Issue 6 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2023 17 Financial Health in Plentiful Supply The lean team is diligent in maintaining a high level of communication and works in close collaboration. William says, “We all share the same powerful vision, lofty goals, and high expectations for the company. We have a great deal of confidence in the product and in our team. We’ve created an environment that fosters creativity, productivity, and overall success. Our commitment to effective teamwork is a core value that has proven key to achieving our goals and objectives.” Looking to the future, EXtrance plans to cement its place as a leader in its field as AI and blockchain technology continue to develop. The company will be looking to expand its use of AI in every facet of its product. For example, the team foresee an operator having a direct conversation with the platform to get advice on how to increase profits. To revolutionise the industry even further, the team is also looking into using AI to predict the future of investments with high accuracy. To find out more about the capabilities of the current EXtrance platform, or to make an enquiry, please visit the company website. Contact: William Lively Company: EXtrance Web Address: