Issue 7 2022

8 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 May22372 End-to-End Facilities Management Founded 11 years ago, Elogbooks FM Ltd provides a suite of products for the facilities and property management industry. These products can be used as stand-alone solutions and services, but can also be combined to offer the ultimate end-to-end compliance solution if required. Recognised as Most Innovative Facilities Management System 2022 – UK in this issue of Acquisition International, we got in touch with the company’s director, Ross Somerville to learn more. logbooks offers an intuitive CAFM (computer aided facility management) platform that can also be used in tandem with a full 24/7 service desk to give customers total visibility of their property portfolio, supply chain, and compliance to support risk mitigation and ensure services are delivered to the highest standard across their buildings. With its founders all being ex-facilities management professionals, they understand how demanding and complex the industry has become. Ross says, “We constantly try to innovate by creating solutions that drive efficiencies and reduce risk for our clients. As such, we had a particular understanding of the frustrations and challenges faced by both organisations managing properties and service partners in the delivery of facilities services and compliance.” He continues, “We sought to bring positive disruption to a market that has been stagnant for some time by combining people and technology to deliver a more transparent platform for Facilities Management.” Since Elogbooks’ humble beginnings as an electronic building logbook system, the company has used its experience and knowledge of the property management sector to diversify and offer new property solutions including occupier focused tools and marketplace services. The original platform was a tool created to help improve service providers’ internal business practices and to allow their clients to track and measure performance. It turned out that this was a solution a lot of other organisations needed too. Elogbooks controls millions of suppliers and contractor requests and presents livestatistics toboth theserviceprovider andpropertymanager, to give total transparency of the service delivery. The dedicated service desk and administrator teams, aid clients in managing and maintaining their systems, ensuring that the information and integrity of the data is accurate and up-to-date by proactively chasing down tasks. Utilising Elogbooks as a supplier management system provides 365-day performance measurement, live reporting, and aids in the completion of the supplier audit/risk cycle. Every supplier is provided with access to Elogbooks; every interaction is measured, aiding in compliance to contracted SLAs, responding to system requests, or uploading certification. Elogbooks also provides tools to accredit suppliers, track supplier compliance, and audit reports for quarterly or annual reviews. This ensures the whole supplier lifecycle is managed from procurement through to contract termination, and means you get complete visibility of the process at any given time. The system functionality is equipped with the latest technology innovations such as NFC (near E field communication), mobile apps, cloud-based data management, and high availability architecture. Elogbooks’ cloud-based software and brand service desk is used by a vast array of customers, from single entity building occupiers and owners to some of the world’s largest managing agents, smaller boutique management clients, corporate organisations, and PLCs in the property and asset management sector, in over 30,000 properties across the UK and Europe. Being a unique solution, Elogbooks combines both software and a specialist 24/7, 365-day property supportive desk. Above all, they are passionate about ensuring qualitative data is reported both through the functionality of the system, but also by utilising the service desk and administrative teams to help chase inbuilt alarms, guaranteeing a robust and powerful solution. The firm has always aimed to provide an end-to-end integrated tenant, marketplace, and smart building solution that benefits its clients in a simple but effective manner, being effortless to use and ensuring that accurate data is easy to report on. Ross states, “The simplicity of our solution has allowed us to make it highly engaging and useful for our clients, who are also able to operate the system close to hands-free due to the support of our service desk which means that we can operate at a scale which others aren’t easily able to achieve.” Ultimately, Elogbooks is built upon an internal culture of innovation, ownership, and partnership. It aims to be a seamless part of the team for its clients and not a faceless third-party service, and it strives to be best-in-class, whether that is in developing software or its people. Elogbooks forms a critical part of its clients’ organisations with some even viewing its employees as part of their extended team, so trust is the most important thing it aims to cultivate. It likes to be transparent and to ensure everyone is listened to. Everyone is an integral cog in the company’s success and growth. Recently, the team has been developing an occupier engagement platform to help clients improve their services to tenants. The platform helps to capture and automate some of the building management tasks like amenity bookings and visitor management, but also serves as a good way for building teams and tenants to engage with each other as well as to create an extra sense of community. Ross comments, “We know that all software must be intuitive and easy to use, so we are particularly pleased with how the recently launched app has turned out, as this is generally the primary interface used by people on the move.” Company: Elogbooks FM Ltd Contact: Ross Somerville Email: Website: