Issue 3 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2023 11 Keeping its clients’ wishes and needs at the heart of what it does, GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors designs unique living spaces and creates cutting-edge ideas for private residences, developments, and company environments. Valuing its clients, the company aims to ensure they feel a sense of comfort and belonging in their new living space. The future of design and architecture in Portugal looks bright, so the company looks forward to a number of exciting new projects. Jan23303 amily business GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors is a studio that prides itself on its ability to design immersive environments, compelling destinations, and considered goods. Having initially focused on interior design, the studio has since expanded its expertise and now also designs buildings, landscapes, lighting, furniture, objects, and graphics. The studio believes that design goes beyond appearance and that the way an environment makes people feel should always be considered and prioritised. Rather than applying the same formula to all customers, GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors aims to produce comfortable, personalized environments that suit the individual lifestyle and needs of those who will inhabit them. Having cemented itself as a trusted and respected brand in the architecture, design and real estate development market, GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors is a dependable project partner and has the skills to provide its clients with expert advice. With most of its clients seeking exceptional design solutions, the company aims to deliver high quality services to produce designs that foster a sense of belonging. The team at GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors is with clients every step of the way, delivering a streamlined and personalized experience. The team is self-sufficient and enjoys learning and discussing new ideas to improve itself every day. In recent years, like many others, the company has faced many challenges brought about by COVID-19. However, the situation has brought about many unexpected benefits. For example, as more people continue to work remotely, a generation of digital nomads has been created. As people become more mobile, there is greater need for more housing for those wishing to seek to explore new cultures, like Portugal’s. This means there is more opportunity for design and development of new properties. Furthermore, with Portugal being one of the three safest countries in the world, it is a desirable place to live, which is favourable for businesses involved in the creation of new living spaces. Moving forwards, GAVHINO Architecture & Interiors is working on a multitude of exciting new projects. For example, in the Alentejo area, there are plans for new project celebrating the energy and joy of the environment and natural surroundings. This is expected to include golf courses and white-sand beaches. In addition, GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors aims to bring quality and personalization to F Best Architecture Project & Interiors Company – Portugal new projects in the capital, like Maria Residences, 48 São Julião, and Ourique. With its focus on personalization and quality, GAVHINO Architecture & Interiors is a highly respected design company delivering unique spaces to meet the needs of customers’ individual lifestyles and personalities, making it a worthy winner of the Best Architecture Project & Interiors Company, Portugal, in the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022. Contact: Inês Gavinho Company: GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors Web Address: