Cyber Security 2019

18 Acquisition International - 2019 Cyber Security Awards With more than 16 years’ experience in the market, VigiTrust is able to provide its clients with award-winning SaaS services and solutions. Through VigiOne, its integrated risk management platform, the firm enables organizations to achieve, maintain and continuously monitor compliance with industry standards and laws, as we found out when we profile it and share the secrets behind its success. VigiTrust Ltd: Best Information Security & Data Compliance Solutions Provider 2019 working with and for their clients. Both internally and externally the firm works hard to promote collaboration, ensuring a fully supportive working environment for staff and exceptional service for clients. By partnering with clients and working with them constantly, VigiTrust knows how to adapt to their clients’ needs and always strives to deliver the most complete experience there is for its customers in a timely manner. More than a mere seller, VigiTrust collaborates with its clients, assesses their needs and offers advice and appropriate solutions where and when required. This diligent approach has enabled VigiTrust to secure the confidence of many new and existing customers, such as AccorHotels, an international client with which it created an official case study. No matter how big or small they may be, VigiTrust’s clients know they can rely on this dynamic and innovative firm to provide it with the support and service they need to remain compliant and ahead of emerging market developments. Looking to the future, VigiTrust aims to continue to innovate and create new features for its VigiOne IRM platform. VigiTrust has established an aggressive and complete roadmap to secure new international clients and to expand further in Asia, Europe and North America with the help of the new partnerships the firm made throughout 2018, especially in the Education, Hospitality and Healthcare areas. These developments and this collaborative approach will ensure the firm’s ongoing success over the years to come. ince its inception in 2003, VigiTrust has provided an integrated risk management platform to its clients, called VigiOne. From the very beginning VigiTrust’s main goal has been to help their customers become compliant to a number of security standards in the payment card industry. To that end, VigiTrust created VigiOne, a unique and customizable SaaS platform, the purpose of which is to guide its clients towards complete compliance. In addition, VigiTrust has created a number of eLearning courses in order to educate its customers and their staff on the best security practices in regard to various data security standards, from Vendor Risk Management to PCI DSS and GDPR. These online courses supplement our platform quite nicely and help assess and appraise the importance of data protection. Today VigiOne features a multi-level dashboard with exportable live statistics, trends and charts. This innovative solution also includes an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) that allows the tracking and measurement of security awareness training. This allows clients to map policies and procedures and controls to regulations and standards, facilitate information gathering as well as even generating up-to-date, customizable, automated reporting and analysis. Additionally, VigiTrust also provides customized eLearning to clients based on security and compliance related matters, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, Vendor Risk Management, etc. From the moment it starts working with a new client the firm aims to provide them with innovative solutions that will meet their needs. As such, whenever VigiTrust works on a new project or with a new customer, the company strives to open a clear channel of communication with the interested parties so that the development of a new feature or the implementation of VigiOne within an organization runs smoothly. Throughout the project process, from beginning to completion, VigiTrust regularly organizes calls and video conferences with their customers so that they can present the progress of the project and receive feedback. This helps the company to achieve its core goal: to create value by S Company: VigiTrust Ltd Address: Cunningham House, 130 Francis Street - Dublin 8 - Ireland Web Address: