Issue 12 2019

24 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 Oct19333 Technology is fast becoming an integral part of daily life across all industries and sectors. Leveraging it and using it to create applications fuelled by artificial intelligence, is just one of the ways in which the App Orchid is helping enterprises ensure their future in an ever-evolving world. Operating in the technologically brilliant Silicon Valley, discover how this firm has become America’s most innovative enterprise AI platform-as-a-service company of 2019. ith technology moving faster and advancing quicker than ever before, it is imperative that technology firms and platforms move just as quick in order to offer the best service. That is exactly what App Orchid has done, having been ranked as the second fastest growing company in the technology capital of the world, Silicon Valley by Deloitte. A platform to help enterprises build AI-fuelled apps for a variety of different industries, App Orchid is utilising the technology of today to prepare for the future of tomorrow. Unlike many AI companies that still are in experimental or POC mode with their applications, App Orchid has over 20 AI-powered apps in production at Fortune 1000 enterprises. The App Orchid platform leverages deep learning and natural language processing, coupled with industry-specific content delivered through knowledge graphs to create powerful and predictive apps that are as innovative as they are exciting. Using exciting and ingenious new technology, the apps can help identify patterns, risks and opportunities that would have been previously impossible with traditional analytical tools. With rapid deployment, low-cost implementation, and minimal organisational disruption, App Orchid can help all manner of enterprises and industries achieve their digital transformation goals. App Orchid has helped enterprises build solutions on their AI platform that can address a myriad of issues, including mitigating revenue loss, predicting customer grievance, and decreasing safety incidents. Each of the innovative enterprise apps that are created falls into one of four areas: AssetThink, CustomerThink, PeopleThink, and DocuThink. AssetThink helps companies to optimise asset management and performance. Bringing together all the relevant data, the intuitive user interface gives users a snapshot of it all within a single pane, enabling them to access data insights like never before. CustomerThink allows customer-facing employees to quickly anticipate customer issues and recommend actions in real time. These apps provide employees with an all-encompassing look at customer data and give them greater insight into how to solve problems. DocuThink helps enterprises extract data and apply machine learning algorithms for functions that previously had to be done manually. Continuously improving results, DocuThink works over time to make recommendations that will save significant amounts of manual effort. Finally, PeopleThink helps enterprises mitigate risk whilst improving the productivity levels of employees. By working with data from a wealth of sources, the apps within PeopleThink can anticipate people- related issues and make recommendations in real time. The UI gives employees all the relevant data, and real time alerts whether they are in the office or in the field. W The four key areas of app development are just the primary way in which App Orchid separate themselves from the competition. Standing head and shoulder above the AI-focused competition, the firm’s ability to build AI-powered predictive apps in as little as 6-12 weeks with no replacement of systems and no coding has seen it become one of the best seamless and non-disruptive firms of its kind. Developing AI-powered apps has never been so simple. In the six years since the platform’s formation, it has continued to be one of the fastest-growing AI companies across the entirety of the United States. Identifying the right features to implement into its platform, and enabling enterprises to develop game-changing apps that are helping thousands of users and countless businesses; App Orchid represents the absolute zenith of technological prowess being used to better serve humanity. Company: App Orchid Contact: Amrita Joshi Website: “In the six years since the platform’s formation, it has continued to be one of the fastest- growing AI companies across the entirety of the United States.” Preparing For The Future