2019 Legal Awards

34 Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards Legal Shelf : Best Legal Document Security & Encryption Company 2019 Best Legal Document Security & Encryption Company 2019 ince its inception, Legal Shelf has been providing its customers with safe and secure access to their critical information. Every library is designed and implemented as per the specific needs of the client, while standardizing searches and queue. Design, construction and development is combined with service and support, while the user´s safeguards allows for variable access to the library´s shelfs and organizational roots. In addition, mobility permits connectivity from virtually everywhere, as the machine learning features enhance the efficiency of the platform by introducing alert systems and document association. Rafael begins by going into further detail about the company, informing us of the ways in which the team ensures that they are delivering the best possible service to their clients. “At Legal Shelf, we strive to bridge the gap between technology and delivery. When we designed the solution, we identified a very relevant area of opportunity, as many IT options either provided a standardized software unfriendly or unadjusted to the client needs, or a service which required a costly external support operation. Our solution enjoins both elements through a simple, yet powerful, flexible and simple platform that cost-effectively delivers, without excess noise. It is the best of both worlds in just one stop.” At the core of Legal Shelf is creativity and teamwork, two key factors which play a large part in the success of the business, as Rafael Sámano Palacios notes. Legal Shelf is a unique technological platform which combines service and innovation. Recently, we profiled the firm and caught up with Rafael Sámano Palacios who revealed more about the award-winning services the team provides that enable them to be one of the very best legal document security and encryption companies in 2019. “Our commitment to providing innovative solutions and service relies on these two main pillars. The team works through a horizontal, collaborative and functional basis where our resources interact and support each other to achieve clear and measurable objectives.” Over the years, the firm’s leadership main role has been to ensure that the system that we offer performs, while retrofitting itself through the experiences generated by each process. As such, both guidance and team feedback are fundamental in the design of each library, since it lays the underpinnings for the success of the project. Adherence to their main values provides a work environment which fosters unity, mutual support and balanced loads, while upholding their main cultural drivers: equality, inclusion, respect and communication. Looking ahead, the team at Legal Shelf have a number of ideas to enhance their main product´s performance and are also working on the architecture of a couple new ones. The legal services industry is not, as many predict, on the verge of extinction, but rather experiencing a transformational process. And as in any transformation, new opportunities will emerge for the bold and the brave. Bringing the interview to a close, Rafael signs off by revealing what the future holds for the company, touching on one project in particular that the team is currently working on. “Moving forward, we are targeting several new products, and one in particular that we expect to introduce to the market in early 2020, which will provide clients transparency, updated data and control over internal and external assets to improve organization, control and deployment. This is something which we are currently working on. Ultimately, we look forward to the future with enthusiasm, hope and social responsibility.” Company: Legal Shelf Address: Insurgentes Sur 1425, 8th floor, Insurgentes Mixcoac, Mexico City, Mexico 03920. Telephone: (+52.55) 78229593 Web Address: www.legalshelf.mx Sep19380 S

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