Issue 6 2024

Issue 6 2024, Acquisition International | 19 organisations to assess the leadership capacity within the company. Many elements were combined to produce this tool, including a review of established competency models to bring together the most prominent themes of successful leadership, an extensive literature review, and data analysis that included a survey of over 33,000 open-ended responses to questions regarding leadership styles. The data pulled from these avenues of research was combined to produce a system that full encompasses the most important elements of successful leadership. Through Leading Indicators clients are able to perform a variety of tasks. The product is primarily used to for self-development, so that company leaders can identify gaps in their performance and strategy for improvement, and for 360 assessments, in which the leader can circulate feedback surveys amongst peers to gain a better understanding of their own performance as a leader. Additionally, organisations can perform needs assessments, succession planning, and performance management using the tool. Fidello Inc. has certainly succeeded in providing products and systems that are tailored to meet a business’ unique needs and boost the performance of its team. The company’s expert team have a clear understanding of what it takes to successfully develop a business and it clear to understand why Fidello Inc. are industry leaders in human performance improvement. Contact: Christopher Bjorling Company: Fidello Inc. Web Address: Human Performance Experts Pioneering the Industry Fidello Inc. is pioneering the industry of human performance, with a team of key consultants each boasting over 15 years of experience in the field and a selection of products and services specifically designed to assist clients with improving human performance. Through clear communication between its consultants and clients, Fidello Inc. develops and implements systems across organisations that will both boost the general performance of the company and drive strategic results. The company’s three main areas of focus are the selection and recruitment process, development planning, and leadership development, promising to assist its clients at every step of the way. From providing improved selection and recruitment processes, to the training and development of current employees and their progression, to assisting company heads with leadership development and succession planning, Fidello Inc.’s expert team of consultants are on hand to provide professional support in every capacity. Consultants at Fidello Inc. have vast experience in helping clients to identify the skillsets and knowledge that is vital to improving employee performance within their organisations. The company has provided support to many prolific businesses within both the private and public sectors, including Tupperware, Avon, the United Nations, US Air Force, and the US Navy. Many major organisations have utilised the expertise available at Fidello Inc. to boost their company’s performance. Fidello Inc. has developed three products designed to boost the performance of its clients. Its expert team of consultants have spent the last 15 years compiling and developing a Competency Catalogue, an inventory of general business competencies encountered by Fidello Inc.’s team through a mixture of primary research, working alongside various clients, and general insight that has been gained through extensive experience in the field. The catalogue is classed as an evergreen document as Fidello Inc. is continuously developing and improving the document to reflect industry changes. The catalogue is to be utilised as a resource for clients in building their own customized competency model, or as a model of general business competencies that can be referenced. HR Web is an Intranet-based software solution that Fidello Inc. has developed to meet many Human Resource department needs. The system has many modules geared towards HR work, including competency assessments, learning management, employee development action planning, team development, succession planning, and the management of objectives and goals. These modules are designed to act independently or alongside each other as required by the client, meaning that the system provides a single user interface that meets all of the needs of a particular company’s HR. Fidello Inc. recognises that each company has a unique business structure that calls for a unique strategy model. The company has additionally produced an online, multi-rater tool entitled Leading Indicators, which is designed to help leaders of Fidello Inc. is a US-based consulting firm that specialises in improving human performance within the workplace. The company provides support to businesses by analysing and assessing the main points of focus within the team and building a strategic development plan that directly drives results in these areas. As the company receives its title in the 2024 Global Excellence Awards, we take a closer look at its strategy for success. Fidello Inc.