum, but never compromises on quality. Operating with a client-first culture, the firm’s philosophy reflects that of founder David in two key ways. Firstly, that every single activity undertaken is done with a client- centric focus and serves their best interests. Secondly, David strives to make sure that he is consistently available to clients and attorneys, but also the firm staff, supporting them in accomplishing their goals to better serve the client. That way, everybody wins. Rosenbaum IP’s overarching philosophy is to establish and maintain coherence between outcomes required by the clients’ objectives and the intellectual property strategy. This all-encompassing philosophy requires clear understanding on the client’s needed outcomes, as well as any constraints that may prohibit the team obtaining those outcomes. For David and his team, building trust is the most important aspect of achieving this. Client relationships are at the centre of everything the firm does, so fostering them through constant transparency and honest communication is key. Delivering on big-firm expertise, experience and capability, Rosenbaum IP’s work includes intellectual rights procurement, product development, handling transactions, and strategic litigation amongst many other areas. As well as IP rights filing and acquisitions, the team of staff also counsel their clients on complex intellectual property matters, brand development, and global protection. From there, supervising due diligence, positioning reviews for licensing, and strategic product development are all aimed at building and enhancing the value of a client’s intellectual property estates. The team, spearheaded by David on a daily basis, is made up of big thinkers who are keen to see new products develop and help serve society. Staff develop and enhance intellectual property asset value by architecting portfolios aligned with the clients required business “... clients of Rosenbaum IP can rest assured that David and his team will remain at the forefront of any industry changes to keep delivering best-in-class services across the whole of Illinois.” Best IP Law Practice - Illinois E For more than thirty years, the Midwestern state of Illinois has been home to a truly outstanding example of IP law done right; Rosenbaum IP. Founded by David G. Rosenbaum, the firm has experienced great success in the decades since its formation. Now crowned Illinois’s Best IP Law Practice in Acquisition International’s Legal Awards, we profile the firm to learn more about their practice. Company: Rosenbaum IP, P.C. Contact: David G. Rosenbaum Website: http://www.rosenbaumip.com/ Rosenbaum IP, P.C. outcomes. Coupling together their big-firm experience and expertise with their small working environment, the firm are able to also serve technology companies who are at an earlier stage, as well as more established companies. Growing with the client and helping them scale their product and revenues is just another way that Rosenbaum IP deliver on their client-focused mission. Having secured constant success since the firm’s establishment in 1988, working hard through times of change is no stranger to David and the team at Rosenbaum IP. The intellectual property field is undergoing something of an evolution at the moment, with technology continuing to permeate all manner of human endeavours. IP is becoming an increasingly crucial aspects of business, as well as social, economic, and governmental arenas. Artificial intelligence will almost inevitably become a part of IP analytics, and clients of Rosenbaum IP can rest assured that David and his team will remain at the forefront of any industry changes to keep delivering best-in- class services across the whole of Illinois. For over three decades, David and his team have operating with a clear mission that is plain and simple; work with clients to develop cutting-edge technologies. Playing a pivotal role in shaping some of the technologies at use in the world today, Rosenbaum IP have refined and honed their legal craft to near perfection, aiding all manner of clients in getting their game-changing products into a society where they can make a difference. Company: Rosenbaum IP, P.C. Contact: David G. Rosenbaum Website: http://www.rosenbaumip.com/

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