Issue 6 2023

20 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2023 Protecting Data and Fostering Collaboration hink for a few seconds. How important is your data to you? Now consider how valuable the features of modern communication are to you and how much you’re willing to compromise your data to have those features. One company that believes you shouldn’t have to choose, and has developed a solution so that you don’t have to, is Zextras. With over 120 million users worldwide, Zextras has built a reputation for software products that respond to the ever-changing needs of today’s technology consumers. The company designs its workplace solutions for businesses and organisations with a responsible attitude to data sovereignty and governance. Working with clients in sectors such as telecommunications and healthcare, Zextras values innovation, aiming to be a trailblazer in its field. The company envisions a world where organisations can protect their communications and at the same time, help people to own their own data. Its mission centres around making that happen, creating software that enables digital sovereignty for everyone. With software development being one of the fastest evolving fields of technology, Zextras is meticulous in its pursuit to remain at the cutting edge. Zextras Carbonio – the company’s most recent solution – is a complete private digital workplace. With features including advanced email and calendar management, meetings, chat, collaborative editing, and file management, it offers a comprehensive, private, and practical solution to data governance and compliance. CEO at Zextras, Paolo Storti, tells us, “Complying with data regulations is a hot topic that’s not going away. Being open source, our products are one step closer to compliance. They allow interoperability and transparency. Our company’s inclusion in the Global Excellence programme means we’ll be able to reach and help more people. We’re building a reputation as champions of the open-source community.” By choosing open-source solutions, organisations are able to reduce their technology costs and facilitate their compliance with data protection laws. The management team at Zextras encourages everyone in the company to bring their ideas to the table. With 130 staff spread around the globe, that’s an awful lot of ideas to choose from! T Apr23247 The CEO tells us, “You need a great team to make large and complex software. We are an open company, we encourage everyone to interact with anyone, from interns to the CEO. The hierarchy isn’t important. Our people are the essence of the company. We design our products to carry out a mission for the entire planet. That’s why we embrace and seek out diversity to bring together the very best talent from around the world. Those who share our values and who are not scared to innovate, and fight for their ideas.” According to leading global research and advisory firm, Gartner, Inc., 75% of the global population will have its personal data covered under privacy regulations by 2024. This means that organisations using digital workplace technology will need their networks to be private to have control over data and communications, perhaps sooner than they think. Zextras plans to be the catalyst for a new cycle of digital awareness, offering clients the tools to achieve digital sovereignty without sacrificing the features of modern communication that we all know and love. To find out more or to express your interest, visit the Zextras website. Company: Zextras SRL Web: Open-source software company Zextras develops forward-thinking digital workplace solutions for government organisations and regulated industries. The company, which has been promoting innovation for over 20 years, offers its clients a means of gaining digital sovereignty whilst maintaining their potential for collaboration. Our recipient of the Award for Innovation in Open Source Collaboration Solutions – 2023, we learn more about this outstanding company.