Issue 7 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 17 Women around the world have so much to offer, but their talents are often squandered for a varity of reasons. Inspiring Lives International was created to uplift women through coaching and the provision of media resources. In the 2022 Global Excellence Awards from Acquisition International, the firm’s Founder Dr. Shellie Hipsky was named Most Influential Female Entrepreneurship Coach 2022 – USA. We take a look at her firm to discover more about the secret of her remarkable success. Mar22697 omen of the world have a wealth of information to contribute, but can feel that their voices are muffled in society. The focus of Inspiring Lives International has been to find ways to uplift the work of women and celebrate it in order to encourage further development. Using various resources, coaching, keynotes, literature, curricula, and platforms, the impact has been global in nature, reaching across borders through a universal message. When talking about the success of Inspiring Lives International, it’s impossible to do so without talking about the achievements of Dr. Shellie Hipsky. As CEO, she has been proud to use her impressive skillset as an entrepreneur and coach to push women forward into exciting new territory. For her, inspiration to thrive and achieve is just a story away. Dr. Hipsky’s work has reached numerous people, with many seeking her out having seen her keynote speeches on stage or in a video. There are not many who can claim to have transformed so many lives over the years, and this experience and proven success is what sets her apart from the competition. The values that have driven Dr. Hipsky and her team to their recent heights include empathy, shared experiences, knowledge, communication, and collaboration. When it comes to ensuring that others thrive, she knows that people need to work together to make a real difference. This is not just something she teaches, but something she practices too. A good team is vital to the success of any company and hers has committed to these values for the last ten years. New hires must not only have the right skills to fill any gaps in what the company can offer, but must have the right mindset to adapt quickly to the needs of the business. The COVID-19 pandemic forced Dr. Hipsky to change a lot of how she worked, with her Inspiring Lives Magazine being impacted enormously. It was one of her biggest achievements, being in print, heavily advertised based, and in all Barnes and Nobles across the country. The pandemic saw the magazine become 100% digital, and an essential part of the Global Sisterhood nonprofit. With no need to focus on ad sales, the magazine became the perfect place on which to shine a spotlight on amazing women’s stories. Whilst Inspiring Lives International has continued to thrive, so has the career of Dr. Hipsky. She has just begun a national tour, launching two TV shows in Denver, and keynoting at Columbia University in the bLU Talks before being featured by the American Library Association in Washington D.C. for her 13th book, “Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants: Entrepreneurial Secrets for Creating Your Dream Business and Brand”. Such commitment to outreach reflects the determination of Dr. Hipsky to sharing good messages with practical lessons. Perhaps the biggest sign of her success is the triumph of her EmpowerU Master Class, with the seventh cohort lining up to W take part in September. Lives have been changed by the lessons learned on this invaluable course, and the same will be true of those who partake this year too. When we look at Inspiring Lives International, we’re really looking a woman who wants to inspire women around the world. Dr. Hipsky’s efforts have transformed the lives of hundreds of women, leading to change that no one could have foreseen. We cannot wait to see what she is going to do in the months to come in the light of her extraordinary success! Company: Inspiring Lives International Name: Dr. Shellie Hipsky Email: Web Address: Breaking The Glass Ceiling!