Issue 12 2021 • Issue 12 2021 Plant-Powered Biotech Beauty Codex Beauty Labs is a biotech company grounded in science, dedicated to supporting microbiome. Its pioneering cruelty-free products are clinically-proven to provide meaningful benefits. In light of the company being named Most Innovative BioscienceBased Skincare Company 2021 – USA in this issue of Acquisition International, we explore what makes biotech beauty so great, not only for the consumer, but the environment, too. From India to International : Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP

2 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 From our Editor Welcome to the December edition of Acquisition International magazine, bringing you the latest news, features, and success stories from businesses all over the world. December saw an exceptional amount of inspiration from a wide variety of businesses that have made changes to the way we view customer service, superb products, and pure innovation. After a wild ride through the global pandemic, we can truly appreciate all of the work that goes into businesses and the way that they operate, as well as what they produce and present to the world. Here we showcase a plethora of businesses in a gilded spotlight that truly highlights their achievements. Our featured company is Codex Beauty Labs, a company which creates cruelty-free skincare that is rooted in science and ultimate revolution. With its pristine products that are science-based, kind to the skin, and absolutely inspirational, we see it awarded with the prestigious accolade of Most Innovative Bioscience-Based Skincare Company 2021 – USA. This month has gone quick, and it will soon be 2022. So, here we invite you to examine this selection of respected businesses as you reflect upon the past year and look towards the future. We hope you find something inspiring in each of the articles written, as we were inspired ourselves. For now, I hope that you all have a fantastic few weeks, and we’ll see you for January’s edition of Acquisition International. Sofi Bajor - Editor Contents 4 News 6 Plant-Powered Biotech Beauty Codex Beauty 10 A Brazilian Influence Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados 12 Best Corporate Finance Advisory Firm 2021 InvestBank Corp. 13 Employment Lawyer of the Year (Southern Africa): George van der Merwe SGV Attorneys 14 Service You Can Account On. Hetty Verney Mentoring 15 At The Forefront of Consultancy Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponents, Inc. 16 Bettering the Future of Crisis Response nDemand Consulting LLC 17 Local Law with National Acclaim Deiss Law PC 18 Diverse Clientele, Reliable Results Schmelz Rechtsanwalte 19 The Bank Supporting French Corporate Growth Pax Corporate Finance 20 From India to International Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP 22 A Firm You Can Count On G. D. O’Hehir & Co Ltd 23 Medical Marvels in the Midwest. TRIARQ Health 24 Leading Law Firm Secures Success Thompson Stevenson & Associates No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. 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In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Laura Brookes, Senior Editor Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer El Muers, Writer Rebecca Scotland, Writer Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Emma Hunt, Senior Designer Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer 25 Developing the Businesses of Tomorrow Hahnelt Consulting 26 Modern Approach to Tax TaxKings Ltd 27 Law Done Right Down Under. Foyle Legal 28 Global Solutions in Tax Advisory. Global Advisory Tax Solutions S.A. 29 Engineering For All Seize A Solution Limited 30 Trust, Honesty and Care Alpha Global Wealth 32 Advice to Give an Edge Arram Berlyn Gardner LLP 33 Most Innovative Lab Testing Solutions Company 2021 - Georgia RapiFast® 34 A Patent for Success TURVAJA Patent Agency 35 Thirty Years of Success. Hunton Andrews Kurth (Thailand) Limited 36 Most Influential Beauty & Spa Business Leader (Europe): Anita Murray CACI International 37 An International Eye On Success Kampala Associated Advocates. 38 Regulatory Consultancy Secures Success FMConsult 39 A Comprehensive Defence Spyridon Spyridis LL.M Rechtsanwaltskanzlei 40 Invest in the Best GRATA International law firm 41 Winners’ Listings

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4 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 News: from around the world Better Cotton - the world’s largest certifier of cotton - releases bold target to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions 50% by 2030 Better Cotton today announced the launch of its ambitious new climate change mitigation target as part of a new strategy designed to deliver substantial environmental, social and economic impact across the cotton industry by 2030. The headline climate change mitigation target has been set to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of Better Cotton produced by 50% by 2030 (from a 2017 baseline). Four additional targets covering soil health, pesticide use, smallholder livelihoods and women’s empowerment are expected to be announced by the end of 2022 with impact indicators providing robust metrics for tracking and evaluating against the baseline. These progressive new metrics will allow enhanced measurement across the five key areas to ensure greater and lasting economic, environmental and social benefits at farm level for cotton growing communities. Since its formation (in 2009) Better Cotton has had a significant impact on the sustainability of the worlds’ cotton production. For example, on average Better Cotton production had a 19% lower GHG emissions intensity per tonne of lint than comparison production across China, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkey, a recent study analysing data from three seasons (2015-16 to 2017-18) showed. During the 2019-20 season, Better Cotton Farmers in India—where the most farmers are licensed to grow Better Cotton — used 10% less water, 13% fewer synthetic fertilisers, 23% fewer pesticides and 7% more organic fertiliser when compared to farmers in the same regions who operate outside of Better Cotton projects or Comparison Farmers. At the same time, Better Cotton Farmers in India achieved 9% higher yields and 18% higher profits than Comparison Farmers in the same season. Better Cotton and its partners have also trained over 2.5 million farmers in 25 countries, having raised €99 million since 2010 to fund capacity building and other field-level activities. This is projected to grow to just over €125 million by the 2021- 22 season. Alan McClay, CEO, Better Cotton said “This is a pledge for Better Cotton farmers and a stake in the ground for the global cotton sector. Nearly a quarter of the world’s cotton is currently produced under the Better Cotton Standard. We aim to at least double that by 2030. At COP 26, the textile and fashion industry announced a whole series of commitments aimed at achieving net zero by 2050. Our new 2030 Strategy not only aligns with these goals but sets solid and measurable metrics that will have material impact across cotton production worldwide for the benefit of the whole industry. We know that climate change poses a great risk to cotton farmers - with rising temperatures and more extreme weather events like flooding and unpredictable rains. We will help on the ground by incentivising farmers to enrich the environment and embrace both climate-smart and regenerative agricultural practices. We will also help open doors to markets, and through our metrics, feed back information on the results farmers are achieving, so they can see the benefits of sustainable practices and continuously improve the way they farm.” Better Cotton also intends to take the lead in developing solutions for physical traceability enabling retailers and brands to make stronger sustainability claims related to the cotton content and provenance of their products. Pramit Chanda, Country Director – India, Global Director – Textiles & Manufacturing of IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative said “IDH has been a strategic partner to Better Cotton for over a decade, providing the initial funding and support in creating strong publicprivate collaborations that enabled the scale-up of Better Cotton’s programmes. Today, Better Cotton farmers account for nearly a quarter of the world’s cotton supply, and we see this has the potential to reach 65% by 2030. As IDH, we wholeheartedly welcome the focus on climate resiliency in the 2030 Strategy. We see this as an essential prerequisite for the achievement of better incomes for cotton producers around the world.” The climate change mitigation target launch comes on the back of the recently released 2020 Better Cotton Impact Report. The evolution of more sustainable cotton production methods continues to build on previous farmer reporting and demonstrates how each component of the Better Cotton Standard System is set up to deliver impact in a world where supply chain transparency and accountability are paramount.

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 5 • 1,900 hours a year are spent on average by firms interviewing for graduate roles • An average of five candidates are interviewed per graduate position • In 48% of interviews, employers will have more than one senior team member present Recent research into recruitment inefficiencies has revealed that businesses are investing significant amounts of highvalue time into the interview process. According to survey data from emerging talent and reskill partner, mthree, in 52% of businesses, interviews with prospective graduate employees comprise more than one stage, and in 48% of interviews more than one senior staff member is present. Additionally, businesses are typically interviewing multiple candidates for each graduate position, with the average number being five interviews for just one role. However, in 44% of businesses, six or more candidates are interviewed for every one role available and this figure rises to at least 10 for 14% of UK firms. With businesses hiring an average of 95 graduatelevel employees per annum, the research revealed that organisations are spending an average of 1,900 hours interviewing graduate candidates across just one year. This is equivalent to the number of hours worked in a year by the average employee. Becs Roycroft, senior director at mthree, commented: “Our research into the recruitment process across the UK has revealed just how much time is being spent per organisation on finding the right graduate candidate. “After the struggles of the past 18 months, many businesses are now emerging from the challenges of the pandemic and Brexit and looking to grow their workforce, with graduate vacancies significantly higher than last year. However, in addition to up front recruitment costs – such as recruitment agency fees and job advert expenses – it’s important for businesses to keep track of the less obvious time and monetary cost of the interview process, particularly when hiring a large number of graduates. “Whilst finding the right person for the job is the goal for any business, there are more effective and efficient ways to effectively shortlist and interview the best candidates. “Instead of relying on an extended interview process comprised of multiple parts, considering whether each stage is essential and implementing a more stringent application and assessment process can help to minimise the number of candidates that are invited to interview per role. “For example, implementing initial aptitude tests to identify which candidate is right for the job before inviting them to interview is a possible solution. Businesses are spending one whole year of an employee’s time interviewing graduate candidates “Finally, deciding whether senior-level executives are required in interviews with prospective junior employees can also work to reduce the amount of senior business time spent within the interview process and allows their expertise to be used elsewhere. “Organisations are constantly needing to find ways to improve time management and their overall business efficiency, and re-evaluating the graduate recruitment process is a great way to start.”

6 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 Oct21236 Plant-Powered Biotech Beauty Codex Beauty Labs is a biotech company grounded in science, dedicated to supporting microbiome. Its pioneering cruelty-free products are clinically-proven to provide meaningful benefits. In light of the company being named Most Innovative Bioscience-Based Skincare Company 2021 – USA in this issue of Acquisition International, we explore what makes biotech beauty so great, not only for the consumer, but the environment, too. odex Beauty Labs’ mission is to blend the sciences of ethnobotany and plant biology with biotech innovation to create a new standard within the natural space: plant-based biotech beauty. It is a new wave in beauty that doesn’t play by the rules – it invents them. Codex Beauty utilises biotech beauty to engineer the next generation in pure clinical results. But first, what exactly is biotech beauty? Biotech beauty is the process of creating skin-benefiting elements from plant-based (renewable) materials through fermentation or cell culture to formulate performative bio actives – this is the key ingredient used by Codex Beauty. The science of biotech beauty uses microbes (bacteria, yeast, algae) to sustainably produce high-tech skincare actives for effective results. Codex Beauty’s innovative approach to skincare results in more efficient production of ‘all the good stuff’ for pure, concentrated ingredients which use less water and energy for minimum waste and maximum efficacy. Codex Beauty Labs was founded by CEO, Dr Barbara Paldus, who, as a scientist, believes in data and biotechnology. Codex Beauty was conceived from a need to deliver high-efficacy skincare solutions that defy the mainstream with science-based effective ingredients. From top to bottom, Barbara has created a line that puts the plant power back into consumers’ hands – with the results to back it up. Dr Paldus said, “I think that transparency and trust are missing from the skincare industry. There is simply not enough information for people to make truly informed decisions. We would like to change that by being an ‘open book’. [sic] We can do our best and share what we do know is healthy, beneficial and effective.” Psychologically, there is a strong sense of reassurance when using plant-powered biotech ingredients directly on your skin. Codex Beauty’s planet-friendly, plant-derived skincare has the efficacy stats to support feeling good; that’s why it remains transparent about its scientific claims and clinical findings. Using a unique science-meets-nature beauty philosophy, Codex Beauty with the help of ethnobotanists identifies medicinal plants, then thoroughly researches the impact of their actives on gene expression in skin cells. Codex Beauty utilises either state-of-the-art extract methods or bio-fermentation to create the resulting actives, C and it then formulates to enhance the potency of the performance of these bio actives. Focusing on using plants, such as extracts of soothing rosehip in its Revitalising Facial Oil, as opposed to fossil fuels, Codex Beauty can produce its bio actives in a sustainable way to minimise its overall carbon footprint. This process is one of the ways the company is envisioning the future of skincare. It is committed to minimising the environmental impact of every aspect of its operation. Alongside sourcing ingredients that are biotechmanufactured, Codex Beauty ensures its packaging is fully recyclable, with its product tubes produced using carbon-reducing polyethylene from renewable sugar cane, as well as its cartons being PSC-certified. It has minimised its carbon footprint in shipping and distribution, too, and its goal is to have a zero carbon footprint by 2025. Codex Beauty also supports the Nagoya protocol and invests in building infrastructure for better working conditions, access to healthcare and education, while also exercising Fair Trade, supporting local growers and indigenous harvesters and paying fair market prices to local communities. Supporting, protecting, and preserving the ecology and biodiversity of the areas where its partners harvest, Codex Beauty is able to provide economic support to local communities, spearheading its high standards for inclusivity and sustainability in beauty production. Biotech beauty is the process of creating skin-benefiting elements from plant-based (renewable) materials through fermentation or cell culture to formulate performative bio actives – this is the key ingredient used by Codex Beauty.

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8 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 Also crucial in Codex Beauty’s operations is the conducting of clinical tests on its products, publishing data to prove their high performance. The technology it uses isn’t only patented, but its disruptive; whether its plant-based hydration (Bia Complex™) or food-grade preservation system (PreservX™), Codex innovates formulas that take skincare to a whole new level. And the company knows what’s in every tube – literally. It controls the complete supply chain – from sustainable wild harvesting through pharma-grade clean processes and its airless packaging to achieve the highest quality possible. Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) are applied to its production process to create consistent high-quality and performance as well as prevent contamination. Each product is completely safe, complying with each country’s different cosmetic laws, registered with governmental health authorities wherever they are sold. Now, Codex Beauty’s customers speak for themselves, sharing their thoughts on the company’s products. One person said, “Codex Beauty is proven to be the cleanest of clean skincare and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make the switch to safe clean beauty.” Another customer said, “Firstly, I love their ethos of sustainable packaging coupled with the products being cruelty-free and packed full of exceptional organic ingredients... To top it off, the products live up to and surpass all expectations. The superfood and facial oil in particular are absolutely amazing... I’ve said it before – they’re the holy grail of skincare. What’s not to love?” Not only all of the above, but customers also benefit from a useful feature on Codex Beauty’s website in the form of a quiz to get personalised recommendations for skincare, matching them to products that match their skin type. The quiz asks the user a series of questions covering age, the area they live (urban, suburban, countryside, seaside, mountainous), their gender, whether they are pregnant or breastfeeding, how they would describe their skin type (dry, normal, combi, oily, not sure), their biggest skin concern (eye puffiness, dark eye circles, wrinkles, acne, sensitive skin, etc.), how many glasses of water they drink each day, how much sun exposure they get on a daily basis, whether they use SPF, and if they are allergic to any ingredients. Overall, it’s easy to see how Codex Beauty has achieved all the success it has, producing ground-breaking, environmentally-friendly and effective products that exceed peoples’ expectations. Its loyal customer base loves what it is doing and they can’t get enough of the products that give their skin the nourishment it needs for a healthy glow. The only way is up for Codex Beauty as it continues on the road of plant-powered biotech solutions for healthy skin and microbiome support. Company: Codex Beauty Website: Codex Beauty utilises either stateof-the-art extract methods or biofermentation to create the resulting actives, and it then formulates to enhance the potency of the performance of these bio actives.

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10 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 Oct21203 A Brazilian Influence Fernanda Marques, Director of Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados, is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of São Paulo, FAU USP. Her work follows the same conceptual line that characterised her years of training - the integrated exercise of various disciplines. With the office located in Vila Olímpia, São Paulo, Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados’ primary services and expertise remain within architecture, interiors, and product design. Here we learn more about Fernanda as she wins Most Influential Woman in Architecture & Product Design 2021 – Brazil. ernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados is a Brazilian company based in São Paulo, operating for over 30 years within the integrated exercise of the various disciplines. Such sections include construction, architecture, interiors, and product design. In this sense, all its works are designed in order to communicate the essence of Fernanda’s style – clean, contemporary, and always seeking to serve its customer’s needs with comfort, sophistication, and in tune with the latest trends in Brazilian and global design. Moreover, Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados develops many residential projects, both homes and high-end apartment renovation, besides stores, offices, and common areas of large projects. Among the company’s central values is the idea of combining usefulness with what is pleasing to the senses. Director Fernanda Marques states, “Our success was generated by providing a mix of functionality and beauty in all our projects, allowing us to meet the expectations and needs of our clients in the best way possible. After all, beauty is different for everyone, and we want to showcase its many forms with purposeful intent.” Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados is also continuously connected with what is happening in Brazil and the world concerning the movement of arts, design, and architecture to incorporate trends in our projects and value each element presented. Whether it is furniture, colour, texture or art. Fernanda explains, “We operate at different levels. Serving since private clients interested in having their homes built or decorated, to large companies or developers interested in real estate and furniture design. Working as an architect requires many roles. So, together with my highly qualified, dedicated, and integrated team, we can deliver successful projects.” According to her, the interactivity between her team during the entire project process is also what leads the company to success. “Everyone works towards a common goal, always seeking to meet and improve the client’s needs”. A multidisciplinary background and a keen interest in design and architecture are two highly valued factors when hiring her staff. The ability to work in a team is equally important, as most projects involve many professionals. “We look for interested and focused people who F bring new ideas and know-how to give their opinion and listen to others,” states Fernanda. For Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados, challenges always exist in each new project that is developed. Fernanda explains, “It is always a challenge, but also a pleasure, to define what will be the implementation, sectorization, the relation with surroundings, and which materials will be used. Although, nowadays, there is a lack of material for the construction area, which results in very high prices. And, as everyone knows, this happened due to the stoppage of services because of Covid-19”, she says. Nevertheless, The Covid-19 pandemic, somehow, allowed her team to discover more about itself, Fernanda adds, “This moment of being more present at home made us rethink our relationships and even think about how we use our private spaces. By spending more time indoors, people became more aware of the comfort and functionality of their rooms.” “Related to this, during this last year, I have been following amovement of clients looking for country house projects. Homes that are far from the cities, as they realised that it is now no longer necessary to go to the office every day and prefer to spend more time in less hectic environments,” Fernanda states. In addition, the company has clients interested in renovating their homes because, in this period of isolation, they realised that many things in it no longer meet their needs. “The projects didn’t stop, and new customers kept looking for us. During the pandemic period, we adapted quickly and well to the home office mode and the team continued to be well integrated and handling the work,” explains Fernanda. In this period, Fernanda’s design projects, such as furniture and building coverings, started to gain consistency and autonomy. Today, she feels prepared to act in this area more effectively, and still for this year, Fernanda is preparing other initiatives within the area. Now recognised as Brazil’s Most Influential Woman in Architecture & Product Design 2021, Fernanda Marques will be a name heard globally, renowned for her excellence within the industry. Company: Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados Name: Fernanda Marques Email: Web Address:

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12 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 Best Corporate Finance Advisory Firm 2021 nvestBank Corp. is a global investment banking advisory corporation, formerly recognised as Reliance Partners. Established as Reliance Partners in 2003 and officially rebranded as InvestBank Corp. in 2015, InvestBank delivers industry’s best services to businesses and entities around the globe. InvestBank has a flawless corporate reputation, is highly respected in its industry and in the world of business, and is Acquisition International’s unequivocal choice for Best Corporate Finance Advisory Firm 2021. In recent years, InvestBank has sold “better burger” leader Five Guys Burgers and Fries; advised on financing for Scala Shopping and Condado Shopping, the premier commercial shopping centres in Ecuador; advised Light Helmets, which partnered with NFL legend Drew Brees and Football ‘N’ America, on the company’s first significant “outside” round of funding; and InvestBank is currently exclusively retained to advise on one of the premier island investment opportunities in the world, Pujada Island, which is situated at the opening of Pujada Bay, Davao Oriental, Philippines. InvestBank’s success results from its founder’s passion and dedication to the corporation. Mr. Don Christensen has led the U.S. investment bank since its founding in 2003. InvestBank’s team members pride themselves on professional integrity, hard work, providing industry leading client service, and delivering superior results. With offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and San Diego, California, USA, and with team members distributed globally, the corporation provides best-in-class investment banking services to clients around the world. Companies need capability, knowledge, and advise and when it comes to investment banking, InvestBank has the answers. From real estate, consumer and retail, and energy, to infrastructure, and more, InvestBank has rendered services to a diverse group of companies throughout a wide range of industries. These industries all require top-quality advisory and transactional services to achieve objectives and to enable growth. InvestBank renders investment banking services in all major industry sectors. Throughout the various industry sectors, investments and transactions need to be crafted with trust and respect. InvestBank always acts in the best interests of the client and their business and delivers industry best results. By establishing long-lasting and powerful relationships, InvestBank has formed a global network that supports and facilitates the goals and ambitions of its clients. InvestBank’s web of global contacts includes a vast network of advisors and representative offices, institutional investors, industry I With a reputation for delivering best-in-class investment banking services, InvestBank Corp. provides expert investment banking advice to government, public, and private entities worldwide. InvestBank delivers a complete spectrum of corporate advisory services and accesses global wealth and capital to enable its clients to execute strategic plans and achieve strategic goals. Contact: Don Christensen, Founder and Executive Chairman Company: InvestBank Corp. Web Address: Jul21658 experts, and leading companies for joint venture, M&A, partnership, and contracting opportunities. InvestBank is able to attract national and international attention to the transactional needs of each company that it works with. And, with access to diverse sources of capital and by offering a full spectrum of advisory and capital market solutions, InvestBank provides companies with the knowledge, connections, and resources they require to advance and better their businesses. For strategic and financing solutions and the greatest advice, engage this corporation that has the power to shape the future of your business. By working with InvestBank, you will cultivate a valuable business and experience for yourself and your team. InvestBank’s principal executive office is in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. InvestBank is exclusively retained to advise on Pujada Island.

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 13 Together, SGV Attorneys’ team offers extensive experience and superior knowledge regarding employment law, empowerment law (BBBEE), employee benefits, municipal law, property law, public law, administrative and procurement law, corporate law, and pension law fields. Each and every attorney is fundamental to the firm’s success, striving to provide legal services that are aligned with their clients’ medium- to long-term goals. Meanwhile, as for many, the last 18 months have been challenging for SGV Attorneys due to the pandemic, but the team has also found that the new world of work is not all negative. Clients from all different sectors and legal institutions such as courts have all embraced technology to drive their processes forward. Virtual platforms such as Teams and Zoom have significantly enhanced the efficiency in which SGV Attorneys communicates, and the firm has also had the benefit of reducing costs for clients and the legal institutions in which it regularly appears. Looking ahead, SGV Attorneys is making significant investments in mobile learning initiatives as it believes the new way of working is here to stay. E-learning on mobile phones and employment relations management applications can provide a more effective management tool and secure enhanced accessibility in employer-employee communication channels. Oct21877 Company: SGV Attorneys Contact: George Van der Merwe Email: Website: Employment Lawyer of the Year (Southern Africa): George van der Merwe GV Attorneys’ mission is to provide cost-effective, high-quality, creative and results-oriented legal services to businesses and individuals, and to serve as a primary resource and partner to its clients’ business growth and development. Lying at the foundation of this mission are core values of integrity, motivation and excellence, which have remained unchanged and contributed to driving its attorneys’ behaviour to the ultimate benefit of clients. George van der Merwe is one of the founders of the firm and he is a well-respected and recognised attorney in the fields of employment and pension law. He boasts both BLC and LLB degrees as well as a master’s degree in law and a certificate in pension law. He has acted as a judge in the Labour Court and is a qualified mediator and arbitrator, holding a certificate in conciliation, mediation and arbitration. George has successfully completed various courses and is a regular speaker on employment law seminars as well as an accredited assessor and moderator. George said, “We as a firm find our strength in our faith and our diversity. We pride ourselves in the successes that we have achieved not only complying with affirmative action prescripts but in embracing the fundamental principals that underly humanity and our society.” S Founded in 2005, SGV Attorneys specialises in employment, pension and procurement law and provides professional legal services to large, medium and small businesses as well as to local government institutions. In light of company co-founder and partner, George van der Merwe being recognised in the AI Legal Awards 2021, we take a closer look at what he and the firm have to offer clients.

14 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 they were eligible for and how to claim it. In short, I was there for my clients the entire time – unlike many of their previous accountants.” Hetty has a unique USP as it’s not just about what she is good at and how she wants to run her business, but it’s how she wants to be remembered by her clients. Hetty has always been a people-first business since the pandemic has been recognised for exactly that; a company and a person you can trust and rely on for support and expert financial information. Additionally, due to the pandemic, her business model has continued to adapt, especially with adding more business mentoring and advisory over the past six months. Hetty explains, “I am passionate about helping my clients build their businesses and to get them to understand their numbers by using the Profit First model to make their businesses consistently profitable.” With the changes that have happened in the past two years specifically, it is good to know that Hetty has been around, helping those with genuine financial struggles and putting a positive impact back within the lives of those who work with her. Service You Can Account On. etty Verney Accounting was established in 1998 and, since its launch, has aided many individual clients and businesses from start-ups to large corporations. In addition, Hetty’s overall expertise and love of the job has helped people and companies alike thrive and succeed – all due to her incredible efforts and knowledge. Founded out of pure necessity, Hetty Verney started her accounting firm to create a better life balance. Being a single mother to two boys, Hetty wanted to create a life that would not only fulfil her but allow her the flexibility to spend time with her family. Once she decided to turn her life around, Hetty headed towards her local college and signed up for something she knew she was good at – maths. Hetty explains, “The workers at my local college asked If I thought about being an accountant, and I laughed and said, ‘do I look like your average accountant?’ and that’s where it all started.” Copious amounts of studying, researching, assignments and exams later, Hetty began her newfound career as an accountant and had been strongly running for over 23 years. During this period, Hetty Verney has evolved from an accountancy business into a mentoring firm that offers accountancy services. However, it isn’t just the business that has evolved but Hetty herself stating, “I have become a recognised Profit First Professional and a Business Mentor for the Princes Trust Young Entrepreneurs, which I love. I was told a while ago that my divine gift was to mentor and coach, so now, I help small business owners understand their numbers, make their profit consistent and help them realise their dreams for their businesses and their lives.” Whilst the initial business has changed slightly over the years, with confidence and determination, so has Hetty; however, the same fact remains - its core values in which the firm was founded – kindness, compassion, and integrity at all costs. Figuring out finances can be a nightmare, and it can feel like a chore with the wrong person in charge. With Hetty, people come first, and finances come second as the fundamental aim for the firm is to help, and you can’t help businesses without helping the people inside them first. However, like many businesses over the past two years, Hetty’s firm has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic but with a positive twist. Hetty Explains, “I have been busier than ever, and It has pushed me into doing new things. For instance, I began making live videos on Facebook doing ‘Friday Focus Live’ every Friday without fail, and I love it. I also started doing short webinars for my clients to show them what H Everyone needs good health – a good body, mind, and soul. However, despite the traditional understanding of health, it’s not just a physical or spiritual necessity; it also relates to finances. Recognised within Acquisition International 2021 for its excellence, Hetty Verney Accounting is an expert accounting firm who not only aids those in financial crisis but supports them through mentoring, assisting start-ups and prominent businesses flourish. Company: Hetty Verney Mentoring Name: Hetty Verney Email: Website: Oct21429

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 15 Company: Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponents, Inc. Name: Ana A. Baluyut, Senior Manager for Business Development Email: At The Forefront of Consultancy aunched in 1989, PRIMEX has proudly established itself as one of Asia’s leading management consulting firms. With over 300 projects under the team’s belt, covering a wide variety of different sectors and services, the business is proud that to say that it can offer a solution to all problems. Working both independently and alongside different organizations, their reputation is unparalleled throughout the industry. All projects are unique, requiring a team that can boast a wealth of experience in different areas. Over the years, PRIMEX has worked in both the private and public sectors, covering sectors such as agriculture and rural development, water management, marine resource management, environment, and climate change.. The team’s success is shown by the way in which it is one of the few Filipino consultancy companies that has been able to find international success. The last three decades have seen the team working in 37 L countries in the Asia-Pacific region, winning contracts against bids from consulting services based in other, more developed countries. The nature of the project cycle means that the team must provide turnkey solutions, sometimes leading a project made up of various companies, sometimes supporting other businesses, and sometimes working entirely independently. No matter what stage of the project life cycle, whether it is the initial conceptualization, detailed planning and design, or post-evaluation, PRIMEX’s ability to deliver much-needed professional perspective secures their position at the forefront of the consultancy market. It is a credit to the team’s skills that they can move effortlessly from project to project, using their expertise and experience to support their clients in their overall goals. Needless to say, the success of their ability in this respect is what keeps them in such demand. The world of agriculture depends on the various projects