Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022 11 Best Financial & Banking Technology Infrastructure CFO (Brazil): Rafael Cardoso As one of Brazil’s leading financial companies, Celcoin has developed notoriety in a variety of different ways. Pioneering financial services and banking technology infrastructure through APIs. Made possible by the exemplary individuals that form its leadership team including financial mastermind Rafael Cardoso, it adopts a unique multichannel strategy on its segment and allows clients to offer innovative experiences in their applications both online and offline. Mar22567 aving made itself a pioneer in financial banking, banking technology, infrastructure, Open Finance, and more, Celcoin’s APIs and solutions impact more than 11 million Brazilians each month. Nominally, it allows its companies to connect to the financial world in a manner that is simple, quick, and nonbureaucratic, allowing customers to enjoy innovative experiences and to focus their efforts on the core of their businesses. Able to work around a company’s existing processes and infrastructure, its lack of bloatware and unnecessary jargon enable a quick, efficient, and cost-effective process that combines finance and banking into a single structure. With ‘the entire financial ecosystem in one place’, this API-based technological provider can connect a client to upwards of 1300 banks, fintechs, utilities, operators, and 50,000 physical withdrawal and deposit points. Fundamentally, its core is creating a trustworthy, reliable, and beating heart for open finance within Brazil that will inspire the worldwide industry, working hard to keep its strategy a multi-channel one that welcomes all manner of client for transaction API provision, physical network API, open banking API, and more, applying itself to a variety of different needs. Among its clients, it has more than 22 banks – 10 of which are publicly traded companies – alongside dozens of fintechs, 7 of which are ‘unicorn’ level companies and true pioneers of innovation. Critically, such excellence has been earned thanks to the processes that the founders have set up. Celcoin boasts several industry-leading minds at the very top of its business, including its Chief Financial Officer, Rafael Cardoso. As a gifted executive mind, investor, board member, and professor, he studied at the Universidade de São Paulo to earn his both Bachelor’s and Master´s degree in Accounting in 2010 and 2015, something which gave him the basis of knowledge to start a career in financial market. The role in Celcoin became the natural progression of the excellence he was already developing amongst his peers; in starting the company, he has been able to use his intelligence, adaptability, and innovation in order to continually steer it in the right direction. Therefore, even in the face of global industrial change thanks to the tumult of the past few years, Celcoin is thriving, and will continue to do so long into the future. H Company: Celcoin Contact: Rafael Cardoso Website: