Issue 6 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2023 19 stablished in August 2020, Bano launched its first services to the public in 2021. Developed in Australia, the aim of the Bano superapp is to provide a one-stop shop that makes managing day-to-day finances and payments an uncomplicated affair. Aimed at younger consumers, the superapp features a virtual bank account and prepaid Visa card as well as multi-currency accounts, international money transfers, and a popular bill-splitting facility. Whereas many traditional banking services offer credit cards and loan facilities, Bano’s services use only the money in your account. For those learning to manage their finances, having all the benefits of a Visa payment card, without the worry of running up unnecessary debt, is proving attractive. The virtual account offers a competitive rate of interest too. Weekly promotions and regular cashback offers of up to 1.8% make Bano all the more appealing to consumers looking for a great deal. And, if you need an incentive to split the restaurant bill using your Bano superapp, Bano often offers cashback of up to 20% on the whole bill! The superapp also appeals to Australian travellers and digital nomads. Supporting 38 popular currencies, Bano does not make a charge for currency exchange. Although most clients choose to pay for goods and services using their ‘virtual wallet’, Bano still offers a traditional payment card option. Perfect for those situations where your phone is out of battery. And, as an added bonus, clients can customise their cards by choosing their own graphics. Regulated by ASIC & AUSTRAC, the Bano superapp is accessible in over 180 countries and counting. Backed by experienced international investors, the company plans to grow into one of AsiaPacific’s leading financial superapp providers. Bano is also looking to add a stock and crypto trading facility to the app soon. Director of the company, Randall Maccan , tells us, “Australia lacked a superapp able to conduct a multitude of financial services such as we’ve seen in the United States and the United Kingdom. Our aim is to bridge that gap and play our part in educating the public on the benefits of the fintech and open banking revolution.” Looking to the future, the team at Bano SuperApp are working hard to offer new and improved services. Randall says, “Every new E Bano customer helps us gain insight into the needs and wants of Australian consumers in our target market. This in turn sparks ideas for new features we can add to ‘quench their thirst’. We’re working to introduce products such as travel cards, business cards, co-branded cards, higher amounts of cashback, and stock trading, as well as maintaining high levels of security. Bano will always be a business that helps its clients build a healthy relationship with their finances.” Download the Bano superapp via App Store or Google Play. Sydney-based company Bano SuperApp (Bano) allows customers to spend, pay, save, and invest, all from one virtual account. Designed for millennial and gen-z clients, the Bano superapp features a range of local, and global, financial offerings on one integrated platform. Bano is our Best Banking & Investments Superapp 2023, so we take a look at the company and its services in more detail. All Your Currency – In One Superapp! Contact: Randall Maccan Company: Bano SuperApp Web Address: Apr23110