Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 73 hroughout her role as LMC’s head of marketing and PR, Nina has accumulated a multitude of skillsets that allow her to apply herself to each and every one of LMC’s brand awareness needs. From communicating company values, to creating good vibes for its products with both customers and dealers in mind, Nina lends a certain brilliance to the role that allows LMC to really flourish under her watchful eye. Alongside her team, Nina manages everything associated with the LMC brand, and holds its incredibly close to her heart. Not only does she oversee the appearances of LMC products in classic trade magazines, but she also ensures that every one of LMC’s social media channels is up to date and ready to inform customers and dealers alike of the new progressions within the company. In addition, she also sees that the presentation of LMC’s products are beyond exceptional, be it in at its dealers’ yards or at large scale trade fairs. Her role truly is invaluable, and it shines through the work that she accomplishes between herself and her team. She guarantees that every person she works alongside is as enthusiastic and excited about LMC’s products as she is, which all culminates in a marketing department that genuinely holds the products it’s helping to sell in high regard. This, combined with a mutual passion to overcome any and all challenges posed by the industry, grants Nina with a unique insight into how to best conduct herself and her team within the marketing sphere. When we asked Nina what she believed her biggest achievement was within her career, she had this to say: “The greatest success that I can record in my career is to have a team around me that enjoys its job and is committed to driving our brand forward. To see that the team shows commitment and that everyone contributes their own opinion and ideas is invaluable for me and my work.”. Nina’s passion shines through both her work and her team, and really stands as a testament to her commitment to LMC’s success. The marketing industry is seeing an increase in female presence as the years progress, and it’s wonderful to witness a multitude of T women slotting into the leadership roles that they were destined for. In Nina’s case, despite her personal success, she frequently takes the time to uplift other women within the field. She advises all manner of businesswomen to be seen in their roles, and to not be afraid of showing what they can do. All of this combined makes for an incredible woman who’s able to merge passion and professionalism into a perfect blend. Nina’s prowess in her field is only made possible through the hard work and dedication that she applies to her role, and with such a steadfast adoration for LMC, there’s no doubt that the company will only continue to thrive as a result of Nina’s marvellous marketing. If you’re going to travel across the country, you’d better do it in style. That’s what LMC Caravan (LMC) is here for – it manufactures recreational vehicles in the caravan, motorhome, and campervan segments with utility and comfort in mind. And, thanks to over 65 years of experience in caravanning, it has all of the necessary means to deliver an experience unlike any other. And, at the forefront of its marketing team is Nina Wesselmann - the beating heart of everything LMC has to offer. Most Influential Vehicle Marketing Businesswomen 2023 (North RhineWestphalia): Nina Wesselmann Contact: Nina Wesselmann Company: LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG Web Address: Jun23151