Global Green Business Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 11 Nov21287 Best Biopesticides Production Company - UK With an increased recognition for its rapid growth in identifying, registering, producing, and providing biocontrol products, AlphaBio Control, has been awarded the Best Biopesticides Production Company within the UK. The company’s robust research and development efforts aided in developing biopesticides that are all derived from natural sources. Initially established as an Anglo-Italian company, AlphaBio has fourteen team members in offices across Suffolk, Cambridge, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium. ike the best of all partnerships, the creation of AlphaBio Control was initiated when co-founders Iain Fleming and Alfeo Vecchi were introduced through a mutual friend and, in a short space of time, an instant connection towards innovation and environmental concern was discovered. Alfeo and Iain began to discuss the enormous pressures that the global agriculture system was under to produce an abundance highquality food. Thus, the issues that had to be worked against were the pressures of containing environmental footprints such as weather extremes arising from climate change, an increase in global population and concerns about the erosion of its natural capital and biodiversity. Co-Founder Iain Fleming explains, “We believed that the future of food and biomaterial production could be significantly improved, especially if suitably effective, low environmental impact pest and disease control tools that were not derived from petrochemicals were brought to the market.” Over ten years later, AlphaBio is doing precisely that – aiding the world in a shift away from petrochemicalbased pesticides to low-environmental impact, naturally sourced bio-pesticides. AlphaBio has been a rapidly growing company since the commercialisation of its first product, FLiPPER® , a bio-insecticide with an ultra-low environmental impact used by organic and conventional farmers alike to control insects that eat crops or spread plant diseases which can be difficult to control. Shortly after the success of its first creation, AlphaBio developed MiSSiTO® , a bio-herbicide derived from sunflower oil. “MiSSiTO® will hit the market later this year and will control a broad spectrum of annual grasses and weeds, making it an effective bio-herbicide with multiple sector use opportunities,” states Iain. Bio-pesticides are customarily linked to organic food production, where farmers tend to be limited with their options to control pests and diseases. Interesting non-organic farmers is difficult as biopesticides are generally less effective compared to their synthetic equivalences. However, AlphaBio products are different due to their benefits on greener agriculture. AlphaBio products are a safe, effective treatment for aphids and the diseases they spread – leaving zero amounts of residue on crops which have proven popular within processors and retailers due to this L and its low impact on pollinators and other beneficial insects. Within biocontrol, there are several competitors in the market; however, AlphaBio is unmatched by its peers due to its unwavering commitment to research and development. Iain explains, “Many companies identify and perhaps characterise novel natural products which have interesting properties relevant to pest or disease control in food production. Most will then either sell or license them to another company to take such a product through the complex and expensive process of getting regulatory approval for the use of such products. AlphaBio does all of these processes itself, achieves regulatory approval for its products and then licenses the product to a third party for sales and marketing activity. This way, not only does it properly understand its product portfolio, but it also gains credibility in the market as a serious company and extracts the maximum value from its portfolio.” The company’s research and development efforts regarding its products have already had a substantial and significant impact on the market, having been licenced by Bayer Crop Science, the largest crop protection company worldwide, as its global distribution partner. Overall, AlphaBio aims to continue its leading role in the vital change that is shifting from synthetic inputs within the mark. With rigorous research and development, the company is able to provide growers with highly effective, low impact tools needed to protect crops from seed to post-harvest. Its safe and effective bio-pesticides are part of the future for agriculture and can be used in an environmentally responsible way with close to a net-zero carbon position. Using plant photosynthetic processes, AlphaBio develops products that can be easily broken down in the environment, contributing to a virtuous circular economy. Productive agriculture but better. Company Name: AlphaBio Control Contact Name: Dr Julian Little Web Address: Contact Email: