Issue 10 2023

Issue 10 2023, Acquisition International | 25 positioning. Kelly has authored five books and already has plans for her next. Her franchise also includes the award-winning Go Legal Yourself!® Podcast, where she interviews experts to hear their success stories and glean advice for the audience. Kelly’s most recent business is a coaching company, Pitbulls ‘n Pearls, named after her own beloved Pitbulls. This is a one-stop coaching experience for all-around success in business and in life. While all her enterprises help entrepreneurs achieve business success, Kelly founded Pitbulls ‘n Pearls to help them achieve a healthy, satisfying personal life as well. Pitbulls ‘n Pearls brings together groups of successful entrepreneurs (Pack Leaders) who conduct master classes for entrepreneurs who want a thriving business and a healthy life. One of the master coaches herself, Kelly finds great satisfaction in helping other business owners live the dream through this 360-degree coaching company. Growing Recognition Kelly is honored by the growing recognition she is receiving in the U.S. and abroad, including being recognized as the Women of Influence in Law 2023 winner by San Diego Business Journal, and among the Top 10 Most Prestigious & Trusted Legal Leaders in 2022. Now, Bagla Law Firm has seen well-deserved success, too, within the AI Leading Adviser Awards 2023, alongside previous accolades including Business Law Firm of the Year in California, and being included in The Most Trusted Law Firms to Watch in 2021 by The Business Fame. “Awards are one indication that I am providing the quality of service and expertise that business owners need. And I am grateful to be recognized,” Kelly comments. “But, honestly, my deepest reward is the satisfaction I get by helping other entrepreneurs achieve their own success… while doing what I love to do!” Kelly indeed loves what she does. She is a dynamo and a creative visionary who continually generates ideas for improving and expanding her enterprises to better serve her clients. Happy Place Kelly and husband, Brent live in San Diego with her three beautiful dogs, “the girls”. “While I am always accessible to my VIP clients, Brent and I regularly set aside time to hang out together with the girls. That is my happy place!” Kelly says with a big smile. Contact Details Company: Bagla Law Firm Contact: Kelly Bagla Website: Queen of Business Law International advisory expert and 2023 winner of the Global Law Experts, Kelly Bagla, Esq. provides expert legal counsel to domestic and international clients, advising business owners on how to navigate the legalities of starting, running, and exiting a business. Affectionately called, “Queen of Business Law”®, Kelly is known for treating each client like royalty as she helps them to protect their assets through legal strategies. Kelly came to the U.S. as an immigrant seeking the American dream. Since, she has founded Bagla Law Firm, established multiple business enterprises, and created the life of her dreams. Kelly has made it her mission to help other entrepreneurs reach their own success, not only through her legal practice, but also via her best-selling books, online Do-It-Yourself legal forms company, business coaching company, as well as her professional speaking and media appearances. Beginning her career working at the world’s largest law firm, Kelly gained invaluable experience and guidance from the world’s best. She has always had a heart for entrepreneurs (like her own father), and knew that she could better serve business owners with the personal attention and transparent fee structure a boutique law firm could offer. As an ambitious young lawyer, she left the mega law firm and branched out to form Bagla Law, APC., now in business for 14 years. Her firm assists clients with business formation, asset protection, mergers, acquisitions, trademarks, and a full boutique of legal services to fulfill the needs of entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, and international businesses. Onto the World Stage Having come to the U.S. with dreams of her own, Kelly is now in the position to help foreign business owners tap into the Land of Opportunity as she did. She states, “I have always said that it takes a business owner to understand the needs of another business owner. I will add that it takes someone who has successfully entered the U.S. market to understand the needs of someone who wants to do the same!” Kelly’s latest book, ‘Doing Business in the United States’ is an overview of the legal guidance she provides her own foreign-based clients planning to enter the U.S. market. The guide includes some of the key aspects of doing business and setting up in the United States. In addition is a brief review of the U.S. legal system and some of the laws most relevant to doing business in the country. The book provides a great starting point for any business entering the U.S. market. Helping Entrepreneurs Live the Dream Each of the Bagla enterprises informs, equips, and inspires entrepreneurs to live their own dream. Kelly’s online Do-It-Yourself legal protection company, Go Legal Yourself!®, empowers entrepreneurs to handle their own formation and growth with the right legal documents. Her best-selling book by the same title has helped countless business owners to assess and readjust their legal Bagla Law Firm, APC is an award-winning law firm specializing in business formation, asset protection, and a full boutique of legal services for businesses. The firm has become a leading expert in helping foreign-based companies enter the U.S. market. Now named as our Leading Business Formation Adviser of the Year - Southern California, we learn more about the astonishing success of the firm and its owner, Kelly Bagla. Aug23409