Issue 12 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 19 Sep21783 The Bank Supporting French Corporate Growth or 18 years, Pax Corporate Finance has been the bank at the fore of advising and supporting the French corporate ecosystem and its shareholders in fundraising, acquisitions, transfers, financing, and valuation expertise operations. Fundamentally, it has made itself the purveyor of a wide range of financial advisory services and one of the best in the business for the comprehensive and diligent nature of its services, each of which supports its entrepreneurs throughout the different phases of their company’s life cycle. In essence, it makes itself an invaluable and supportive partner to their business from beginning to end. Allowing it to do this is its incredible team. With each and every staff member being incredibly knowledgeable in their field, bringing a wide range of perspectives and methodologies to the table that align perfectly with Pax’s goals of total client satisfaction, its 25 collaborators have a broad portfolio of work between them. Cumulatively, they have carried out over 250 different transactions, securing Pax’s position as amongst the top benchmark investment banks. Having handled acquisitions and transitions in the past year alone for companies such as Innov’SA, KeeSystem, Nightingale, Azulis Capital, Socadif, and Adera Partners, its services have grown in renown naturalistically, gaining even more trust and respect in its field F with every client it serves. Therefore, with so many clients past and present willing to pass on recommendations and referrals to peers and colleagues on behalf of Pax, this firm sees its current growth trend only continuing as it moves forward towards the future, hoping to present many more companies with the PAX Corporate Finance tombstone and secure a relationship with them that will last into perpetuity. The tombstone itself, traditionally given to its clients at the conclusion of their transaction, has been designed in partnership with the Norman crystal maker Waltersperger. This craftsmanship company ensures that every trophy-like tombstone created is unique in its own way, as they are hand-crafted and tailor made, reflecting the commitment to quality that runs through every facet of Pax’s operations from top to bottom whilst also showing Pax’s gratitude to its clients for their trust. After all, it knows that by its very nature, its work relies on a client putting their faith in it, and it is proud to say that it has developed a penchant for the utmost reliability, proven by the number of successful transactions it has carried out in the past and continues to work on in the present. Company: Pax Corporate Finance Contact: Marie-Laure Falcoz Website: Having made itself the ‘Leading Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist IT Consultancy of the Year’ for France, Pax Corporate Finance has been thrust to prominence in its field. Critically, this banking firm’s work has ensured that every client who comes to it for aid in fundraising, transfers, financing, valuation expertise – and more – walks away perfectly satisfied and having achieved the most favourable result. This has allowed it to develop a huge network of business partners and corporate relationships over the years, allowing it to make itself a cornerstone of its industry.