2019 Legal Awards

32 Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards PMAB Platter Ausserer Bauer & Partner Best Civil & Administrative Law Firm - Italy ounded in 1983, PMAB has a rich history of helping both corporations and private clients with their legal needs across a myriad of areas, from Civil and Administrative Litigation, to Arbitration and Business Transactions. Based in the Bolzano region of Northern Italy, the firm is also made unique by the lawyers that make up the team. Speaking to a person in their native tongue is a sure-fire way to maximise relaxation from an early point in what can be a lengthy, arduous and uncomfortable process for some. With that in mind, the team of lawyers working at PMAB are all bilingual and able to convey all of the firm’s services in both Italian and German, with every staff member also fluent in English. Some lawyers with the firm can also speak fluently in French and Spanish, to ensure that almost any client from Central Europe who requires their services will be able to connect with a lawyer that speaks their language, whether they are a private citizen, or municipality. Crucially, the team at PMAB know that the best way to resolve cases is not necessarily always through a court of law. Where possible and appropriate, the firm will work to try and find alternative solutions such as out-of-court settlements that the client has agreed to. Determined to be reachable at every hour of the day and night, these lawyers know that life doesn’t start and stop at 9am and 5pm respectively. Life goes on, and so the team at the firm try to provide their clients with the best possible advice as quickly as possible. Having been named as Italy’s Best Civil & Administrative Law Firm in Acquisition International’s Legal Awards, the firm’s greatest successes come in the areas of civil and administrative law. The broad range of areas include civil and administrative litigation, arbitration, tenders, corporate counsel, banking, business transactions, labour, Drawing on more than thirty-five years’ experience working in the legal arenas of Northern Italy, PMAB Platter Ausserer Bauer & Partner is a boutique law firm providing high-quality legal services with integrity, professionalism and respect. Owing their hard-won success to excellence both in and out of the courtroom, discover how this best- in-class law firm have become one of Italy’s best for civil and administrative law. F and criminal law, amongst others, and the clients are just as varied. Recognising that no two cases are the same, the flexibility on show at PMAB to deal with cases of all sorts is key to their ongoing success. Every case has its own peculiarities and pitfalls, requiring different areas of expertise which the lawyers can bring. Should the team have to deal with accidents or injury, lawyers may have to work alongside doctors and medical professionals. However, for construction-related cases, lawyers find themselves having to collaborate with engineers and architects to gain more insider knowledge. Lack of variety will not stand in the way of this firm and their pursuit of justice. In spite of the general difficulties that the Italian economy has faced in the last decade, the legal sector has demonstrably proved its resilience and ability to withstand adverse business conditions. For legal firms such as PMAB operating in the Bolzano region, the area continues to be a magnet for increasing investment, given its position as the perfect interface between German and Italian-speaking businesses. Perhaps the most perfect metaphor for this Italian legal firm is that they are in fact akin to doctors in a legal sense. Clients come with an issue; something that is affecting their daily life in a negative way, and they want it resolved. PMAB then do everything in their power to guarantee the relief of the client, be it through out-of-court settlements, or courtroom-based wins. Bilingually brilliant, this firm are crossing borders to deliver the best possible results for all their clients. Company: PMAB Platter Ausserer Bauer & Partner Partners: P. Platter, A. Ausserer, A. Bauer, K. Platter, A. Colorio, G. Raffl, A. Baumgartner Contact: Peter Platter (info@pmab.it ) Website: https://pmab.it/index.php/en/ Oct19183

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