Issue 7 2022

18 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 Unique, Personal, Powerful rixly Founder and CEO, Dennis Nind has been designing and developing websites for around 12 years, slowly progressing his career, knowledge, and experience. He started out as a designer, progressing to full-stack employment and eventually systems administration. As part of that career path, Dennis is proud to have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading brands in the e-commerce sector, giving him first-hand experience with a wide variety of hosting platforms and services. Dennis and his wife had their first child back in 2014, at which point he realised he needed to step away from employment and move towards his long-term goal of running something independently. With a huge amount of sleep deprivation, baby sick, nappy changes, and the typical pleasures that come with having children, he quickly realised that starting something new was somewhat ‘daunting’ to say the least! From there, Dennis decided to leave his full-time position in place for freelance work, with an outstanding level of support from his wife, and he was able to build a small but stable client base. Dennis says, “Given my level of passion for the hosting industry, it was clear throughout the earlier stages of running the business that I had to build recurring, sustainable relationships with those clients to improve my own cashflow – the key to this was to provide those clients with fantastic management and SEO services backed by a fast, reliable, and robust web hosting solution.” However, what Dennis came to discover was that the latter wasn’t quite as easy to source. High performance, reliable, and secure web hosting was terminology frequently seen through the marketing collateral of most providers, but very few providers actually lived up to those expectations. Two things quickly became apparent to him. 1. The hosting market was saturated with poor quality, overpriced, and unreliable hosting solutions. 2. The hosting market lacked ‘independency’, with almost all providers having undergone an acquisition to a larger group, such as HEG, or the Endurance Group. Equally, the solutions Dennis found didn’t offer the ‘scalability’ he wanted in the platform to back his potential business growth. He wanted a hosting solution that was capable of delivering high standards, irrespective of the number of accounts or clients onboarded. Of course, there was a number of ‘reseller hosting’ providers, although, none seemed to match the standards that Dennis had come to experience in the past from more ‘enterprisegrade’ solutions. B Founded by CEO, Dennis Nind, Brixly is a family-owned and -operated cloud hosting platform built for enterprisegrade performance. One of the UK’s fastest growing hosting platforms designed for the reseller market, it has achieved outstanding success within the Acquisition International 2022 Global Excellence Awards. Join us as we take a closer look at how this is the case. Company: Brixly Email: Website: Apr22295 This was the turning point where he came realise there was a significant demand for reliable, fast, secure hosting solutions specifically designed and tailored for the reseller market. Dennis then focused his attention on building his first server, where he devoted endless time, effort, and expense to perfect the hosting platform which has helped to shape the business of today. The stack was designed from the ground up to offer unbeatable performance at every angle, with the help and support from some of the greatest minds in the industry – almost every aspect of the machine was tweaked and refined to offer cutting-edge technology, scalability, and unparalleled performance. Brixly’s first client was deployed on the machine with incredible success, and slowly, all of its hosted clients were moved to that same infrastructure. What was at first a single virtual server, soon became a number of physical machines co-located in Coventry. Today, Brixly proudly hosts in excess of 250,000 domains for clients in 136+ countries, with hardware in London, across the rest of the UK, Germany, and the USA. Brixly and its infrastructure are backed by a small, but incredibly efficient team of some of the industry’s brightest brains who deal with over 6,500 support inquiries monthly – whilst still retaining industry-leading response times and support SLAs. With next-level passion, Brixly has become one of the UK’s leading hosting providers specifically tailored for the reseller market, delivering enterprise-grade solutions at a standard that is nothing short of exceptional.