Cyber Security 2019

16 Acquisition International - 2019 Cyber Security Awards Seeking to support clients in today’s fast-paced technology market, THETA432 ™ provides 24/7/365 managed detection/response, IRaaS, automation and orchestration, cyber defense monitoring services with dynamically defined defense (3D™), a unique process that the firm has developed over time to effectively address cyber defense challenges. We caught up with CEO M. Michael Mitama to find out more about the firm and the unique array of solutions it has to offer. THETA432: Best Digital Forensics & Cyber Defence Services Company - California ounded in 2017, THETA432 is now a leading trusted advisor providing clients with the most up to date, actionable, strategic and advanced defense solutions. Michael discusses the firm’s solutions in more detail and explores how these have helped drive the firm to the success it enjoys today. “Here at THETA432 we offer a wide range of innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of clients in the current cyber security market. Among these is our 3D ™ solution, which assists us in defining a multitude of complexities being associated with designing, growing and maintaining incident response/cyber defense and making it uncomplicated. Orchestration and automation are both very big factors in our work so that we are then able to achieve operational efficiency. We care about upstream controls that define frameworks and apply our knowledge and experience in every facet of our cybersecurity programs to make networks defensible. “This solution and others help us to achieve our overall mission: to break down the barriers to knowledge and assist our clients in managing cyber defense. There are far too many events and alerts that are being generated each and every day and helping them manage and make sense of this is very important. With the shortage of cybersecurity professionals, cyber defense as a practice can be a moving target at times thus making this operating environment far more complex. This is why we make our cyber defense strategies efficient and is a priority when working with clients, as we have to do more with less. As a result, we are able to sacrifice inefficiencies and achieve better quality for our valued clients.” As CEO, Michael works hard to ensure that his clients receive the support they need and the standard of excellence they expect. Part of this focus involves working closely with his teams and clients, as he explains. “Personally, I adopt an involved leadership style to ensure that every client the company supports receives the highest possible standards of service. As part of this approach I feel that it is very important to stay involved in every phase of a client engagement. It is important F Company: THETA432 Name: M. Michael Mitama Address: 1730 E Holly Ave Suite 805, El Segundo, CA 90245 Telephone Number: +01-866-663-2971 Web Address: for the CEO to be the face or at the forefront of the engagement and throughout, it shows how much I really care about their success. This is how I get direct feedback from CISO's, VPs and Directors. “Once I have received this feedback I am able to pass it down to my teams, so we can make adjustments if need be or as requested. We are ever evolving and part of that stems from me always talking to our clients and ensuring they are getting everything they ask for. This is a very enjoyable and important aspect of my work and one of the secrets behind the firm’s success.” As he looks to the future Michael is invigorated by the prospect of adapting his firm’s solution to support an even wider range of clients, as he proudly concludes. “Moving forward, THETA432 will be operationalizing on our current methods to deeply immerse ourselves into cyber defense with the technologies that impact our day to day lives such as IoT, medical devices, mobile, and even bionics. These developments are incredibly exciting, and I look forward to opportunities they will bring to both myself and THETA432.”