Legal Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 15 Best Specialist Law Firm Communications Consultancy - UK Camarco is a specialist communications consultancy based in the City of London. Its 41 trained colleagues offer advice to both large and small international and domestic companies to protect and promote their reputations. The values that steer the firm’s excellent work culture haven’t changed since its establishment in 2014, and these are integrity, discipline, client focus, proactivity, and fun. Sep22111 he team at Camarco are sector specialists, turning the big consultancy model on its head by serving clients with more senior people. It hires the best quality people with the right experience, with 15 of its 41 staff being partners. In addition, all of its staff have an equity interest in the company which aligns its success with that of its clients. Additionally, with the continued investment of its own capital, the firm has been able to grow considerably over the eight years it has been operating. Camarco has a particular interest in the rise of class action litigation in the UK and the complex multi-stakeholder communications implications of this litigation and the campaigns needed to assist litigation law firms in ensuring their clients meet their objectives. T With expertise, experience, and influential networks, Camarco’s specialist services provide support in major reputation crises, special situations, financial results and announcements, IPOs, M&A, shareholder activism, corporate transformations and restructurings, and social media. The firm also advises its clients with communication needs in the USA through its 15-year relationship with Stanton, which has offices in both New York and California. Camarco and Stanton are both independently owned and share similar cultures of ensuring that senior, experienced communications professionals advise clients at all times. Both firms also have specific sector focused teams, and their years of working together means they can provide seamless team advising on both sides of the Atlantic. Camarco and Stanton’s partnership sees the benefit of their teams gaining experience in each other’s offices and cultures, too, in order to ensure they maintain a close working relationship. Meanwhile, the most outstanding piece of work undertaken this year by the team at Camarco has been the launch of the litigation firm, Pallas Partners, the largest launch of a law firm in the UK in over a decade. Camarco positioned them as a specialist high-end litigate boutique, which spun out of Boise Schiller. The launch ran in the Financial Times, which was followed by a full page profile of founder, Natasha Harrison in the Sunday Telegraph. It was described as a “law firm launch like no other” in Global Legal Post. Pallas has gone on to win a host of clients and mandates and has grown to around 30 staff in the UK. And now Camarco is celebrating its success within the AI Global Awards 2022, with Partner, Billy Clegg saying, “We would like to thank the Acquisition International team, the Camarco team, and our loyal clients for their hard work and support.” Indeed, Camarco has come a long way over the years, with the team being very proud of the job creation and skills development that have been generated. Looking towards the future, the firm is planning to consolidate the recent growth it has seen across the business and then continue to grow in the sectors in which it operates. Company: Camarco Contact: Rachel Scott Email: Website: