Issue 3 2023

12 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2023 Jan23165 The Forward-Thinking Family Law Firm Divorcing is difficult, and many know that the entire legal process is extremely daunting. However, we’ve found a lawyer who knows exactly how to handle such a delicate situation. Here we provide insight into the work of the MacLean Family Law firm and its devotion to representing and supporting its clients in legal disputes. Its Founder, Lorne MacLean, has recently been recognized by the AI - Leading Adviser Awards 2022. nce the decision to divorce has taken place, the next step is often the hardest one – which is to distribute the assets and/ or responsibilities that both share. Some hard questions are asked; who gets to keep this house? If there are other properties, who is keeping those? If there is a business involved, what happens with it? If there is no prenup, are two equal shares the fair outcome for both parties? If there are children involve, who will they live with? Who gets the children for the holidays? Do both parties agree on how to parent their children from now onwards? What is the best for the children? How will the children be financially supported? So many decisions that need to be made depending on each individual case. This are questions that can’t be answered lightly and with people emotionally involved in the matter, having someone mediating the process that is not emotionally attached to the situation is valuable for the legal aspect of the divorce to be fair for both parties. MacLean Family Law was founded 1983 and it is made up of a group of family lawyers with knowledge on wealth and experience on litigation, mediation, and arbitration. With many offices, spread across Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Toronto, Richmond, Kelowna, and Calgary, MacLean Family Law is in prime locations to help a wide variety of people. Its CFO, Ryan Torvik, says, “We’ll help you triumph over complex family circumstances and move forward to a healthy new future”. The firm offers high net worth services, international matters, wealth protection agreements, family law appeals, separation and divorce, child custody, parenting and fertility, child support, and much more. It is important to have a team of lawyers that you can trust will go above and beyond to ensure you are protected and supported throughout. Ryan says, “Mr. MacLean and his team bring justice to injustice and will apply to the highest court in our land to protect what is right.” Ryan shares “Our lawyers bring a strategic perspective, award winning expertise, collaborative approach and progressive practices.” O Today MacLean is rated one of the top family legal firms in Vancouver by Top Choice Awards. Having someone that sees representing you much more than just a job on your side is incredibly beneficial for the success of your case. The Founder of MacLean Law, Lorne MacLean, empathises, “Practising family law is more than a career – it’s my calling. I thrive on helping people move forward. I have and will go to the Supreme Court of Canada to achieve a fair and positive result for my client.” From his years as an acting Founder of MacLean he has gained a reputation with the perfect balance of tough and thoughtful as he advocates for clients and supports them to ensure they get what is right and best for them to move forward. To trust someone with the direction of your future is a big task and more so when it involves a family dynamic. Children are not at fault for the end of the marriage, but they are often the most affected, even once the legalities surrounding the divorce have concluded. The wellbeing of each child is very important to MacLean, which is reflected in each case the team represented. Money can sometimes turn people you once cared about the most into your biggest enemy, leaving no choice but to seek support from someone who has the knowledge and experience acquired to end such a nightmare of money driven conflict. MacLean supports its clients in moving forward to which one of its clients shares, ““Moving Forward” is a very accurate statement for this very talented and coordinated team. The team represented my interests with integrity and executed the necessary processes to get closure and a fair settlement for me. I highly recommend MacLean Family Law to anyone struggling through a difficult family matter.” Lorne MacLean has gone to great efforts to successfully lead MacLean Family Law Firm to be one of the most trusted and experienced in Canada. This is reflected in its record of “multiple wins at the Supreme Court of Canada, the BC Supreme Court, and the BC Court of Appeal”, highlights Ryan. Lorne has recently been recognized in the Leading Adviser Awards 2022 with Leading Family & Divorce Lawyer of the Year 2022 - British Columbia, we will continue to see the firm’s success in supporting its clients during difficult and sensitive family times. Contact: Ryan Torvik Company: MacLean Law Web Address: “MacLean Family Law is one of Canada’s most trusted, experienced family law firms”.