Issue 6 2024

Making a Grand ‘EXtrance’ in Investment Management capabilities to generate reports comprised of automatic calculations that can be used across time periods, roles, and other assets, this dashboard can also flag any potential anomalies that it picks up, reinforcing the diversity innate across the EXtrance platform. In essence, EXtrance is much more than just a simple platform. It stands as a testament to the fact that the future of fund management is now. This holistic solution that is driven by the power of technology is modernising investment management at this very second, offering excellent value for money and a chance to get in on the action before the general market catches on to such changes. An investment with EXtrance thus ultimately brings with it minimal risk and a host of incentives, making it an opportunity too good to pass up. From simplifying operations to enhancing transparency and liberating liquidity, the transformative experience EXtrance provides to managers and investors has already significantly impacted the lives of the company’s stakeholders, who not only benefit from the platform now and will continue to do so well into the future but are also playing their part in shaping the next generation of the investment landscape. With all of this in mind, naming EXtrance, Inc. as the Most Innovative Investment Management Platform 2024 – USA was an easy choice, and we are eager to witness what the future will hold for this revolutionary enterprise as it continues to gather steam. Contact: William Lively Company: EXtrance, Inc. Web Address: