Issue 10 2023

Issue 10 2023, Acquisition International | 23 Enriching and Empowering Communities unton Environmental is all about restoring and protecting our world, beginning with construction industry build sites. It wants to challenge traditional ways of thinking in the industry by continuously developing new ideas to help solve complicated problems such as ground contamination. It employs unique technology to provide clients with cost effective and sustainable solutions to ground remediation and waste management. Its mission is to give life, create opportunities, and regenerate vital natural resources, supporting and empowering local economies. Dunton cares about making the world a better place, whilst providing added value to clients, and doing the right thing within a working environment that is safe and enriching. It wants to bring the world to life with its sustainable construction projects. This might involve safely regenerating waste material to help power the nation, or restoring land so it can sustain wildlife and encourage flourishing communities, uplifting and beautifying the places we call home. Dunton wants to help heal and regenerate environments so that businesses and people all across the globe can prosper today, and tomorrow. Its overarching aim is to enrich and empower communities for years to come. Dunton is part of a worldwide specialist engineering group known as Soletanche Freyssinet, which means there are very few ground and waste related problems it can’t help to solve. Providing cost effective solutions for brownfield regeneration and waste management is a given, as is putting the environment first in all of its business dealings. Dunton considers itself to be a custodian of the planet, with a focus on protecting green spaces, restoring derelict sites, and enabling the reuse and redevelopment of abandoned or underutilised ‘brownfield’ sites. Dunton Environmental operates several bespoke waste treatment facilities, designed to receive and handle hazardous waste, which would otherwise find its way to landfill. Its unique method enables hazard removal in a sustainable fashion, allowing treated waste to be re-introduced to the construction industry as a recycled product. Dunton has in effect created a closed loop recycling solution, thus reducing the overall impact of waste on the market. It is fully green in all of its operations, compliant with regulatory guidelines, and offers waste management solutions that simply aren’t available anywhere else. The fantastic work Dunton is achieving as land remediation experts is well underway, with 5 major landfill projects regenerated over the previous 5 years. The cost-effective, environmentally sustainable methods it used to bring theses former derelict sites forward for regeneration is making it a market leader in this (complex) type of work. Simultaneously, it is also expanding its network of waste treatment facilities across the UK to enable local solutions to land regeneration and waste management challenges. Furthermore, it is developing new technology to deal with a wide range of pollutants and contaminates, which will help divert even more waste from landfill through the provision of a welcome, sustainable alternative. Dunston Environmental has been building its reputation for sustainability within the waste management/land regeneration sector for 17 years, and has become well known for its proactive, value-adding creative ideas. It has many success stories under its belt, with generally speaking the earlier it is involved in helping clients overcome waste and brownfield development challenges the better. Its expertise can help to save clients’ money with tried and tested solutions that work. In a sector that’s heavily regulated, Dunston’s track record of environmental and safety compliance reassures clients, and provides them with peace of mind. And that’s not where it ends for this outstanding company. Looking to the future, it already has a new technology in development for soil washing contaminated waste. This should enable it to treat heavy metal waste currently requiring direct disposal at landfill. It hopes this will be up and running by the end of 2024. It is also exploring the use of AI to provide a faster, more streamlined customer experience and operation. We simply can’t wait to see where such remarkable ideas are going to lead this terrific waste management company next, and we truly wish it the best of luck. Company: Dunton Environmental Web Address: Contact Name: Neil Roe Dunton Environmental is a company that specialises in land remediation and waste management. It can provide effective solutions for clients, particularly those with complex ground and contamination problems on development sites. As the winner of Best Waste Management Services Provider 2023 – Midlands, we were interested to find out more about just how this company operates. D Aug23336 “ To us, a sustainable environment isn’t optional. It’s monumental to our global welfare today and for generations to come. “