Issue 8 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 31 Mar20134 Company: STelligence Website: ased in Bangkok, STelligence has earned its reputation for excellence by creating solutions that work. In an innovative field like automation and analytics, this is no mean feat and involved the combined efforts of any number of people. Finding a way forward for business that is both elegant and straightforward is the order of the day, and the company has played a big part in moving some firms to the next level. First and foremost, STelligence focuses on solutions for Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning, as well as finding new ways in which to understand data analytics. These professional services are designed specifically to be simple, cost-effective, easy to adopt, intelligent and, above all else, scalable. No solution from this company is unfit to be adapted and developed as the business changes. Allowing this level of freedom is just one of the aspects that sets STelligence apart from its competitors. The logic behind every one of the solutions that STelligence provides is that the right answer to a problem can make a tremendous impact on a business. It pays to go to a company, like STelligence, that not only has experience with the latest technological developments, but which has proven expertise in improving the success of a company. Needless to say, the firmhas been of great benefit tomany businesses, enabling them to access radical business process improvement and operation productivity. All of these achievements are marked by the higher quality that comes from these new insights. Accurate data that can be relied upon makes an enormous difference to the development of any problem, allowing for a reduced time to market as a result of having so much data to hand. STelligence provide companies with the tools they need so that, with the right strategy and execution, they can experience real growth incredibly quickly. Of course, STelligence’s position in the field has been earned by the business’s commitment to pioneering new ways of thinking. It was the first company in Thailand to offer a commercial data analytics solution, with self-service analytics and focusing on what data scientists could offer as the main strategy. While initially focusing on using data analytics platforms to provide a holistic and comprehensive IT infrastructure management, the adoption by the market was so successful that the business was able to leverage this success and broaden its horizons. Now, STelligence is always looking for the next big step in analytics and automation. The possibilities are overwhelming, with new ideas B Automation has taken a firm grip on the world, with the incredible abilities now boasted by computers not only able to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but capable of allowing for more precision in how data can be understood. The team at STelligence are masters at this, earning the title of Most Innovative Business Analytics & Automation Solutions Provider 2020 – Thailand in Acquisition International’s award for Global Excellence. We look closer to find out more. Superb STelligence Secures Success and concepts being suggested all the time. While the team are currently focused on the domains of IT monitoring, security analytics, business analytics, business intelligence, data visualisation, self- service analytics, machine learning, data science and robotic process automation, there is always the potential for something new. The way forward for STelligence is bright indeed, with its success offering world-class solutions providing the company with international recognition. It’s clear that what the business has to offer other companies is very special indeed, allowing for practical growth and development previously unprecedented in the field. It’s a success that looks set to continue for years to come.