Issue 7 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 9 Offshore IT Solutions Secure Success aunched in 2020, the team at Intelcia IT Solutions has enormous ambition. With a skillset that includes business process digitalization and multi-technology managed services, they’ve become the trusted partners for organizations around the world. From their humble origins in Morocco, they have grown into an internationally respected business, well on course to become the foremost authority in North Africa when it comes to IT outsourcing. The clients that the team serve are primarily large enterprises with a strong focus on telecommunications, retail and public sector. They are proud to offer a service which is thoroughly comprehensive, covering everything from infrastructure to cloud management to digital transformation. With 180 vendor certifications, customers can approach them satisfied that the work completed will be to the highest possible standards at all times. Building on ten years of expertise in IT services, the team have gained the trust of 100 companies around the world, and a business model that currently supports 350 employees. The continued success of the firm has inspired the team to dream even bigger, growing to include more than 1,000 employees by 2025. The company’s culture is one which has had to adapt quickly to expansion and depends on a model which ensures care and attention is provided for every employee’s individual talent. The rapid growth of the business has been driven primarily by the COVID-19 pandemic. This forced companies around the world to adapt their ways of working. The resultant pivot to digital was a scale which has never been seen before. The public sector, in particular, L was a market which needed assistance to take advantage of the potential presented by the digital revolution. They could see a need for more flexibility, more outsourcing and assurance that the same level of quality they had become accustomed to could be maintained if offshored. It was this work that inspired the birth of Intelcia IT Solutions. Looking ahead, the Intelcia IT Solutions team will have to adapt to a rapidly changing digital world. Whilst Intelcia offers the best of breed in infrastructure and software, new technology emerges every day ! The main aim of the team has been to diversify the services on offer, integrating AI in the firm’s software portfolio, from face recognition applied to e-contracting, to operations automation and failure detection. The use of technology is something every business is focusing in on, but it’s firms such as Intelcia IT Solutions that are ensuring the change is as seamless and effective as possible. The demand for their high standard of service has been the secret behind their international success, drawing in clients from around the world. When it comes to offshore IT solutions, there are none finer. We celebrate the team’s tremendous success and look forward to what they do in the weeks and months to come. For the last two years, Intelcia IT Solutions has been a leading name when it comes to outsourcing and digitalization. With an international set of clients, it’s clear that demand for their services is set to continue to grow. In Acquisition International’s rolling series of Global Excellence Awards, the team were named 2022’s Leaders in IT Outsourcing Solutions - North Africa. We dig a little deeper to see precisely how they’ve reached such dizzying heights of digital success. Company: Intelcia IT Solutions Email: Web Address: May22620 Malika AHMIDOUCH CEO Intelcia IT Solutions