Legal Awards 2022

14 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Keeping with Royal Migration’s principle of remaining on top of developments in immigration legislation – and the industry as a whole – it is poised for a complete brand refresh that will help it grow even more. As the market expands, it is becoming increasingly competitive within the UAE. Thus, being the leading immigration company in the Middle East is not enough. It is looking into how its services can be further streamlined and endeavours to continue providing real-time immigration information to the populace as a part of its plans to go beyond direct marketing. Immigration and travel will never be simple, but Royal Migration makes it feel that way. As the Best Immigration Consultancy Firm 2022 for the UAE, Royal Migration has earned a title that truly reflects its position in the industry. Company: Royal Migration Web Address: Best Immigration Consultancy Firm 2022 – UAE ased in Dubai, Royal Migration Services is widely considered one of the premier immigration law firms in the UAE. From permanent residents to more temporary travellers – such as workers, students, or visitors – it is the only company with “immigration services” as a part of its activities on its trade license. Royal Migration Solutions has been in the industry since 2001 and specialises in clear counselling and guiding interested clients in their immigration applications to Canada, Australia, the USA, and all European countries, permanently or temporarily. It is also a part of the Royal Investment Corporation, which owns Royal Yacht charters, Royal Defence technologies, and Royal Private Jets. It also maintains the same degree of excellence as the other brands in the group. The company empowers its customers by continually revolutionising and building on its leading position in immigration. This aligns with its mission to simplify the immigration process and how clients are supported, counselled, and guided. It can be a complicated and lengthy process, but Royal Migration goes above and beyond to streamline everything. Regardless of what part of the process they are working on. What worked yesterday may not work today; a lot has changed in the last 21 years. From its infrastructure and status in the immigration industry, to the regulations and makeup of said industry, it provides clients with up-to-date advice and solutions. Royal Migration constantly updates its immigration strategies and knowledge. In addition, the Royal Migration team offers extensive assistance with the application process, helping to determine which category suits each customer best, and responds to any inquiry with the expertise and experience it has attained with a top immigration law firm. Beyond that, it has regular communication channels with all immigration visa offices on the planet. Royal Migration’s service covers all available visa options and immigration routes, from green cards to marriage visas – and everything in between. It is well-equipped and prepared to discuss and provide opportunities for whatever its client’s needs are. However, before any work is done, it offers a comprehensive free assessment of each client’s eligibility. Meetings occur in its branded offices, where the team assesses each new client against professional immigration ratings and their qualifications, according to immigration standards. B With years of experience and an impressive list of successful clients – some of whom are well-known personalities worldwide – Royal Migration Solutions holds a prestigious position within firms focussed on facilitating immigration and travel. It is an exemplary firm that offers services that enable travel and migration throughout all corners of the globe, whilst guaranteeing complete understanding. All thanks to its transparent practices and brilliant team. Sep22024 “The Rolls Royce of Immigration!”