Issue 7 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 19 A Horsebox With A Difference iven the value of a horse, finding the right sort of transportation to ensure they’re looked after, cared for and safe is vital. Your dream horsebox will be ideally suited not only to your needs, but the needs of your invaluable equine friend too. The team at Bloomfields Horseboxes have made a name for themselves as premier providers of stunning horses, customised to suit the specific needs of their customers. At the heart of how the team operates is a passion for ensuring the highest possible quality of build at all times. From the raw stages of building the structure through to developing the right fixtures and fittings to meet exacting needs, the team at Bloomfields Horseboxes push the envelope when it comes to creating their stunning products. The process is entirely transparent, with factory visits actively encouraged. Throughout the construction process, it’s possible for clients to see exactly how their horsebox is taking shape. To ensure quality remains consistent, the team produces its stunning products in-house, with every aspect on display for customers to see. The four bays that are used for construction not only mean that the team do not overreach themselves, but ensures that bespoke aspects can be covered with ease. When complete, the team continues to treat their products as if they were their own, with amazing after sales support that gives a guarantee of excellence. G The finish of a Bloomfields horsebox is one which can et you apart from the crowd. Whilst a metallic spray colour is the standard, baked to perfecting within the team’s impressive spray bake oven, there is the option for something a little different. The Bloomfields in-house graphic design team are able to prepare a digitally enhanced image that meets the highest standards for paint design. From this, a team of spray technicians work tirelessly to make this dream into breath-taking reality. The team’s efforts have brought them recognition across the country for being able to offer the perfect finishing touches on an already stunning design. Such quality has garnered attention across the world, however, with agents in Europe, Japan and Australia offering the impressive products developed by the firm. To ensure that every horsebox is compatible with the unique requirements of any region, an in-house homologation department monitors any changes in legislation around the world. At no point will the team create a horsebox which can’t be used in the country they have sold it too. When it comes to ensuring your horse travels in style, comfort and safety, there are none finer. The team’s sterling efforts have been recognised across the world for its unparalleled quality. Their award from Acquisition International is something to be celebrated and we cannot wait to see how the Bloomfields team will continue to elevate the standards of the horsebox to new and unprecedented levels in the future. Just a glance at a horsebox from Broomfields Horseboxes is enough to distinguish them from any other on the market. The sheer level of care and attention that goes into every single one of their vehicles. Having achieved incredible success in the Global Excellence Awards, where they were named 2022’s Leading Luxury Equestrian Products Firm – UK, we thought it time to take a closer look at the secrets of their success. Company: Bloomfields Horseboxes Name: Helen Moody Email: Apr22231