Issue 10 2023

Aug22499 24 | Acquisition International, Issue 10 2023 Aug23655 Expert, Efficient, and Ethical Family Law Advice ounded in 2007, Chauveau Mulon & Associes is committed to standing with its clients in every stage of their life, providing them with patrimonial and extra-patrimonial advice that serves their best interests and needs. The firm strives to assist them when a crisis arises, helping them resolve the issue by negotiating an exit or defending themselves when necessary. The lawyers at Chauveau Mulon & Associes are united by a common vision: providing personalised support, establishing trusting relationships, and demonstrating an unfailing respect for ethics in their provision of expert legal advice. As individuals, the team at Chauveau Mulon & Associes each have a strong background in the legal profession, enabling them to effectively support and assist clients in all matters related to family law. With in-depth expertise that encompasses all areas of the field, the team are well-equipped to help clients define a legal and asset strategy that best suits their personal situation. Chauveau Mulon & Associes understands that the specificity of family, personal, and property law requires significant responsiveness and immediate advice, so it offers clients rapid assistance and constant availability. This is facilitated by the teamwork of the firm’s dedicated lawyers, who are always attentive to the needs of their clients. They strive to be available, responsive, and efficient whenever urgent matters arise. When clients choose to work with Chauveau Mulon & Associes, their business will be monitored by a team that consists of an associate and a collaborator. Depending on the complexity of their case, the partner will hire a collaborator with appropriate expertise in the related field. At Chauveau Mulon & Associes, the associate and collaborative lawyers operate with varying hourly rates, depending on their level of experience. Therefore, the cost of the legal services incurred by the client is calculated based on the time spent carrying out all the services necessary to achieve the client’s objectives. These costs also apply to any other procedures carried out by the firm, including appointments, telephone interviews, letters, emails, file studies, analysis of documents, drafting of documents, and hearings. Moreover, a success fee may be offered, depending on the financial issues presented by the file. In this instance, hourly rates are reduced and supplemented by a result fee, which is calculated based on a percentage applied to the overall sum obtained by the client. Furthermore, every invoice sent to the client by Chauveau Mulon & Associes is accompanied by a due diligence statement. This keeps them regularly informed on the progress of their invoicing, providing them with the opportunity to discuss any concerns they have with the firm. As a result of the exceptional services provided by its team, Chauveau Mulon & Associes has been awarded Most Outstanding Family Law Firm, Paris, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. We are thrilled to congratulate the firm on this accomplishment and wish it the best of luck in all its endeavours. Contact: Morghân Peltier Company: Chauveau Mulon & Associes Web Address: Based in Paris, Chauveau Mulon & Associes is a law firm that primarily operates in the fields of family, personal, and property law, with a focus on offering advice, litigation, and amicable solutions approved by the competent court. For its exceptional services, the firm has been awarded Most Outstanding Family Law Firm, Paris, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. F