Issue 12 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 23 Oct19539 Company: Hahnelt Consulting Contact: Michael Hahnelt Website: ounded by Michael Hahnelt eight years ago, Hahnelt Consulting is a beacon for qualified management consulting and interim management firms, driving success from concept development to implementation. Drawing on a wealth of expertise in finance, business processes, and know-how accumulated over more than thirty years of international work at the highest level, the team are committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve their goals. Hahnelt Consulting and his Team are frequently employed as interim CFO’s in private equity portfolio companies; most often in post merger integration projects. Hahnelt Consulting brings a vast wealth of experience in specific business transaction situations for private equity companies. With almost thirty years of international experience operating as chief financial officer at both board and management levels, owner Michael Hahnelt understands better than most the factors that lead to the success of companies. Bringing with it many years of spearheading best practices and securing success, the firm can guarantee that its clients enjoy the benefits of a consultancy that has an eye for the essentials of corporate affairs. Recognising and implementing processes for optimising a clients performance is just one of the core services that Hahnelt Consulting offers to its clients. Through these methods, small and medium-sized companies can experience increased value and competitiveness in just a few short months. A few months is not a long time to develop success, but the practice-oriented incorporation of facts, figures, and strategies can be of the utmost importance to the team in their targeted pursuit of rapidly secured success. Collaboration is key to the continued success of Hahnelt Consulting, as the firm work closely alongside its clients in the pursuit of excellence. Each project varies largely, and is dependent on what the client would most like rectifying. Whether it be securing commercial functions, CFO services, increased levels of efficiency, or operational realignment, Michael and his team work tirelessly to bring about fluid and meaningful transformation. Implementation of any transformation can be brought about through interim management that is chosen at the discretion of Hahnelt Consulting. Transformations can also be constantly in a state of flux and change for the duration of a project, as they are adapted to completely suit the requirements of a client. Interim managers can bring a treasure trove of experience from a myriad of sectors F Driven to ensure efficient commercial structures, German firm Hahnelt Consulting aims to strengthen the competitiveness of its SME clients. Whether it be short-term measures through consulting or long-term projects through an interim manager, this firm is committed to increasing efficiency and operational excellence in its clients. Discover why the firm has been named as the Leading SME Business Transformation and Development Consultancy of the Year as we take a closer look at its work. German Consultants Engineer Success within industrial manufacturing, and the team work with automotive, construction, mechanical engineering, chemical, renewable energy, and reprocessing firms to name just a few. The attractiveness of an interim manager lies in their ability to be flexible internationally. Often able to speak several languages, these individuals are familiar with multiple different cultures and can be involved with all parts of a business cycle. From start-ups to stabilisation, to early successful growth phases and growing through tough times, interimmanagers can step in at any time in a businesses journey, and offer their invaluable advice to help steer companies in the right direction. Having an interim manger can be the rudder that companies often need to guide them through reorganisations, restructurings, realignments, mergers, splits, shareholder changes, purchases, and sales or partial sales. Using interim managers in these situations can support clients in ongoing projects, and prove to be a major factor in securing success for the long-term. Hahnelt Consulting offer only the finest interim managers, able to cover all management tasks of an organisations, and master any challenge that is thrown their way. Overall, the team at Hahnelt Consulting bring an unparalleled level of knowledge and unrivalled consultation services to each and every client that the firm works with. Managing projects across various branches of industry, the team’s wisdom in offering the right advice and finding the right interim manager separates them from the competition as they look forward to bright and exciting future. In an industry where collaboration breeds success for all involved, Hahnelt Consulting and its staff are cultivating success at every turn.