Issue 12 2019

22 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 Oct19518 Delivering Diversity and Innovative Inclusivity Diversity is more a reality than it has ever been, and companies have to ensure that they remain diverse, inclusive and totally open to any workforce changes. With a vision of making the world a fairer place to work, DimenZion3 Global Solutions Pvt Ltd are the deserving recipient of Acquisition International’s Award for Excellence in Diversity Consulting – International. Discover more about the firm’s success as we profile their diverse range of diversity and inclusivity offerings. ffering holistic consulting and capability building, DimenZion3 are helping to make the world a better place for inclusivity and intercultural competency within the workplace. As a talent consultancy, the firm help enable organisations leverage workplace diversity and promote inclusion with a host of consulting, research, and development solutions. From conducting feasibility studies to designing and developing the programmes in-house, the firm operates across the whole board of workplace inclusivity services. Specialising as a diversity and inclusion consulting agency, DimenZion3 provides analytics, intelligence and development solutions to clients looking to increase inclusivity and diversity levels. The way that the firm encourages this is through data collection, expert consultations, and training programmes which all offer insight and subject matter knowledge related to various elements of diversity. Whether it be gender, disabled persons, LGBTQ+ persons, age, nationality, or cultural background, diversity can take many forms, and this firm are helping encourage it all over the world. Helping clients build, drive and sustain an organization rich in talent across gender, age, nationality and physical abilities, the work of DimenZion3 is truly outstanding. Consultants partner with clients by endeavouring to understand unique diversity strategies, analysing needs of the organisation, and drawing up programs that are simple yet effective with a broad reach. More than just the creation of programmes however, the consultants stay and work with clients to evaluate the effectiveness of those programmes over sustained periods of time. As well as the consultations and programmes designed to increase and improve inclusive diversity, the firm also conduct client-specific audits, studies and research to help with data and analysis that is O required to meet certain diversity goals. DimenZion3 consistently offer capability development and knowledge-building solutions in the form of various workshops, covering a myriad of topics. These topics have included unconscious bias, women in leadership, intercultural competency development, gender sensitivity, and managerial development. The primary advantage that DimenZion3 Global Solutions Pvt Ltd offers to clients is the closeness to client realities, and how it can address the painfully-clear disparities still present in workplaces. Where clients are willing to customise the workplace experience, making it more inclusive and diverse, the firm’s unorthodox and mould-breaking methods provide the perfect opportunity to do so. With clients belonging to almost every industrial sector and market, the team of capable staff and experts at DimenZion3 have an impeccable sense of flexibility coupled with outstanding knowledge. Working alongside clients from sectors such as automobile, IT, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, banking, and insurance, the staff play a critical role in furthering a client’s strategic objectives through development of marketing and administrative activities. Recognising the opportunities for exponential growth in the future, DimenZion3 boasts an ambitious growth strategy. Now fully-immersed in the process of putting together a global expansion strategy together, the firm expects to be a key global player by the end of 2020, renowned for its capability, competence, and visionary ideas. Listening is undoubtedly one of the most key aspects of consulting, and it is one of the things that DimenZion3 Global Solutions Pvt Ltd does in remarkable abundance. Whether looking to augment an already diverse organisation, or crossing the threshold into building a diverse workforce, clients can rely on the firm’s ability to create and implement solutions that maximise diversity and inclusion. Delivering on the promise of insightful consulting, impactful results, and inspiring workplaces, it is no wonder that DimenZion3 Global Solutions Pvt Ltd has been recognised for its excellence in diversity consulting on an international level. With plans to further leverage opportunities in the areas of research, design and development, global diversity within the workplace is set to become even more widespread, and that can only be a good thing. Company: DimenZion3 Global Solutions Pvt Ltd Contact: Shrivallabh Kulkarni | Hema K Contact Email: Website: