Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022

10 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022 Therefore, 2022 is expected to bring more clients, more coverage, and lots more games to work on! Jorge says, “Our plan is to continue to grow Vicarious PR into the PR, marketing, and social media powerhouse we know it can be. We’re ensuring that Vicarious PR is set up for success now and for a long time to come.” To conclude our chat with Jorge, he shares the following advice: “Don’t let your dreams be memes. Trust in yourself and what you want to accomplish. Always remember that you don’t dream the same thing every night, so that means your IRL dreams can always change, too. Be flexible and you’ll be wherever you’re meant to be.” Company: Vicarious PR Contact: Jorge Gaspar Email: Website: Gaming PR & Marketing CFO of the Year 2022: Jorge A Gaspar icarious PR is a proactive team of former game journalists, influencers, and content creators who value creativity and innovation, and always utilise the latest PR and marketing methodologies in their projects. It always tries to go above and beyond for each of its partners, with its overriding commitments being results and customer service. The company’s story began in 2017 with two-man team, Jorge and co-founder and CEO, Michael Brown. Jorge tells us that being a start-up company has been an ongoing challenge since day one. He says, “In the beginning, it was just Michael and I running all the campaigns and social media for our clients. The work was done alongside trying to plan how our business could grow and reach its true potential. There were lots of long hours worked, but it was all worth it in the end.” Jorge A Gaspar is a journalist, reviewer, editor, and writer who has more than ten years’ experience in operations, data analytics, and business intelligence. He holds an MBA from CSUSM, an MD from UABC, and is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, in addition to being a certified data scientist. He was nominated in 2018 for the Top Tech Exec Awards in San Diego. In the workplace, Jorge’s view is that you should trust your fellow executives, and more importantly, your employees! Speaking about his employees, he says, “Give them the tools they need to succeed, both in work and in life, and everyone wins. Profits are important, but keep in mind that we’re all human – with needs, wants, and feelings. Be an empathetic human first and a business owner second.” When it comes to leading, Jorge believes in setting his team up for success through strong workflow processes and then letting them dictate what happens from there. Ultimately, they are the ones who are able to give the best opinions regarding their own workflows. Meanwhile, not only is being a start-up business a challenge, but Vicarious PR has been tested by the COVID-19 pandemic as it has caused lots of game delays – and led to clients postponing or even cancelling services from the agency. However, the team is diligently working on procuring new clients and its own stellar reputation allows it to bring on new clients rapidly once it has the capacity to work with them. V Vicarious PR is a leading international award-winning video game PR and marketing agency run by former game journalists. Its one mission is to provide the best PR and marketing solutions for game developers, publishers, and tech companies around the globe. Its focus is on game PR and community growth campaigns as well as assisting interactive entertainment companies in corporate and product communications. In light of CFO, Jorge A Gaspar’s success within the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022, we got in touch with him to learn more about the agency and his career. Mar22491