that the team at PRIMEX consults on, with their unique knowledge allowing these developments to thrive. While based in the Philippines, the firm’s personnel have helped to support micro, small, and medium agribusiness-oriented initiatives in many countries in Asia and the Pacific, from as far north as Kyrgyzstan down to countries in the Pacific islands The growth of these countries holds enormous potential, but only if there is a focus on reducing poverty and improving income. The communities most affected by these challenges are also most likely to be impacted by the various difficulties arising from climate change. Much of the approach championed by PRIMEX focuses on communities that need help, not only protecting them as far as possible, but also finding ways to hasten their development through innovative environment-friendly solutions. By engaging key stakeholders in dealing with issues from a holistic perspective, PRIMEX has achieved remarkable success. This is the secret of PRIMEX’s success. While their focus has been on government projects supported by various international organizations, it is the people on the ground, including women and the vulnerable and marginalized sectors, whom they put first and foremost. Through this inclusive approach they look all set to continue reaching for new heights in the years to come. The team at Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponents, Inc., or PRIMEX for short, offers leading advice built on years of knowledge. When it comes to environmental concerns, this is a team that can take a project all the way from identification through to evaluation. Named Leading Agriculture and Environmental Management Consultancy Firm of the Year, Philippines, in Acquisition International’s awards for Leading Adviser 2021, we take a closer look to find out more. Oct21643

16 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 Oct21154 Bettering the Future of Crisis Response In the current global paradigm of a world recovering from a pandemic, nDemand Consulting LLC is making itself a more critical cornerstone of global media than ever before. The pandemic showed the media industry its own flaws and faults, as many media teams found themselves without the necessary strategies in place to be able to handle crisis management appropriately. Therefore, nDemand Consulting, the ‘Leading Business Crisis and Logistics Management Consultancy Firm of the Year’ for Georgia, has been stepping up to help firms in a myriad of different countries to incorporate better threat response methodologies, shaping the future of the field as a whole. company dedicated to the elimination of adversary propaganda and disinformation campaigns, nDemand Consulting LLC is a large-scale crisis management and prevention training provider serving a worldwide market segment. Fundamentally, this company is aware that in today’s world, information is the make-or-break asset that can either destroy a company or raise it up; thus, it seeks to help global players in the corporate ecosystem to better rise to the challenge of crisis management. This is especially critical after the past 18 months, as many fields and market segments found that many of their key players’ crisis management did in fact leave a lot to be desired. Essentially, nDemand Consulting is making itself the organisation to ensure that this is not the case going forward. Providing safe, comprehensive, and effective global crisis management training and logistical management services, the nDemand Consulting team – each of whom are experienced and incredibly well educated – work directly with agencies and firms at all corners of the map in order to counter violent extremism, to provide counter-terrorism efforts, and to superimpose best practice. Moreover, by delving into the thick of it with a company and directly altering the structures therein, it can implement better methodologies and responses to national or international threats. This targets media communications, journalism, remediating potentially chaotic scenarios, and more. Consequentially, a client can react quickly and effectively to such paradigmshifts and risks going forward, resulting in amore sophisticated united approach that doesn’t incite panic amongst the consumers of the media being published. Having conducted its crisis management across a myriad of different areas and regions, it has carried out its large-scale crisis response training and prevention across the continent of Africa, as well as in the United States Agency for Global Media, hoping to spark a new epoch of measured, responsible, and wellthought-out media responses to threats. Its motto, ‘minimise, train, scale’, tells a client all they need to know about how it operates. In essence, it minimises the chaos that inherently comes from the breaking of crisis news, ensuring that newsrooms and publishing companies have access to research-backed methods to prevent and de-escalate crises across global communication networks and channels in hostile and non-hostile locations, as nDemand A Consulting knows that inciting panic will only increase risk. It trains effectively, helping its organisations to establish and maintain trust within themselves, sharing the best industry practices and resources for their use. And, lastly, it scales globally. Crises can arise anywhere in the world, for any number of different reasons; due to this, it provides scaled and customisable training that will address and mitigate all manner of different risks and threats, addressing focus areas such as agile development and logistical elements such as hostile political election journalism training. Company: nDemand Consulting LLC Contact: Oscar Frazier Website:

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 17 Local Law with National Acclaim As the ‘Leading Anti-Trust and Competition Litigation Attorney of the Year’ for the state of Utah, Deiss Law has been stepping up to the plate to aid its clients in securing the most favourable outcomes out of legal disputes. Promising competent, effective, and cost-flexible work to its clients at every turn, its diverse and dynamic team boast a wide range of competencies between them that allow this firm to rise to any number of litigation challenges, having developed significant goodwill in its market segment as a result. Oct21316 eiss Law PC, a legal firm proficient in all manner of practice areas, has made a name for itself by serving the market segment in Utah with reliable, trustworthy, and effective litigation work and advice. Emboldened by a professional, intelligent, and experienced team who can achieve the most favourable results for a client every time, Deiss Law, always strives to maintain its reputation for comprehensive efforts that are worth every penny. Fundamentally, its notoriety is further enhanced by the fact that it does not only charge on an hourly basis. Indeed, it strives to keep itself as flexible as possible regarding payment so that a client can afford the best legal representatives available to them in the region without the stress of trying to keep up with fixed rate and unadaptable payment plans, which can be a serious barrier for some. This is all part of Deiss Law’s promise to work in an empathic and sensitive manner that puts the client first at every turn. In essence, its fee arrangements and further consultancy will take into account the individual details of a client’s case and situation, operating with the understanding that no two legal cases are the same and that each and every client will require slightly different service in order to attain the best result. The fee arrangements also consider the nature of that particular legal dispute, able to put a client in touch with someone on its team who is the best expert with the most fitting perspective to be able to handle it with efficacy. D This, handily, leads on to the competencies of the Deiss Law team. Critically, each team member brings something exemplary to the table for Deiss Law, making themselves a trusted and committed part of the structure of the company with both the standard of their work and the understanding, friendly customer service that a client can always expect to receive. In this manner, Deiss Law can handle matters of business litigation, commercial law and real estate litigation, non-solicitation, non-competition, employment disputes, antitrust litigation, trade secrets, intellectual property, securities fraud, and professional malpractice within its business law segment. In addition, its team can also rise to the challenge of criminal defence litigation and legal work, bringing a whole new facet to its efforts. This covers violent felonies, non-violent felonies, misdemeanours, and DUI. It can even aid a client in matters of personal injury such as plaintiff’s work and personal injury defence. As shown, Deiss Law boasts a number of reasons why it has earned the accreditation of the leading anti-trust and competition litigation attorney of the year for its region, and hopes to use this accolade as a springboard to helping many more clients achieve the best possible legal outcome as it moves towards the future. Company: Deiss Law PC Contact: Andrew Graham Deiss Website:

18 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 Oct21444 helping each one of them to unlock their potential and put their strong dispositions and work ethics to good use. Importantly, each of its staff also enjoys their work. This is a big part of how Schmelz Rechtsanwalte ensures that it maintains a good working environment, one that ultimately pulled it through the trials and tribulations of the Covid-19 pandemic’s worst impacts, despite the challenges this involved. It has been informed by a variety of its clients how the pandemic has impacted them personally, after all, with many of them facing significant limitations from their supply chains and the world’s distributions and delivery channels really only just recovering after tumult of 2020. Incoming orders from many clients can once again be processed without issue, but the industry as awholewill be feeling the ripple effects of the catastrophe for quite some time, meaning that companies such as Schmelz Rechtsanwalte have made themselves more of a partner than ever to its corporate clients in order to help them manage. This law firm, forever in its clients’ corner, has made itself an invaluable aid during a time of crisis, and it is still sticking determinedly by its clients impacted by distribution struggles as they recover their supply lines. After years of gradual growth – and even with the pandemic putting it on pause – this company is looking forward to further growth in the near future, with 2022 promising additional expansion that will allow it to take itself and its clients into the future. Diverse Clientele, Reliable Results n agile law firm, Schmelz Rechtsanwalte specialises in the field of civil law in particular. With its partner, Eva Schmelz, being one of the rising stars of family law, this law firm’s leading front-runner Dorian Schmelz has taken the helm in civil law with diligence and tenacity, cultivating an exemplary reputation as a foremost expert in real estate and association litigation. Fundamentally, Schmelz Rechtsanwalte’s clients span a wide and diverse spectrum of people. It represents both private clients and companies in matters of everything from family and inheritance law to commercial law and legal disputes in the corporate ecosystem that thrives in Germany; this has earned several high-prestige clients such as large landowners and property managers, as well as several health and pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, working in a sector such as law and litigation, it has been able to develop this reputation from the standard of its consultancy. Providing comprehensive and well-informed advice to its clients across the board, its staff are qualified, motivated, and exemplary, becoming Schmelz Rechtsanwalte’s greatest asset with their brilliant approach to both their work and the clients case in the macro scale. On a personal level, it is always on the lookout for fresh young talent, as it knows it is these young legal minds who will be shaping the future of the industry. Thus, it hires such fresh faces and trains them up within a culture of client-first litigation and legal advisory services, A Schmelz Rechtsanwalte, the ‘Leading Family and Divorce Lawyer of the Year’ for Austria, is a company working hard to serve a huge diversity of clients with exemplary legal advice and services. Making itself the backbone to its client’s familial legal structure – especially regarding inheritance and divorce settlement – as well as securing itself as a business partner for its corporate clientele, its efforts have secured its place as a leader in the delivery of exemplary legal services across a wide market segment. Company: Schmelz Rechtsanwalte Contact: Dorian Schmelz Website: