Issue 8 2020

32 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 Feb20064 A Triumph for IT Outsourcing IT infrastructure has become a vital component in the modern business world. Those who can create something that will meet the needs of specific businesses are now in high demand. The perfect example of this is the iZND Group. Named as Best IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services Provider 2020 – Malaysia in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards, we profile the firm to find out more. cting as a single point of contact for all IT business requirements, the iZND Group has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years. Building up the ability to offer a complete technology life cycle support system for customers, many have been able to benefit from what they have to offer. The iZND Group has always been able to provide a wide range of IT infrastructure outsourcing and management services, including an IT Service Desk, Cloud Hosting for Enterprise Solutions, Data Center Management Services, End-User Computing Services, Application Management Services, Converged Network Services, Managed Security Services, IT Service Management and High Performance Computing Solutions and Services to name but a few. What draws clients in is the team’s ability to customise what is offered, adapting to suit their individual needs. Because the team work in the realm of IT Infrastructure outsourcing, many businesses are able to make use of their services. This means that industries such as Banking and Financial Services, Energy, Resources and Utilities, Government, Healthcare and Life Sciences, High Tech, Manufacturing, Media and Information Services, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods, Telecom as well as Travel, Transportation and Hospitality can benefit from their work. This broad spectrum of sectors has allowed the iZND Group to demonstrate its ability in many different arenas. A The team have therefore been able to enhance many businesses in terms of performance, improving margins, aligning technology with business priorities, reducing costs, and improving service speeds. Supporting businesses as they make the next technological step has been key to the team’s long-term success. Often, the needs of a company are dynamic, changing rapidly, and the iZND Group are well equipped to tackle the various challenges that this can present. Every worker is committed to providing best-in-class service at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. The choice to work with the iZND Group is one that is often driven by a number of factors, but many are convinced by the experienced and knowledgeable team who know how to create infrastructure that isn’t just cut and paste. Instead, it reflects the needs of the company and how it works. The team do not just work in Malaysia, with much experience of international projects that include extensive logistics expertise. Needless to say, this gives the team a considerable advantage over its competitors. Consistency is one of the key attributes that the iZND Group aim for with every project, and by making sure that a project is predictable and standardised, the team are able to ensure the same quality in every aspect. Value is assured through the use of transparent infrastructure solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership with various tools and automation frameworks. The team has singular accountability for business performance with an Integrated Service Delivery Model (ISDM) and is always investigating continual improvement and innovation frameworks that leverage Service Improvement Plans (SIPs) and Lean Six Sigma. The success of the iZND Group is well deserved, with the team working hard to ensure that all clients are satisfied with the service they receive. Having supported so many companies across so many industries, it’s little wonder that they’re on course to achieve much more for the foreseeable future. Company: iZND Group Contact: Jason Kua Web Address: Often, the needs of a company are dynamic, changing rapidly, and the iZND Group are well equipped to tackle the various challenges that this can present.