Issue 6 2024

18 | Acquisition International, Issue 6 2024 Apr24318 Innovative WealthTech Solutions for Retail Investment Platforms erlin Investor’s WealthTech Suite is composed of educational, strategizing, analysis, and tracking tools designed to ease the process of market study, investment planning, and portfolio management. The platform is complementary to any kind of asset class, investment platform, and retail investor. The company seeks to both educate and assist retail investors along the full investment cycle with the goal to help them invest smarter and with strategy in mind. Retail investment is a complex process which requires to study the markets, strategize investments, manage risks, and analyse performance. Merlin designed its offering to easily encompass all these elements together. The company is on a mission to educate and empower anyone to make informed investment decisions through a holistic approach, which should prioritize risks diversification and portfolio management. Merlin Investor is a Fintech company headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Centre, It operates out of three regions in MENA, NAFTA, and EMEA, where It liaises with local Financial Institutions to help them customize their offer in line with each market’s peculiarities, as well as to grab the opportunities raising from the global revolution happening in the retail investment space. Its solutions are available for both desktop and mobile applications, making them easily accessible and allowing retail investors to stay in constant and full control of their investments. Merlin’s technologies are marketed primarily through banks and investment platforms with a B2B2C BaaS business model, aimed to assist Financial Institutions in improving and scaling their banking and investment services. “We are on a mission to educate the retail audience about the importance of proper investment planning and risks management to consciously build their own financial future, while providing the necessary tools to anyone to manage the whole process and become a skilled and confident investor,” Guido tells us. Merlin Investor is an industry pioneer that white label its technologies to banks, allowing them to customize and embed its solutions into their digital platforms targeting retail clients. This is operated with the rationality that more empowered, educated, and skilled retail customers will deposit more and invest more, in turn delivering benefits to banks in terms of client acquisition, higher deposits, trading, and wealth management commissions. Speaking on the different applications of the Merlin Suite, Guido says, “We offer a wide selection of solutions combined with deep customization capabilities, which allow banks to cherry pick those functionalities and contents they need based on their own specific interests and priorities. Our solutions are flexible for retail clients who invest independently through banks’ trading platforms, as well as for those who rely on banks’ wealth management services.” Such flexibility is meant to support various applications within the banking industry, though the company recognises that there are some user-cases that banks are currently most interested in. For example, educational material, markets information, wealth aggregation, strategies simulation, portfolio analysis, performance tracking, and products upselling, are just some of the use-cases supported by the company. It also offers the full set of its technologies directly to consumers through a scalable Freemium subscription model designed to support each investor’s learning curve. The goal of the company is to provide retail investors with an easily accessible avenue for a complete and conscious investment experience all-in-one place. In such a quickly advancing technological industry, it is important for banks to remain ahead of the competition by providing to their clients a set of easy-to-use investment tools that caters to all their needs. The innovative solutions developed by Merlin Investor reflects this need exactly, and provides Financial Institutions with the opportunity to grow their business while helping their retail clientele to reach financial freedom. We are eager to see the next innovative advancements from Merlin Investor in the upcoming year. Contact: Guido Petrelli Company: Merlin Investor Web Address: Retail investing is going through a generational shift in which younger generations demand an active role supported by a seamless digital experience when seeking to build their own financial future. Young people are willing to become more financially educated and empowered in their finances compared to previous generations. Guido Petrelli is a seasoned retail investor who relied on trading platforms to buy and sell assets. He noticed the limit of trading platforms in focusing only on execution, while lacking to properly support investment planning and risks management as the key to build long term positive results. Guido envisioned a complementary technology that could empower anyone to invest properly, while providing a full and conscious investment experience all-in-one place. Thus, Merlin Investors was born. M