M&A Awards 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 M&A Awards 11 their company in good hands. The Unity Group have been develop- ing a solution for this problem that will reward these hard workers for all the value created over the decades, whilst giving their company the best potential for future growth moving forward. This particular project the team are looking to unveil this in the coming months. For those looking to work at the Unity Group, they will find the company as innovative and open as the methodology that has brought them such success. Hiring based on culture and core values fit, the team tend to look outside of the industry for new employees. Looking to take advantage of those with intimate knowledge of the sector, the Unity Group see considerable advantage in hiring those with experience of small to medium-sized business. Operating flex- ibly and globally, staff are allowed to where and when they like, provided that the work is done. Not tracking holiday time either shows the trust placed in employees, with the office shutting for a week in the summer and a week in the winter to guarantee that the whole team is unplugged and able to truly relax. The Unity Group has the major advantage of appealing to both investors and businesses in equal measure. Its innovative approach has opened what is essentially a whole new market to those want- ing to invest, while offering welcome expertise to entrepreneurs wanting to take the next step. Working collaboratively as opposed to competitively with clients, it’s no wonder that businesses are eager to make the most of this fresh approach. Contact: Charlotte Fordham Company: Unity Group Web Address: www.unity-group.com for in the universal values of the Agglomeration model, which values above all else trust, velocity and collaboration. Trust gives independence to entrepreneurs, though not to the level of irresponsibility. Companies joining the Unity Group are fully audited with full due diligence by outside entities. Velocity means embracing the agile nature of a small business, allowing for fast decision making to occur. This is allowed by the trust placed in a company to make mistakes, because they will happen regardless of speed or discussion undertaken. The value of collaboration reflects the Unity Group’s belief that an era of competition is moving towards an era of collaboration, with Agglomeration being the ultimate form of collaborative IPO for small businesses. It means searching for solutions. When all three values are put together, trust and a willingness to collaborate means that a business can move at a much higher velocity. Delivering the highest value possible to the small to medium businesses that they work with, the Unity Group solve as many problems as possible. This is because when becoming part of the larger group, small businesses gain an incredibly experienced board of directors who are a formidable resource to wield. Acting as an incubator for growth, the ability to grow allows companies to bid on larger projects, scale more rapidly and have liquidity. This potential for growth is one of the main reasons that companies want to work with the Unity Group, taking advantage of the better returns on offer to business owners and investors alike. With its impressive plans for expanding its Agglomeration model, the Unity Group intend to complete 15-20 acquisitions every year and are on track to achieve this target in 2020. This should generate close to one billion euros of shareholder value. The challenge of working with smaller businesses will occur in the long term, with the simple matter of aging demographics changing the way a business will be run. Great companies, built up with care and attention, will eventually have founders looking to exit, whilst leaving Unity Group

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