Issue 7 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 7 Award-winning Winspire Solutions is in the business of world-class digital transformation solutions for small- and medium-sized business within the industries of wholesale and distribution, retail, equipment rental, food and beverage, project service, and manufacturing. Bringing a mix of technology and business consulting to provide state-of-the-art tailored solutions, Winspire has been recognised as Most Outstanding ERP Consulting Firm 2022 – Singapore in this issue of Acquisition International magazine. Join us as we learn more about the company. May22564 s many are aware, the COVID-19 has brought about an increased and much smarter focus on digital transformation, with businesses moving online and onto the cloud. This global wave has created huge opportunities for digital transformation businesses like Winspire Solutions who has seen significant growth over the past two years. With several accolades under its belt including the Singapore Chamber of Commerce Leading Enterprise Award, Asia Top Outstanding Enterprise Award, and Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award (three times), Winspire Solutions offers its solutions through perpetual licensing or SaaS (Software as a Service ), bundled with its consulting and implementation services. These digital transformation solutions encompass one or more of ERP, industry vertical add-ons, CRM, analytics, e-commerce, mobile-apps, marketplace connectors, robotic process automation, integration with banks, government bodies etc, cloud infrastructure, productivity solutions, among others. Winspire seamlessly integrates these solutions into its offering and tailors them to each client’s industry. Once implemented, the firm provides application maintenance, upgrades, enhancement services, license renewals as ongoing services. For each industry , Winspire has its own add-on solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. These solutions are the firm’s intellectual property, and along with its industry domain expertise, they are its unique selling point. Most of Winspire’s solutions are based on Microsoft technologies and have an excellent integration capability between them. The firm works with Microsoft to list its SME solutions under the Government’s SME Go Digital Programme, as well as has worked with Singapore customs to develop a connector between Microsoft Dynamics and Networked Trade Platform so that importers and exporters can exchange their documents between themselves, banks, freight forwarders, etc. with higher speed and accuracy. Additionally, it partners with DBS Bank and Enterprise Singapore for its PayNOW and InvoiceNOW solutions. Winspire’s vision is to be the most preferred digital transformation solution provider within its chosen industry verticals. To achieve this, its mission is to build an innovative team of consultants who work in an environment of high trust . Right from the establishment of the company, it has worked with the core values of respect, honesty, transparency, trust, fairness, and empowerment. These values have helped it to build a unique culture which creates a high learning environment and top talent. Winspire’s culture and values have helped A it to grow faster than the industry and establish itself as a company which can complete large and complex projects successfully. Indeed, the key to the company’s success is its team. Consulting is a people business and Winspire’s people are its core strength. With a rigorous selection process , it assesses candidates for cultural fit and attitude. The company’s CEO, Jitendra Kulkarni says, “We have a culture of empowerment and trust with free communication across all the levels. There is an informal environment where the company puts high levels of trust in every employee and empowers them. There is no bureaucracy, the decisions are quick. We believe we provide a lot of flexibility to people which helps them achieve a work-life balance. People with passion, competence and the right attitude thrive in our culture. In short, Winspire is a high performance, high reward place.” Now, Mr Kulkarni and Winspire Solutions are focused on the future, with plans to expand internationally, starting with the UK, and then the US. The firm began its UK operations a few months back and it wants to replicate the success it has in Singapore and the Middle East within western markets, which are much bigger. It wants to further enhance its industry vertical solutions by embedding artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation, to help its customers improve their financial performance. It also plans to build an internal innovation and product development team which will work on developing these solutions. Last but not least, it will continue to focus on the chosen industry verticals and increase the depth of its offering as part of its core strategy. Company: Winspire Solutions Pte Ltd Contact: Jitendra Kulkarni, CEO Email: Website: World-Class ERP & Cloud Solutions