M&A Awards 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 M&A Awards 9 Enjoying nearly eleven years of employment at Iniziativa, Rosario De Maio has worked his way up from Senior Legal Advisor to Partner in three years, and has spent plenty of time building his pedigree within the legal profession. Now an award-winning lawyer, we profiled him to find out more. Iniziativa osario De Maio has accumulated a considerable amount of experience as he has worked his way to the top. Graduating with a degree in Law with Business Economics, he gained an MBA in Corporate and Tax Law before eventually becoming a Member of the Rome Bar Association. This build-up of academic qualifications set Rosario in good stead when he began working for the Chamber of Deputies. Starting in the Legislative Office, during the XVth Legislature Rosario was a legislative consultant at the Undisclosed group and legislative assistant of the Parent Company Undisclosed at the 6th Permanent Commission (Finance) of the Chamber of Deputies. Rosario soon found himself working for a law firm in Rome. Even at this point he was interested in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions, and found himself in that department, working on due diligence procedures. It was essential work, making sure that the buyer comfortable enough that he went through and closed the deal. And rapidly afterwards, a Senior Legal Advisor for Iniziativa. His work at Iniziativa has varied massively, with the company distinguishing itself for its in-depth support, aimed at offering personalised solutions and real added value with respect to spec- ific problems. In the name of supporting the entrepreneur, top management and finance department in funding decisions for the development of the enterprise, Rosario is involved in processes from first assessment of the feasibility and convenience of the operation all the way to the closing and the subsequent merger and post- acquisition integration. During his time at Iniziativa, Rosario has noticed the change in the market of M&A. Hastening the development of an enterprise often goes through external means not limited to mergers and acquisitions but including sales. This is done in order to raise funds to nurture further development and are increasingly an obligatory step for small businesses that are looking to expand and hold up to more intense competition. Currently, Rosario can call upon many colleagues for support, not least his personal network of 40 M&A advisors and major financial institutions. This trust in others is reflected in him, with this trust bringing customers and clients to Iniziativa. This is thanks to his deep knowledge of the M&A market and his broader understanding of business dynamics that underline the growth of companies. Rosario is highly experienced in a number of different areas, having collaborated with the Legal and Tax structures of the main inter- R Most Trusted Corporate Finance Lawyer (Italy): Rosario De Maio national networks, worked on the listing processes on the Stock Exchange, the legal procedures for the launch of an inaugural bond issue on the Eurobond market and the acquisitions and equity investments of companies in Italy and abroad. He carried out all the corporate and compliance activities, as well as the obligations typical of a listed company, and oversaw relations with Consob and Borsa Italiana. As a member of the M&A Commission of the Italian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association and holding numerous positions as Chairman of Supervisory Bodies and as independent Board Member, it is clear why how and Rosario is such a respected and trusted member of his profession. Contact: Rosario de Maio | Company: Iniziativa Website: www.iniziativa.cc | Telephone: 39069762626721 “Rosario has noticed the change in the market of M&A. Hastening the development of an enterprise often goes through external means not limited to mergers and acquisitions but including sales.”

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