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2 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 About the Legal Awards 2022 Acquisition International are proud to announce the return of the prestigious Legal Awards 2022, for an eighth consecutive year with the ambition to celebrate and reward the brilliance and dedication of the world’s leading legal practitioners, and those who offer vital support services to the industry! The legal environment is a fast-paced and exciting market, with increased competition and innovative advancements providing a raft of challenges for many legal practices as the industry always strives to evolve and improve. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Contents 4 The Practice Manager – Mrs. Funmi Olayinka-Emmanuel: Best Securities & Corporate Finance Law Practice - Lagos 6 Nirenstein Attorneys Inc: Best Emerging Commercial Litigation Firm 2022 - South Africa 7 Arctic Law Greenland Aps: Best Full-Service Law Firm - Greenland 8 Senate House Chambers: Best Family Law Firm 2022 - Midlands 9 Legal 230: Legal Translation Experts of the Year - Europe 10 JAP LEGAL, SLP: Real Estate Law Firm of the Year - Spain 11 Whitney Moore LLP: Employment Lawyer of the Year 2022 (ROI): Marie Claire Scullion 12 Asesorias Pimentel Limitada: Labor Litigation Firm of the Year - Chile No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Prior to making any investment, AI recommends that any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer Rebecca Scotland, Writer Dontae Jones, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer 13 GRUND Abogados LLP: Tax Lawyer of the Year (Ecuador): Alejandro Sarzosa Larrea 14 Royal Migration: Best Immigration Consultancy Firm 2022 – UAE 15 Camarco: Best Specialist Law Firm Communications Consultancy - UK 16 Robustus Investment Management Limited: Best Professional Transaction Advisory Firm – Hong Kong 17 Maya Solicitors: Best Civil Law Firm 2022 - Greater Manchester 18 Vaca Guzmán Siles Soc Civ: Best Antitrust Law Firm – Bolivia

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4 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Aug22612 Best Securities & Corporate Finance Law Practice - Lagos It pays to find a team that can cover your every need when looking for legal services. Wigwe & Partners has a passion for delivering service to clients that is truly second to none. The AI Legal Awards 2022 from Acquisition International recognized the team for their tremendous success. We dig a little deeper to find out more. hen we look at the team from Wigwe & Partners, we’re looking at a business that has grown over the years not only to cover a host of different legal areas but a wealth of geographic locations too. Thanks to their skill and expertise, the team has been able to work alongside many clients, meeting their most challenging cases with ease. As a mid-tier law firm, the Wigwe & Partners team is committed to offering their clients a unique service. Their North Star is contained in the team’s values, namely professionalism, integrity, innovation, and teamwork. No decision is made which undermines these core beliefs. Thanks to their established structure of support systems, paralegals, administrative staff, and modern IT systems, they can proudly claim to be capable of tackling any and everything that comes their way. Since opening its doors, the team has been able to involve itself in cases in many different areas. Some of these include Mergers & Acquisitions, Project Finance, Restructuring, Bankruptcy & Insolvency, commercial litigation, Dispute resolution, Intellectual Property, Taxation, Insurance, Securities & Capital Market Operations, Employee & Labour Matters, Property & Real Estate, Family Law & Administration of Estates, Media, Telecommunication & Technology, Energy & Natural Resources, Construction, and Entertainment. Over the years, Wigwe & Partners has thrived because it has always had an eye toward innovation. They don’t want to fall back on how things were done before, instead flourishing on the potential to produce unique solutions to complex problems. Every staff member, at every level, is essential to bringing this vision to life. Participation at all levels is as high as possible, with individuals allowed to own and lead projects. Thanks to the initiative encouraged, Wigwe & Partners boasts impressive career development within its walls. W This atmosphere has been essential to the team’s growth. The legal profession isn’t purely about the skills learned but the ability to apply various skills in a host of different ways. When you turn to Wigwe & Partners, you turn to a team that has a proven track record of applying detailed knowledge to complex transactions to make tough decisions. The degree of autonomy encouraged has involved creating suitable structures to balance supervision and independence, but the results speak for themselves. The legal profession is constantly evolving, and so legal practitioners of the highest quality are always exploring new ways to evolve too. The team at Wigwe & Partners has made it a point of pride to find ways of moving forward through particularly dynamic times. Far from just a provider of legal services, Wigwe & Partners are proud to act as a learning platform where people can explore the changes to the legal system. To this end, the introduction of the Wigwe & Partners’ Research and Content Development Unit, Mentorship Programs, and Continuing Legal Education have been immensely effective. Since opening their doors, the collaborative nature of Wigwe & Partners has allowed them to build numerous enduring relationships with organisations, public officials, and parastatals around the world. These relationships have empowered the team to undertake many different cases as they provide legal services in almost any discipline. The strength of the team, shown by their ability to involve themselves in almost any complex legal transaction, is why the team has become the option of choice for many. For this team, working with other firms is no challenge if that meets the needs of the clients best. In many ways, this client-centric approach reflects the incredible ambition of the Wigwe & Partners team. Everything about the business is designed to create an environment where the client’s

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 5 Best Securities & Corporate Finance Law Practice - Lagos cases are allowed to flourish and succeed. This is not limited to the continual development of staff but carries on through to the convenient pricing model advocated by the team and the 24/7 response systems which ensures that no matter what the crisis, Wigwe & Partners are always able to assist. Looking ahead, it’s clear that Wigwe & Partners has great ambitions looking ahead. Currently operating as a mid-tier law firm, their constant innovation has allowed them to expand their horizons considerably over the years. Now they are looking to achieve the status of a top-tier law firm by 2023. This target has been made possible by effective leadership from management, which has seen some of the brightest and best in the industry find their home at Wigwe & Partners. Since opening its doors, the Wigwe & Partners team has managed to engage with some of the most exciting projects in the legal sector. The team is at the forefront of capital markets transactions, project finance transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate transactions, amongst other transactions. Such engagement has allowed them to gain an incredible degree of credibility within the industry and allowed them to push forward in bold new directions for their clients. When you turn to the team at Wigwe & Partners, you turn to a team that is always moving to new and exciting frontiers in the legal sector. Their work has always pushed the client to the forefront, often in ways that their competitors would never have considered. This incredible work ethic has resulted in numerous referrals and a wide range of clientele who trust them to deliver breathtaking results. The Wigwe & Partners experience is truly second to none, and we cannot wait to see what this stunning team does next. Company: Wigwe & Partners Name: The Practice Manager – Mrs. Funmi Olayinka-Emmanuel Email: Web Address:

6 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Best Emerging Commercial Litigation Firm 2022 - South Africa ituated in South Africa, Nirenstein Attorneys Inc is a small, boutique law firm that specialises in commercial litigation, dispute resolution, commercial transactions and drafting of commercial agreements. The firm is supported by an abundance of legal experience, with much of this expertise stemming from its director and namesake, Grant Nirenstein. Thanks to this experience, the company has attracted clients from a range of industries, ranging from the largest publicly listed companies in South Africa and multinational corporations, to smaller companies, start-ups and private individuals. However, no matter who the company is representing, it strives to provide a bespoke, consistent, and high quality service. Nirenstein Attorneys Inc specialises in several areas, boasting skills in litigation, dispute resolution, property, insurance, employment law, transactional work and commercial drafting. Such services are carried out with the client in mind, as client-centricity is Nirenstein Attorney Inc’s main priority. Indeed, client service is the foundation that supports the firm, and this is evident through the testimonials provided by the company’s clients. For example, Gavin Walton, the CEO of CareWorks (Pty) Ltd, writes, ‘We have been extremely impressed with the legal services received from Grant Nirenstein over the years. He has always demonstrated the highest level of expertise, professionalism and dedication to his clients. The value that Grant has added to our company secures Nirenstein Attorneys Inc as our Attorneys firm of choice.’ Grant, the director, is named within many of these reviews, as clients appreciate his expertise and the value that he and his team have added to their businesses. An alum of both the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa – the latter of which is where he gained his LLB – Grant has spent many years operating within the legal field and has been involved in litigation in many of South Africa’s courts, including the High Court of South Africa, where he was admitted as attorney, as well as the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court. In addition, Grant’s list of achievements is extensive. He has worked on high profile litigation matters involving international parties, such as Warner Bros Entertainment, , Universal City Studios, Disney Enterprises and Twentieth Century Fox, some of the biggest film production and distribution companies on the planet. Moreover, he has a longstanding association with the South African Society for Labour Law and the South African Restructuring and Insolvency Practitioners Association. S Clients of all sizes flock to Nirenstein Attorneys Inc for their legal needs, having been drawn to the firm through its top tier expertise and value. In essence, Nirenstein Attorneys Inc is changing the South African legal industry for the better, providing businesses with passionate and effective representation without the pressures of a big firm. Contact: Grant Nirenstein Company: Nirenstein Attorneys Inc Web Address: Aug22226 This level of professionalism doesn’t end with Grant; the Nirenstein Attorney Inc team is comprised of hand-selected, fine attorneys who possess varied experience, skills, and aptitude. Collaboration within the firm is relatively common and is often employed in order to cultivate exceptional results for clients, of course, this also means that there is frequent overlap. However, this consistent devotion to client-care and quality has driven Nirenstein Attorneys Inc to become one of South Africa’s most recognisable small law firms. The firm has, therefore, earned the title of Best Emerging Commercial Litigation Firm 2022 - South Africa, as it endeavours to surpass the current expectations for law firms through providing large firm quality with the attentiveness and passion of a boutique, fledgling firm.

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 7 Carried out by a team of legal professionals, who are experienced in a number of areas, these services have been designed to create the best possible results for its clients. It is important for Arctic Law Greenland that its team are warm and friendly, welcoming new clients with an open mind and a willingness to help. This attitude is also expected to extend throughout the team, as Arctic Law Greenland hopes to cultivate a positive working environment. Consequently, when hiring the company looks for candidates who have a positive and courageous mindset – they must be willing to innovate and experiment in order to provide the best service to customers. Due to the firm’s location, it also searches for those who think outside the box, as many of the tasks and projects it undertakes are unique in nature. These traits can be found in Arctic Law Greenland’s CEO, Britta Keldsen, who has devoted a great amount of time to making the law firm a success. She primarily focuses on client’s business development and as a lawyer her special areas are labour law, protection of personal data and general business law and she also acts as a board member in larger Greenlandic companies. Moreover, her impressive language skills – she speaks Danish, English, German, and Scandinavian – have enabled Arctic Law Greenland to truly reach and connect with international clients. With international attentions turning towards Greenland, Arctic Law Greenland’s clientele is an exceptional benefit, as it further attracts business to the firm, especially from the mining and entrepreneurial areas. As all Arctic Law Greenland employees have spent their lives in the nation, customers can trust that they are receiving an informed and trustworthy service. The future of Arctic Law Greenland, as Britta comments, is ‘business, business, business!’ With more clients depending on its services, it’s safe to say that the law firm can expect to be inundated with projects, driving it further towards success. Find out more about Arctic Law Greenland through its Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Contact: Britta Keldsen Company: Arctic Law Greenland Aps Web Address: Aug22285 Best Full-Service Law Firm - Greenland Greenland is a magnificent island that boasts a unique, icy landscape; the nation is also home to the full-service, leading law firm, Arctic Law Greenland Aps. Known for its exceptional, internationally reaching services, the company has developed a reputation for being the go-to firm for businesses operating in Greenland, especially within the mining industry. ffering its services to both local and international clients, Arctic Law Greenland Aps is a full-service law firm that works with private and public businesses, guiding them towards compliance with Greenlandic laws and regulations. It strives to be a one-stop-shop for legal advice and solutions; therefore, it conducts itself with integrity and sincerity. The law firm’s core values play a fundamental role in its day-to-day operations, primarily as it helps the company to navigate customer interactions. The values serve as the foundation upon which Arctic Law Greenland has been built. Consequently, its practice is infused with transparency, professionalism, quality, and strong communications, as these guarantee that the customer will have a positive experience when working with the firm. Such values can also be found in Arctic Law Greenland’s services, which encompass the full scope of the Greenlandic business law spectrum. Many of its clients fall within the small to medium enterprise sphere, and they benefit greatly from the firm’s legal advice and solutions, as such services cover areas such as agreements law, construction law, corporate law, personal data rights, and more. O

8 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Best Family Law Firm 2022 - Midlands s a company at the fore of family law in the new remote working epoch that has emerged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Senate House Chambers has made a name for itself as an innovator and pioneer. Nominally, it has adapted the practices it already had in place to be more relevant for both itself and its clients; these include converting to a paperless way of working – something it had implemented years prior to Covid – and aiding family court’s pivot to technologically enabled work. Indeed, having already converted itself to paperless for reasons of environmental sustainability and client security, it was able to hit the ground running to provide its clients with immediate family law solutions, supporting and protecting the judicial system. With regional chambers providing vital training sessions to other legal professionals such as solicitors, members of the judiciary, and other barristers, Senate House Chambers was also able to help its peers in how to utilise technology for hearings. This has aided it in becoming more of a household name in the industry, and its growth as a result of this has gained it significant repute amongst peers and clients alike, further securing its indisputable place in the field by way of its seamless ability to adapt. Now, hearings conducted by video link are the norm, and Senate House Chambers believes that this change will benefit the legal sector in the long run. Indeed, without the hassle of travel involved, the family law judicial system has been able to address its backlog of cases, allowing it to focus on mental health and wellbeing for its own staff. Always keeping this at the forefront of its operations, it supports each of them, knowing full well the potentially traumatic and damaging material they are exposed to during their work at the Bar. Thus, its mental health policies are second to none, funding free yoga classes, sharing monthly playlists, abiding by the recommendations of its mental health committee, and announcing its support of the charity KidsAid, supporting young people’s mental health. With a promise that these efforts will be a prevailing factor long into the future, Senate House Chambers’ reputation in its industry will only grow from here; it is looking forward to this playing out as it continues to lead from the front in both mental health protection and technology usage in its field. Company: Senate House Chambers Contact: Lauren Coupar-Evans Website: A In a post-pandemic world, Senate House Chambers has made itself a foremost legal professional, leading its sector in how it can adapt to the outbreak. Indeed, it has been keeping abreast of the legislative and organisational changes that have become the ‘new normal’ for the global law sector, including the changes that have emerged thanks to the advent of remote working. Providing specialist representation and advice in family law, Senate House Chambers have spearheaded the innovations both within itself and its wider industry. Aug22251

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 9 Legal Translation Experts of the Year - Europe Language shouldn’t be a barrier to the legal system, and isn’t when you turn to the team from Legal 230. Renowned for their efforts throughout the industry, the team have achieved truly astonishing success through technological innovation. We take a deep dive into how they have thrived in this challenging industry where linguistic precision is paramount. Aug22703 rtificial Intelligence has revolutionised many industries, and the legal system is no exception. Many in translation saw this as a sector where these solutions could not become commonplace, but the Legal 230 team took a punt and were rewarded for the risk. These leading providers of language service solutions have adopted high-tech innovations to provide a service without equal in the market, 7 days a week, in over 230 languages. Since entering the market with their leading solution, Legal 230 has been proud to lead the way for the rest of the industry. Now, artificial intelligence is used by many translation companies, but few with the A success of Legal 230. The team have grown rapidly, establishing a strong presence in the UK, France, Belgium and Luxembourg within two years. This growth is far from reaching its peak, with the team already exploring new locations so that Legal 230 can have a presence in all legal markets. Because the team have specialised in meeting the specific needs of the legal industry, they have been able to achieve truly astonishing results for these professionals. Thanks to the innovative technology involved, Legal 230 is able to operate 24/7, delivering proposals within 30 minutes. All of the translators involved in the process have specialised in law, which gives them a unique and valuable insight. Naturally, the cases which the Legal 230 team are involved with are often highly confidential, and so the team have made it their mission to develop secure tools to provide total security. Having managed to secure such an impressive portion of the market, it’s little wonder that the team have exciting plans for the future. As mentioned above, their presence in Europe and beyond is sure to grow in the months to come, with locations already in mind. Having this reach will not only broaden the service that the team will be able to offer, but will ensure that the serviced they give continues to be of the same high standard. The AI that has set Legal 230 apart still continues to grow is called Alan, and the development of that AI continues to this day. The team are proud to be able to offer solutions in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Dutch and Italian, with even more operating languages in the pipeline. The sophistication Alan brings to the market has set Legal 230 apart from the competition. Such an incredible level of growth means that the team are still looking out for new members to assist them. Legal 230 is a thriving organisation with a lot still to offer. Their success in the AI Legal Awards from Acquisition International, where the firm was named Legal Translation Experts of the Year – Europe is something that deserves to be celebrated. We cannot wait to hear what this amazing group of legal and translation experts do next! Company: Legal 230 Name: Adolf Allotey Email: Web Address:

10 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Aug22253 Real Estate Law Firm of the Year - Spain Extraordinarily, 2022 is JAP LEGAL’s fourth consecutive year of success in the AI Legal Awards. A versatile and dedicated firm, it oversees a huge variety of real estate law projects across Spain. For a decade, it has been assisting clients on every step towards legal compliance of real estate projects, helping them to achieve their goals in a wholesale manner. It is also proficient in operating across several different language barriers (English, French, Spanish, Catalan, and some Italian), and it promises hard work while looking forward to the challenges its market segment continues to bring. ounded and led by José Antonio Pérez Breva, he is an individual that clients describe as transparent, honest, and trustworthy. He stands out for his extensive knowledge of legislation and the real estate sector – both in asset purchase operations and in asset management agreements – and for his ability to see the bigger picture in projects and simplify complexity. His boutique law firm has truly made a name for itself within the industry, with his team also being fully specialised in the field of real estate law. They are especially well versed in the needs of the market and the businesses within it, putting their minds to the task of satisfying clients’ legal needs and being dedicated to providing legal advice to complete real estate development and investment projects, as well as legal support in day-to-day asset management. Fundamentally, through José, JAP has acquired a certain prestige in the logistics sector, as advisor of major investors in logistics throughout the whole lifecycle of a project, from the spotting of the land to letting of the building, and, eventually, the sale to a third party. JAP also advises major constructors and certain renown logistics operators. JAP is known for its versatility and ability to spearhead complex projects that require organisation and control as well as creativity and hard work in narrow time spans. This creates projects that have been developed with the utmost diligence, allowing JAP to oversee significant relevant real estate projects all over Spain. Throughout each project, it seeks to make itself a partner to every client it works with, reacting to their needs and requirements with empathy, criticism when needed, and tenacity in order to overcome any challenges that may crop up. This has contributed to JAP’s repute for being sensitive to its clients’ business evolution and management. It knows that no two clients are the same, and that every client has professional goals to hit, and so it applies the lessons it learns from every build to the next one, forever dedicated to bolstering hard work and to enhancing performance. Being a technology-driven firm, it is also committed to innovation. Fond of collaborative tools such as automation, virtual deal rooms, F and machine learning technology such as Luminance in the everyday workforce, it is currently partnered with NetDocuments, Litera and Legatics – to boost its efficiency and is a friendly user of Drooms, Intralinks and Sterling. José comments, “If a machine can help make a job easier, then why not have it? This means I would have more time to think about what deserves my thinking.” By ensuring that its staff have access to these incredible tools, it seeks to streamline their work and make their work processes simpler and more efficient, currently working to implement new solutions such as contract and content companion from Litera. This, in the future, will continue to embolden its stance as a tailorable, adaptive, client-first business, and puts it on a promising track to further growth in the real estate market in Spain. Company: JAP LEGAL, SLP Contact: +34 931 276 745 Email: Website:

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 11 Employment Lawyer of the Year 2022 (ROI): Marie Claire Scullion Whitney Moore LLP stand out in the Irish legal market for their expert-led, collaborative approach to business. In a world which is constantly in flux, they are a welcome anchor on which organisations can rely. In the AI Legal Awards, one of the firm’s partners, Marie Claire Scullion, was recognised for her incredible skills. We take a closer look at the environment where she has been able to secure such success. Sep22074 uality is the beating heart of the service that the team at Whitney Moore LLP offer their clients, with an approach which has thrived thanks to a focus on bringing together experts to solve problems. The team’s presence in the Irish legal market has been strong since the firm’s inception in 1882, and the firm has continued to flourish over the last century and a half. Key to the team’s success is the commitment to understanding the unique needs of each client. It’s not enough to simply offer generalised advice as no two businesses are ever the same. The success of Marie Claire in the AI Legal Awards reflects the incredible degree of service offered to her clients. Her position as co-head of the Employment team at Whitney Moore recognises the immense skill and attentiveness’ that she brings to the table. Her strong track record with her clients is one which is founded upon pragmatic advice and strategic thinking designed to assist clients resolve any employment issues they might have. Naturally, the world of employment relationships brings a host of challenges, both the dayto-day and the most unusual one-off occurrences. No matter what is required, Marie Claire offers a level of service and dedication that truly distinguishes her from others. Marie Claire also takes a leading role when it comes to data protection, taking charge of a cross disciplinary data protection team. Q Through this work she advises clients on any data protection issues that might arise within their businesses. She has worked alongside various stakeholders and routinely engages with the Office of the Data Protection Commission in resolving complex queries, and in achieving swift and successful resolutions. Whitney Moore LLP has a strong history of finding those who are experts in various fields and offering a path that elevates their work to the highest standard. For the Whitney Moore LLP team, finding solutions for clients is the highest priority. The team are regularly involved in complex and challenging legal issues, delivering the right results for their clients. The team have found the legal sector to be robust for 2022, with plenty of commercial activity. With various external factors affecting the global economy, 2023 may not be as straightforward. As a firm Whitney Moore LLP is proud of its training culture and in its development of young talent. It has embraced new working models, and recognises the many benefits, and challenges, that the decentralisation of the office has brought. It continues to recognise the importance of developing talent, and offering clear career paths for the team. New team members join, in part, because it is the perfect place to learn from experienced professionals. Finding ways of doing this in a digital and traditional environment remains crucial. The culture, experience and knowledge that the Whitney Moore LLP team have developed over the last 140 years has been an essential part of the business’ growth and sustainability. In the future, the business will continue to develop its presence amongst the international audience, supported by their talented teams to build their profile in an ever-growing market. When looking for a legal team able to offer advice that makes a real difference, there’s none finer. Company: Whitney Moore LLP Name: Marie Claire Scullion Email: Number: 00353 1 611 0072 Web Address:

12 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Labor Litigation Firm of the Year - Chile ince 1985, the team at Asesorias Pimentel Limitada have been leading the way when it comes to labor relations. The advice the team are able to provide covers every concern an organisation might have regarding the labor force. Their work positions companies so that they negotiate from as strong a position as possible. Despite the specialist nature of what the Asesorias Pimentel Limitada team offer, they are in high demand in a host of different industries. Collection companies, stockbrokers, laboratories and clinics all use the services offered by the Asesorias Pimentel Limitada team because they are of the huge expertise they can offer. The mission of the company has always been to provide a compressive approach to legal matters, with personalisation key to this continued success. Turning to such a small team means that you buy incredible dedication to your needs through their impressive knowledge and skillset. The level of commitment shown by the team over the years has proven that they have more than enough flexibility within their operation to triumph on your behalf. Such expertise is invaluable when dealing in the potential fraught circumstances of labor litigation. The team pride themselves on offering such a strong boutique service, pushing for the personal in how they operate at all times. Whilst other firms might be larger, with more resources, the team at Asesorias Pimentel Limitada focus in on what they know, and ensure that they can deliver results that go above and beyond the compeititon. With them, you can be certain of a swift and effective response whenever you need it. Looking ahead, it’s clear this impressive team are always taking steps to ensure that they can represent their clients as efficiently as possible. They have adapted to the developments put forth by the internet and staff regularly take refresher courses in various aspects of law to guarantee the best service. Many businesses will sit back and see where the industry is headed, but the Asesorias Pimentel Limitada team are committed to not only staying current, but to being the first in the industry as far as possible. For them, the needs of their clients mean that they must always push the boundaries as far as possible. S When it comes to labour litigation, businesses cannot afford to get things wrong. The team at Asesorias Pimentel Limitada are one of the most formidable forces in the industry, speaking up on behalf of numerous businesses. In the AI Legal Awards from Acquisition International, the team’s sterling efforts in the field were justly acknowledged. We dig deeper into this leading legal voice of the industry to uncover more. Company: Asesorias Pimentel Limitada Name: Valentin Pimentel Alvarado Email: Web Address: Sep22117 When engaging in labor litigation, you want to be sure that your legal representative is going above and beyond to ensure that your best interests are being represented. The team behind Asesorias Pimentel Limitada understand how important these decisions are, the impact they can have on companies and the precision that must go into every case. There are few better placed to ensure your success.

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 13 Applying high-level training and experience in the prevention and early resolution of legal disputes, its staff champion open communication and mutual knowledge sharing in order to allow a client to enjoy a resolutely excellent experience that considers a multitude of professional perspectives. Therefore, its team of lawyers provides a complete advisory service in various fields – critically, civil, commercial, criminal, tax, and real estate law – and it promises that its clients can expect its usual outstanding quality of service to continue as it keeps pushing its industry and market segment towards the future. With legislature in the macro scale changing daily, it will be innovative and forward-thinking firms like GRUND that shape the field the most. Contact: Alejandro Sarzosa Larrea GRUND Abogados LLP Address: Ave. 12 de Octubre N24-660, World Trade Center Quito, Suite 1003-1004, Quito-Ecuador Telephone: +593 2 2523143 Email: Website: Aug22431 Tax Lawyer of the Year (Ecuador): Alejandro Sarzosa Larrea For GRUND Abogados, the driving force behind its services is all in the name. Grund, a German word meaning ‘reason, foundation, or cause’, functions to describe the dedication this Ecuadorian company has towards constituting itself as a defender of its client’s cause. Acting with reason, purpose, and intent, GRUND prides itself on being right beside the client every step of the way, throughout their professional and personal activities both. boutique firm dedicated to legal advice – both for companies and for private individuals – GRUND Abogados is the Ecuadorian tax lawyer with a modern way of working and an international expertise. Nominally, its purposeful and driven representation is something that each of its clients has lauded as exemplary over the years, allowing a variety of even the most complex cases to be resolved in an efficient, effective, and resolute manner that achieves a satisfactory conclusion for the client. When it comes to problem solving, therefore, GRUND boasts proven capabilities in being able to rise to any challenge with tenacity. Indeed, the people within its ranks who make this possible are impeccably taught professionals with industry-leading attitudes; being exemplary professional lawyers, each of them offer the clients of GRUND access to the utmost support, to the highest of ethical and legislative standards. Based on the knowledge and experience that they boast, every person on its team is one with personal acclaim to speak of, able to prove their excellence simply by their litany of past clients, all of whom vouch for their ethics, accountability, and top-down legal counsel. A

14 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Keeping with Royal Migration’s principle of remaining on top of developments in immigration legislation – and the industry as a whole – it is poised for a complete brand refresh that will help it grow even more. As the market expands, it is becoming increasingly competitive within the UAE. Thus, being the leading immigration company in the Middle East is not enough. It is looking into how its services can be further streamlined and endeavours to continue providing real-time immigration information to the populace as a part of its plans to go beyond direct marketing. Immigration and travel will never be simple, but Royal Migration makes it feel that way. As the Best Immigration Consultancy Firm 2022 for the UAE, Royal Migration has earned a title that truly reflects its position in the industry. Company: Royal Migration Web Address: Best Immigration Consultancy Firm 2022 – UAE ased in Dubai, Royal Migration Services is widely considered one of the premier immigration law firms in the UAE. From permanent residents to more temporary travellers – such as workers, students, or visitors – it is the only company with “immigration services” as a part of its activities on its trade license. Royal Migration Solutions has been in the industry since 2001 and specialises in clear counselling and guiding interested clients in their immigration applications to Canada, Australia, the USA, and all European countries, permanently or temporarily. It is also a part of the Royal Investment Corporation, which owns Royal Yacht charters, Royal Defence technologies, and Royal Private Jets. It also maintains the same degree of excellence as the other brands in the group. The company empowers its customers by continually revolutionising and building on its leading position in immigration. This aligns with its mission to simplify the immigration process and how clients are supported, counselled, and guided. It can be a complicated and lengthy process, but Royal Migration goes above and beyond to streamline everything. Regardless of what part of the process they are working on. What worked yesterday may not work today; a lot has changed in the last 21 years. From its infrastructure and status in the immigration industry, to the regulations and makeup of said industry, it provides clients with up-to-date advice and solutions. Royal Migration constantly updates its immigration strategies and knowledge. In addition, the Royal Migration team offers extensive assistance with the application process, helping to determine which category suits each customer best, and responds to any inquiry with the expertise and experience it has attained with a top immigration law firm. Beyond that, it has regular communication channels with all immigration visa offices on the planet. Royal Migration’s service covers all available visa options and immigration routes, from green cards to marriage visas – and everything in between. It is well-equipped and prepared to discuss and provide opportunities for whatever its client’s needs are. However, before any work is done, it offers a comprehensive free assessment of each client’s eligibility. Meetings occur in its branded offices, where the team assesses each new client against professional immigration ratings and their qualifications, according to immigration standards. B With years of experience and an impressive list of successful clients – some of whom are well-known personalities worldwide – Royal Migration Solutions holds a prestigious position within firms focussed on facilitating immigration and travel. It is an exemplary firm that offers services that enable travel and migration throughout all corners of the globe, whilst guaranteeing complete understanding. All thanks to its transparent practices and brilliant team. Sep22024 “The Rolls Royce of Immigration!”

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 15 Best Specialist Law Firm Communications Consultancy - UK Camarco is a specialist communications consultancy based in the City of London. Its 41 trained colleagues offer advice to both large and small international and domestic companies to protect and promote their reputations. The values that steer the firm’s excellent work culture haven’t changed since its establishment in 2014, and these are integrity, discipline, client focus, proactivity, and fun. Sep22111 he team at Camarco are sector specialists, turning the big consultancy model on its head by serving clients with more senior people. It hires the best quality people with the right experience, with 15 of its 41 staff being partners. In addition, all of its staff have an equity interest in the company which aligns its success with that of its clients. Additionally, with the continued investment of its own capital, the firm has been able to grow considerably over the eight years it has been operating. Camarco has a particular interest in the rise of class action litigation in the UK and the complex multi-stakeholder communications implications of this litigation and the campaigns needed to assist litigation law firms in ensuring their clients meet their objectives. T With expertise, experience, and influential networks, Camarco’s specialist services provide support in major reputation crises, special situations, financial results and announcements, IPOs, M&A, shareholder activism, corporate transformations and restructurings, and social media. The firm also advises its clients with communication needs in the USA through its 15-year relationship with Stanton, which has offices in both New York and California. Camarco and Stanton are both independently owned and share similar cultures of ensuring that senior, experienced communications professionals advise clients at all times. Both firms also have specific sector focused teams, and their years of working together means they can provide seamless team advising on both sides of the Atlantic. Camarco and Stanton’s partnership sees the benefit of their teams gaining experience in each other’s offices and cultures, too, in order to ensure they maintain a close working relationship. Meanwhile, the most outstanding piece of work undertaken this year by the team at Camarco has been the launch of the litigation firm, Pallas Partners, the largest launch of a law firm in the UK in over a decade. Camarco positioned them as a specialist high-end litigate boutique, which spun out of Boise Schiller. The launch ran in the Financial Times, which was followed by a full page profile of founder, Natasha Harrison in the Sunday Telegraph. It was described as a “law firm launch like no other” in Global Legal Post. Pallas has gone on to win a host of clients and mandates and has grown to around 30 staff in the UK. And now Camarco is celebrating its success within the AI Global Awards 2022, with Partner, Billy Clegg saying, “We would like to thank the Acquisition International team, the Camarco team, and our loyal clients for their hard work and support.” Indeed, Camarco has come a long way over the years, with the team being very proud of the job creation and skills development that have been generated. Looking towards the future, the firm is planning to consolidate the recent growth it has seen across the business and then continue to grow in the sectors in which it operates. Company: Camarco Contact: Rachel Scott Email: Website:

