Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

72 Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 Jun23203 Insurance Marketing Specialist of the Year 2023 (UK): Zoe Davenport Barrett Corp & Harrington Ltd specialise in buildings Reinstatement Valuations for commercial properties, blocks of flats, residential properties, listed buildings, farms, and estates. Here we explore its work as its Head of Marketing, Zoe Davenport, wins her title in the Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023. arrett Corp & Harrington Ltd (BCH) ensures each Reinstatement Valuation is carried out in an expert fashion, with each assessment format being done in the most efficient and professional way possible. Zoe Davenport says, “A Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA) the RICS compliant way of valuing a building for complete replacement in the event of a total loss. This figure, used by insurers, is called a Declared Value and is the basis from which an insurer calculates an insurance premium.” Striving to keep Declared Values accurate, BCH delivers solutions which keep everything running smoothly for insurers and brokers. This accuracy is essential. If Declared Values are too high, policy holders could be overpaying for their insurance premium. Set too low, the Declared Value might not cover the cost of a reinstatement post loss, resulting in the insurer not covering the total cost of the claim. “Our mission at BCH is to ensure as many buildings insurance policy holders as possible are accurately insured. Our buildings insurance is tested at the time we need it most. With our property often being our largest and most valuable asset, the prospect of uncovering underinsurance post loss and a policy holder discovering they have insufficient cover in place can be devastating.” BCH is staying ahead of the curve by using specialist technology such as AI. As it partners with tech startups and uses AI solutions, it is increasing its capacity for data and innovation that has been more unavailable in the past. Zoe contributes her experience on a daily basis, utilising her passion and person-centred attitude, while still driving solutions for the growth of the business. Zoe has worked for BCH first in 2009, following her graduation and before starting her graduate role working for Tesco Property, where she worked on new space feasibility and land acquisition. She tells us, “I returned to BCH as a surveyor in January 2013 and worked surveying blocks of flats, commercial buildings and High Net Worth Homes. My role became more client facing in 2015 and in 2019 I was appointed as Head of Marketing. “It is no accident I returned to BCH. Working in conglomerates and multinationals often felt like I had little autonomy to influence positive change with many of these environments fostering superficial career progression rather than actual ownership and responsibility.” “I’m a female surveyor working in financial services. I have very unintentionally combined construction and finance, arguably the two most male dominated industries in the UK. Fortunately, my experience of both industries is that they are meritocracies, both offering a platform for progression to anyone who would like to engage with them.” B With experience in male dominated professional realms, Zoe has seen tremendous changes within the UK – and beyond. These industries have presented a myriad of challenges for people everywhere, however, Zoe tells us, “I would say that the challenges here are present to everyone. The largest challenge when setting out in a career is finding something that aligns with your interests and offers the variation you need to remain engaged.” Zoe has built her career upon a solid foundation of passion, drive, and dedication to growth – both for herself and BCH. Winning Insurance Marketing Specialist of the Year 2023, UK, Zoe has gained recognition for her in-depth knowledge and experience within the field. She extends her advice to not only women, but to all: “My advice to anyone in a professional arena is to be open and direct. Communication is key whether you’re asking your line manager for a salary review or explaining a delay or variation to a client.” For the short term future, Zoe wants to continue being a “catalyst for other people’s growth and development,” which she finds incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. She also shares, “We have some proposals for legislative change that would protect more vulnerable policy holders that I hope we can deliver in the next 24 months. Beyond that, I’m really looking forward to being instrumental in the scaling of business!” With that notion, we are sure to see Barrett Corp & Harrington Ltd, and Zoe, flourish in the years to come. Contact: Zoe Davenport Company: Barrett Corp & Harrington Ltd Web Address: