M&A Awards 2019

10 Acquisition International - 2019 M&A Awards Investment in small business has long been considered a risky proposition. Often seen as too illiquid, successful small businesses that last the course are Unicorns in the financial sector. The Unity Group have found a way of making the system work, however, with their proprietary Agglomeration model. This model is integral to the business’ success in the sector, opening a new market to investors that had previously been unappealing. We took a closer look at the Unity Group to find out more. ased in Singapore, this private equity firm pioneers a new trademarked methodology called Agglomeration, allowing small to medium sized, debt-free and profitable companies to profit from the advantages of capital markets. Using the innovative reverse merger strategy of Agglomeration, this company seems set to change the way that investment operates. The Unity Group was designed to open the value of small businesses through creative use of the capital markets. As passionate believers in the value of small businesses, the group is designed to appeal to investors with similar interests. Only those that are excited by small businesses with strong fundamentals, those that want high returns but can be patient with the process can work with this innovative approach to investment. This is because the Unity Group considers its investors as co-owners in the businesses that are acquired. To understand the way the Unity Group works, it’s important to understand the principle of Agglomeration. This proprietary model, and the attitude it encourages, is key to the way in which the Unity Group operates. The business model is based on engaging with those small to medium businesses that make up 50% of GDP in most developed countries but are seldom invested in by investors. Seeking out those businesses that are many years old, with a good track record of consistent profit and usually still run by the founder, the Unity Group allows these owners to keep the independence they value. These are businesses that won’t rely on growth hacking or crypto pump and dump schemes. They’ve never had to, turning a profit year after year. For the Unity Group, this is fine. The successful way in which these companies do business, their team and their operations needn’t alter at all. There’s no need to imprint a brand and way of working that changes this success. The Agglomeration model provides the benefit of independence while allowing business to partner with a larger entity. Essentially, the Unity Group offers the opportunity for well-run businesses to swap their private shares for public ones, while still maintaining the ability to run the business as it has always been run. It allows businesses to scale, achieving more under the umbrel- la of a PLC, without rebranding or merging with an unknown quantity. For the Unity Group, the more businesses that join, the more verticals that are created under the main holding company. With no limits to the number of verticals that can be created, there’s no limit to the scale the firm can expand to. There’s also virtually no limit to the benefits that the Unity Group can bring to existing companies. B The aim, therefore is for the Unity Group to have invested in the best small businesses on the market, unrestrained by sectors or geographies. The challenge, therefore, is to ensure that the independence of these various groups is sustained. This is catered Best M&A Advisory Company 2019 - Singapore & Leading Innovators in SME Investments 2019 - Asia “...Essentially, the Unity Group offers the opportunity for well- run businesses to swap their private shares for public ones.”

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