16 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Aug22604 Best Professional Transaction Advisory Firm – Hong Kong Working with a trusted and extensive network with an equally comprehensive list of services, Robustus Investment Management Limited is a bespoke, Hong Kong-based wealth management service. Its unparalleled expertise translates into solutions that meet its clients’ each and every need. Here we take a closer look at what it does as it wins this admirable award. obustus positions itself as a one-stop financial service provider, covering areas in corporate finance, financial advising, asset management, private equity, and trust management. Robustus strives to provide top-notch services and advice to its clients and help them overcome challenges to achieve their ultimate goals. Robustus works with a trusted network of global executives across public and private sectors to offer bespoke wealth management services – with unparalleled expertise and a range of solutions to meet each need. Robustus has a specialisation team and partners looking into every aspect of the transaction and could give its client a single solution. In addition, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Japan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London, and New York, Robustus has extensive connections in all major financial centres globally. In investment management, Robustus covers private equity, trusts and estates, and a suite of alternative for miscellaneous fields of investment opportunities. These alternatives include digital assets, blockchain-related businesses, commercial real estate, art, and frontier assets; anything gaining popularity is something Robustus is willing to investigate and adopt as part of a diversification strategy. Its dedicated alternative investment team leverages meticulous quantitative methods and technical analysis to achieve the appropriate portfolio diversification that its clients are after and attractive growth. Meanwhile, its more traditional options involve building on its in-house finance and business expertise – as well as its locally rooted global network – to source, evaluate, and capture investment opportunities. Its private equity investments focus on growth equity, leveraged buyouts, and turnaround situations, deploying equity and debt strategies that best fit each project’s characteristics and create the greatest value for all stakeholders. Meanwhile, in the realm of Robustus’s trust and estate services, its experienced trust and investment specialists are here to guide you through the complex trust and estate landscape and provide the right investment strategies to help you achieve capital growth through serving in a variety of roles, to fulfil any trust or fiduciary responsibilities. Whether clients require onshore or offshore solutions, Robustus is well-equipped and prepared to assist them. Its team, and members within its network, collaborate on any issues that manifest to manage the deal process through every R step. Regardless of the dynamic and fast-changing environment, its advisory team works with both the buy and sell sides to reach a positive solution, even if the problem is particularly complex. Robustus’s greatest strength is its ability to draw upon its human capital – which has a long history of delivering proven value. The firm believes people are the vital building blocks of its business, and Robustus makes sure to hire and nurture those best suited for the organisation and its practices. Robustus has a straightforward hiring process, matching the best talent with the best mentor and team, then guiding the advancement of career and continuing training and further education opportunities. Robustus are an equal-opportunities employer, and Robustus drive to have a gender and racial-equality working environment and ensures that employees’ voices are heard. By paying close attention to their needs and those of its stakeholders, Robustus ensures that everyone’s interests aren’t compromised, and problems can be effectively dealt with. The biggest challenge the firm is currently facing is the local pandemic restriction measures, which have encouraged many businesses to look towards Singapore. Gaining the faith of the business society to come back to Hong Kong is the greatest challenge Robustus will face over the upcoming years, one that it has ensured it has the right talent and tools to accomplish this mission. However, in more positive terms, Robustus is also looking to expand its presence into Seoul by 2023 while completing at least three other significant transactions by the end of 2022. It has a busy time ahead, filled with successes and challenges, but both are well within Robustus’s plans. Robustus Investment Management Limited is an organisation with an ever-growing scale and scope, built on and fostered by the incredible staff at its disposal. With its wealth of experience and services, it is clear how Robustus has grown to become Hong Kong’s Best Professional Transaction Advisory Firm. Its coverage of local and international markets with its comprehensive coverage of services makes it the firm to turn to for expert advice on the topic of financials. Contact: Kenneth Cheung Company: Robustus Investment Management Limited Web Address: