Issue 6 2023

18 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2023 Contact: Andrew Notman Company: Orbian Web Address: Founded in 1999, Orbian offers a collaborative and flexible solution to the financial demands of the global supply chain. The company, which was one of the forerunners in the concept of supply chain finance (SCF), launched its universal funding structure in 2004 and has been innovating in the space ever since. Orbian receives 2023’s Leaders in Supply Chain Finance Solutions - UK award. Apr23611 riginally established in Carlsbad, California, today Orbian boasts two further offices in Munich and London. The company provides comprehensive SCF solutions to large corporate clients around the globe. Providing programmes with a virtually unlimited funding capacity, Orbian helps its clients to mitigate funding and operations risks to a level unmatched by other offerings. First recognised by Global Finance Magazine for its services to the global finance chain in 2008, the company has won the same award a further 11 times since then, as well as a plethora of other industry awards recognising its achievements in the space. Orbian works with thousands of buyers and suppliers in over 53 countries. The company has so far handled an impressive five million successful transactions. Orbian’s multilingual support centre is wellplaced to assist clients all over the world. And, from its London office, the company manages system development, operations, and its group treasury. UK Director, Andrew Notman, tells us, “Supply chains are one of the most important levers for businesses to have a positive impact across a broad Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda. By providing working capital benefits to corporate buyers while supporting their suppliers with increased cash flow, we can transform any global supply chain.” As the longest established firm in the industry, Orbian works with many of the world’s most well-known corporations. Its expertise in SCF services is unrivalled. Teams of business, finance, legal, customer service, and documentation experts support clients with renowned professionalism and attention to detail. Andrew says, “We’re extremely proud of our record for operational excellence. We put our efforts not only into finding the best solution but also bringing together the best team for each project. We’re consistently recognised for service excellence, and our web-based platform maintains a 100% error-free transactional record.” Although the company is better placed than most to weather a storm, Andrew is the first to admit that 2022 was a ‘dreadful’ year for supply chain finance. He explains, “As all the world, except China, emerged from the harsher restrictions of the Covid pandemic it became clear that the economic and societal scars of two years of profound disruption O Financial Health in Plentiful Supply would not be quick to heal. It was evident to all engaged in business, whether local or international, that labour shortages and supply chain bottlenecks were driving significant upward pressure on prices and living standards. “Thankfully, the outlook for 2023 is brighter. There are still big challenges, and only a limited number of SCF providers are ‘fit for purpose’. As one of them, our focus is to address the challenges head-on. We’ll do that by continuing to support our clients and delivering the professional and reliable service we are known for.” For further information, please visit the Orbian website. -