Cyber Security 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Cyber Security Awards 17 Company: Hexegic Name: George Patterson Address: Room 1225, City Point, Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9HT Telephone Number: 0870 7622111 | Web Address: Email: Hexegic is a knowledge-based technology consultancy with a presence in London, Oxfordshire and The Hague. We invited George Patterson to tell us more about the firm and the range of services it provides. riginally established in 2009, Hexegic previously focussed upon supporting the defence sector and UK government. Last year, Hexegic began a deliberate expansion into the private sector. Today its target is high-performing companies within the regulated industries of finance, bio-technology and others with defensible intellectual property. Hexegic is a relatively new entrant to the market but benefits from several important accreditations and offers innovative products, services and ways of working. The company has recently been certified by the National Cyber Security Centre for the delivery of cyber risk assessment and risk management services. George is proud to discuss the firm’s work in more detail and explore how this has evolved into the offering it provides today. “Hexegic’s offer to the private sector is focused on cyber security, initially based upon accredited risk assessment and risk management engineering advice and the provision of secure managed services. Hexegic has supported the UK government for a decade and has established a strong reputation for delivery, quality and expertise in this very demanding sector. “Many of the people who make up the team here at Hexegic are either ex-Armed Forces or have considerable experience of supporting high threat operations in the UK and overseas. They bring the dedication and professionalism that they demonstrated in this work to every client they serve. We know that our people will take responsibility for overcoming any challenges they are presented, and as such our clients can rely on us to meet their needs in this constantly evolving market.” Discussing this latest development for the firm, George explores how it is seeking to drive these new markets to success through its solutions. “Here at Hexegic we have been developing an innovative and unique cyber risk management platform for around 18 months and this has recently been soft-launched. We were awarded an Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership – sponsored EU Development Fund Grant (Innovation Support for Business) to assist with the launch. The platform, VueRisk, combines Hexegic’s cyber security expertise with a risk management methodology used across hazardous industries such as Oil & Gas and Aviation. The intent of VueRisk is to help leadership teams to better understand and manage cyber risk. Importantly, it shows that the management of any cyber risk requires a much broader approach than simply procuring the latest hardware or software. “Alongside this new solution, Hexegic also delivers secure managed IT services to innovative companies in the financial sector. The intent is to further expand our services and reputation in this service provision. Best Cyber Security & Risk Solutions Firm - Europe O Specifically, we aim to bring our expertise in risk management, cyber security consultancy and secure managed IT services, developed and refined in the defence space, into the commercial arena.” As he looks to the future George is optimistic that Hexegic can achieve its ambitious targets and lead the market thanks to its innovative solutions and expert team. “Ultimately, at Hexegic our vision is a bold one: we aim to be the UK’s leading SME for cyber security services and technical consulting across Government and high performing businesses. We will achieve this by offering domain expertise, accredited services and innovative systems, underpinned by an explicit ethos of shared interest. “In the private sector we are currently working towards a very high quality and comprehensive cyber security offer. This will span across risk assessment and management, the design and provision of managed services and, finally, a cyber incident response capability. These developments will drive Hexegic and our clients towards even greater success over the years to come.”