Issue 8 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 33 Jan20161 An Outstanding Ally Established in 1950, Villa Roveda e Associati is a multidisciplinary tax & legal consultancy firm serving clients across Italy. Following on from their success in the 2020 Global Excellence Awards, we got in touch with Emiliano Villa to find out more. Company Name: Villa Roveda e Associati Contact Name: Emiliano Villa Telephone Number: +39 02 7608211 Web Address: ith 70-years of excellence deriving from the remarkable professional heritage of the two original firms Studio Villa and Studio Roveda, Villa Roveda e Associati have continued to provide practical solutions and technical excellence to their clients since the merger. Over the decades and three generations of professionals, many things have changed, however the firm’s commitment to providing the best possible service has not. To start, Emiliano offers more insight into the firm’s specialisms and its typical client base. “Villa Roveda e Associati is a multidisciplinary associated firm of more than fifty people (including twenty professionals), specialising in assistance and consultancy to enterprises. Through a full integration of activities related to tax, legal and (judicial and non-judicial) and labour consultancy aspects, we have become a renowned name for tax & legal consulting it Italy. “Traditionally Villa Roveda e Associati assists a variety of companies and entrepreneurs, both national and international, mostly headquartered in northern Italy. Approximately 70% of our clients comprise small and midsize companies (turnover lower than 50 million Euro), and the remaining 30% of larger companies (turnover between 50 million and 1 billion Euro). “Typically, our clients operate in a wide variety of sectors including Food & Beverage, Luxury Goods (Fashion and Cosmetics), Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry, Biotech and Research and the Software industry. We approach clients according to the most modern patterns of meeting the “new” needs: being more accessible, understandable (in feedback and in costs), integrated and faster. We further seek to provide clients with an approach combining expertise in integrated services, inspired by a remarkable e recognised tradition.” As a professional firm aiming to satisfy the complex and diversified needs of its clients, Emiliano believes staff industry knowledge has played a vital role in the firm’s attempts to distinguish themselves from their closest competitors. “Villa Roveda e Associati boasts an integrated team that is not only up-to-date in real time on all legal and regulatory aspects, but which is itself the source of significant case-law production. Both our clients and colleagues confirm that they consider VRA to be an outstanding ally both for daily activities and for extraordinary transactions.” In the last few years, we have seen a relevant increase in market players and, as Emiliano goes on to explain this has resulted in stiff competition which has required the firm to act accordingly. “The firm had to re-think the approach to its stakeholders and identify a style of communication with its audience, that is suitable and consistent with its tradition and main features. On the other hand, due to the increasing demand for qualified services, we have implemented a sustainable but fast growth strategy in terms of people and in terms of future projects.” Looking after the wellbeing of its staff is number one priority for VRA, and as Emiliano further explains, the working environment has been designed with the firm’s employees at the centre of their thinking. “Our staff are an essential part of the team, holding direct and profitable relationships with their clients and it’s for this reason, we must be able to provide a space for them to excel.” Finally, Emiliano comments on the firm’s approach to recruitment moving forward and offers more insight into some of their future plans. “Both when it comes to lateral hiring and mid-level professionals, we have a direct approach to on-boarding activities, which are the consequence of a clear strategy discussed and agreed upon among partners. Recently, we welcomed two new experts, Marco Gentile and Carlotta Sculco, in charge of Villa Roveda brand-new “Business Crisis” department. Beyond recruitment, we will be looking to grow and further cement our reputation as a leader in tax and legal consultancy matters across Italy.” “Our staff are an essential part of the team, holding direct and profitable relationships with their clients and it’s for this reason, we must be able to provide a space for them to excel.” W