Issue 6 2024

20 | Acquisition International, Issue 6 2024 As the pioneer of the first bespoke all-in-one investment platform, EXtrance is changing the way that investments are being carried out in the modern world. Utilising robust and cutting-edge technologies, the company’s platform is defined by the data-based insights it provides, its effective streamlining of workflows, automation of processes, and facilitation of transactions at both an asset and portfolio level. For its revolutionary approach to investment management, we have recognised EXtrance, Inc. as the Most Innovative Investment Management Platform 2024 – USA. Making a Grand ‘EXtrance’ in Investment Management n the dynamic investment landscape of today, some of the most important things for investors are achieving operational efficiency and high levels of transparency and liquidity. As the sector seeks to manage such demands, the exciting artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology solution provided by EXtrance positions it as a frontrunner that is sparking considerable change for the better. Significant potential thus awaits managers and investors through the EXtrance platform, making this a truly exciting investment opportunity. As the operator of the unrivalled powerhouse of investor platforms, EXtrance’s solutions are inclusive of a private equity marketplace, banking/treasury options, blockchain/data storage, as well as AI and machine learning. Put simply, this easy-to-use, single-access client portal offers superior data access, analytics, and automation, all underpinned by cuttingedge technology that allows for a significantly faster onboarding process than that provided by its competitors, six weeks as opposed to the industry standard of six months. This is not the only way in which EXtrance stands out from the competition, with this platform boasting such unique abilities as secure record keeping and blockchain integration capabilities, access to a pool of pre-vetted possible buyers, and a dedicated fund expansion account manager, all of which are elements lacking in the platforms of the company’s three biggest competitors. It is for this reason that, in hindsight, one can say with some confidence that this market was not properly serviced until EXtrance began development in 2020. EXtrance is the brainchild of its distinguished technology figure Founder William Lively. After numerous bad experiences with limited partnerships (LPs), a partnership whereby a general partner runs a business and a limited partner does not partake in management but still contributes to funding, William recognised the need for a product that could be tailored to these institutions and the LPs managing both commercial real estate and multidimensional funds, two keen areas of focus for William and his team to this day. With an in-depth knowledge of advanced blockchain technology already in his repertoire, William recognised the almost limitless possibilities that could be achieved by combining these two mutually beneficial areas. After outgrowing his previous positions and achieving incredible success in a short amount of time, William set about bringing his vision to life on a full-time basis, partnering with a number of celebrated leaders in the fields of big data, machine learning, and AI, integral elements that have all contributed to the business’ success. Four years on from its initial founding, EXtrance continues to take the market by storm, solving the challenges of its clients in the field of commercial real estate investment by transforming the landscape of the sector through the power of tomorrow’s technology. On the back of this steadfast and unflinching aim, EXtrance’s ultimate goal is to continue to grow and become the world’s premier investor management service, something it is well on the way to achieving with help from a diverse, highly experienced, and united advisory board. From these respected and established industry leaders through to the small core team of experts comprising this operation, EXtrance is a business built on limitless creativity, immense productivity, and an overall level of success that everyone can be proud of. Teamwork is a core value here, and it is on display across the board, and it is this that has ultimately allowed the team to keep a laser focus on their goals and go above and beyond when it comes to serving the needs of their satisfied clients. One of the defining elements of the EXtrance platform is its unmatched capacity to streamline asset and portfolio management, utilising both AI and blockchain technology to disrupt the norm and fully automate what were once tedious manual processes that left significant room for error. By combining this technology with smart contracts, computer programs or transaction-based protocols that document events and actions, EXtrance is demonstrably succeeding in simplifying activities relating to both operations and compliance. As one can imagine, the automation of such processes frees up valuable time, something that leads to another advantage of the EXtrance platform, the optimising of operational efficiency. Taking advantage of AI’s unique abilities in areas such as decision making across all departments is certain to lead to a streamlining of the overall workflow, something that will reduce both operational costs and increase productivity both in the short and long term. This, more than anything else, truly cements EXtrance’s status as an innovator. Above, it was mentioned that transparency and liquidity are both of paramount importance for today’s investor, and luckily, these two areas stand as the twin pillars of EXtrance’s ecosystem. By redefining the very essence of liquidity in a market that is famous for its illiquidity, the means are afforded to overcome many of the obstacles present when it comes to co-investments or bigger deals that are undertaken with numerous managers. As for transparency, this renowned technology can be implemented across all departments and levels, resulting in unification, enhanced confidence, and improved engagement. An example of this can be seen in Wexford Lodging Advisors, EXtrance’s most-cherished case study and a textbook example of the impact its platform can have in this sphere. With a $1.5B hospitality fund, Wexford needed a solution that would help it to identify the anomalies in its data and automate the subsequent analysis of said data, all whilst providing it with an improved ROI. EXtrance succeeded in all three of these areas, collaborating closely with the firm to track 13 metrics across all of its hotel property assets. Using the results from the data and tracking all of the company’s data output needs for maximum impact, the team at EXtrance crafted a fully custom dashboard complete with a dynamic reporting process. Leveraging its celebrated AI and machine learning I