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2 Acquisition International - Corporate Social Responaibility Awards 2022 Privileged and Confidential. Do not share with 3rd parties without prior consent from Ecomatrix. About the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022 Acquisition International magazine proudly welcomes you to the inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Awards! Since our launch in 2010, we have been committed to rewarding the leading players within a variety of industries through our acclaimed industry awards. As part of our process, we closely monitor current trends across the corporate landscape, shaping the focus of our programmes accordingly to reflect these developments. With this in mind, Acquisition International has launched the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022 to recognise the growing importance of ethical and environmentally conscious business practices worldwide. In recent years, CSR initiatives have evolved from being considered a superficial PR strategy to now being seen as an integral foundation for success, with most businesses taking serious steps to place this at the forefront of their development plans. Sofi Bajor - Senior Editor Contents 4 CMI Business School: Best CSR Training Program Provider - Spain 5 Ecomatrix ESG Consulting Limited: Best ESG Consulting Firm - Hong Kong 6 Themis: Best Financial Crime Global Impact Mitigation Platform 7 Bonafide Wealth Management AG: Most Dedicated Fish & Seafood Business - Liechtenstein 8 By-Gavinho: Best Rehabilitation Luxury Residential Architecture Firm - Portugal 9 Executive Talent : Best Specialist Recruitment Brand – ROI No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Prior to making any investment, AI recommends that any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editors Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland, Editor Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer 5

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4 Acquisition International - Corporate Social Responaibility Awards 2022 Best CSR Training Program Provider - Spain t’s clear from the outset that CMI plans to be a trendsetter in the developing landscape of CSR. After all, CSR will only become more relevant, more important to clients and investors, as we move forward. In this way, CMI has become defined by innovation and excellence – the establishment for those that want to become leaders and pacesetters in their industry of choice. Here, Cristina offers some insight into CMI’s mission and values. “CMI is the first business school specialised in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Madrid, Spain, becoming a benchmark in responsible business management. CMI bases its CSR strategy on the guidelines of the 3 fundamental pillars of CSR: Social, Environmental, Governance. The purpose of CMI’s existence is to contribute to the awakening of society to create a new and better world through research, development and innovation and the integral education of people. “CMI works to lead, promote and execute scientific and technological research activities covering the entire development and implementation process, starting from exploring the boundaries of knowledge to the end of the life cycle of all products and services, considering the needs of a sustainable and circular economy. CMI offers the highest standards of quality in its services to society, providing programmes to educate the future professional: Master’s Degree programs, Diplomado’s programs and e-learning courses.” Naturally for any company or establishment working in the field of CSR, it is crucial for CMI to practise what is preaches, so to speak. Excellence and good governance must define CMI from the inside out. By all regards, CMI has secured its formidable reputation through I Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a crucial aspect of success in the modern world of business. Following its success in the programme, we spoke with CMI Business School’s (CMI) Cristina Espín to find out more about its offerings and history of success Nov22221 a dedication to doing exactly that, with a team of experts who fervently believe in CMI’s mission to deliver best in class training. “We believe in the excellence of our team and our programmes. We integrate in our day to day: Conscious, Excellence, Innovation, Collaboration, Respect, Trust, Equality and Liberty. Since establishment our purpose and values communicate the crux of our company mission and during our training programmes we share this to our students, and they share this on in their professional careers.” But the world of CSR is only just starting in the grand scheme of things. Momentum is building, and CSR is becoming ever more crucial to those wanting to secure success in their respective industries. So, what does CMI plan to achieve in 2023? How does it plan to capitalise on its already impressive success over the last couple of years? “2023 will be a great year for CMI. We have many plans, but the most important is the first edition of the Masters in CSR and Sustainability while will launch in February, which will be online in March. We’re also signing agreements with universities in India to increase the opportunities for students in other countries. Also, we are expanding our Scholarships Plans for this programme too, including a Scholarship for CSR Professional Careers an work on CSR projects, NGOs and Volunteer opportunities.” Cristina takes a moment to contemplate how the future of CMI and its mission coalesce into one driving force as we go into the new year proper. “Finally, CMI is launching e-learning courses and consultancies in CSR strategies, principles and communication for enterprises, which is contributing to generate more sustainable and responsible business practices across the country.” Company Name: CMI Business School Contact Name: Cristina Espín, Institutional Relations and Strategic Alliances Address: Calle López de Hoyos 9, 1º, 28006 Madrid, Spain Website: Contact Email: Telephone Number: +34660745255 “CMI promises to offer the best high-quality programs and a strong commitment to being the best educator in CSR in Spain.” - Cristina Espín

Acquisition International - Corporate Social Responaibility Awards 2022 5 Ecomatrix has the expertise to deliver best in class consultancy services. Further, the company focuses on delivering these solutions in a way that is defined by excellence through and through, alongside being holistic, effective and genuine. It would be remiss to gloss over the state of the region that Ecomatrix operates in. ESG pursuits in Asia, while trailing behind other regions, is gaining ground rapidly. In the 2021 Global 100 ESG Companies list, 16 were based in Asia, compared to 46 in Europe, and 33 in North America. But this is a trend that Ecomatrix is actively tackling, with all signs pointing to year-on-year improvement. With all this in mind, the company’s recognition in the programme seemed an obvious choice – acting as the leader in an industry that has an incredibly bright future ahead of it. Ecomatrix ESG Consulting Limited Website: Address: Suites 1003-1005, 10/F,Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wanchai, HK Email: Nov22231 Best ESG Consulting Firm - Hong Kong Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is swiftly becoming a key consideration for companies looking to operate and thrive in the modern world of business. Following its recognition as the ‘Best ESG Consulting Firm’ in Hong Kong, we spoke with Ecomatrix ESG Consulting Limited (Ecomatrix) to find out more. o two businesses are alike, and no two businesses requite the same solutions when it comes to bolstering their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG). Naturally, this introduces an element of difficulty for consultancy firms in the sphere – there is no cookie cutter process that covers all eventualities. Bespoke approaches are an absolute necessity when it comes to securing enduring success, and that’s just the start. After all, the ESG landscape is quite new. At least in regard to the scope of its current focus on the worldwide business stage. Yet, Ecomatrix has become a true pacesetter in the market when it comes to consulting on ESG across its services, which include program management, portfolio oversight, and comprehensive advisory services. Today, Ecomatrix has completed over 50 projects, delivered over 10,000 hours of training and awarded 3,000 certifications – truly impressive numbers for a firm that is only really getting started on what is sure to be an incredible journey. ESG is crucial to operating successfully in today’s business climate. Investors place a heavy emphasis on companies using their presence and platform the better the local community, and region. This is the route that the business world is taking, and those that ignore the changing tides are sure to be left behind. That’s where Ecomatrix comes in – to ensure that organisations don’t get left behind, and everyone has an opportunity to embrace and capitalise on this new focus on ethical governance. Whether it be through embracing the benefits of diversity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, eliminating lobbying, accountancy transparency, human rights, data protection, or biodiversity pursuits, N Privileged and Confidential. Do not share with 3rd parties without prior consent from Ecomatrix. “Our mission is to help organisations achieve greater value creation by integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals into dayto-day business processes across various levels of a company.”

6 Acquisition International - Corporate Social Responaibility Awards 2022 Best Financial Crime Global Impact Mitigation Platform hemis is the Greek goddess of justice, law, order, and good counsel. As a company specialising in anti-financial crime technology, research, training, and investigation, Themis is certainly aptly named, with an ethos focused towards ridding financial crime on a global scale. Meanwhile, Themis’s work is truly impressive, covering some of the most prominent and damaging spheres of financial crime, such as modern slavery, human trafficking, the illegal wildlife trade and illicit mining. As Dickon explains, “we help our clients understand that financial crime facilitates many human and ecological challenges facing industries and societies across the globe.” There can be no doubt that financial crime truly underpins a plethora of supplementary endeavours, with Themis itself being a stalwart of the ongoing mission to halt the momentum of global crime. However, Themis’s work really lies in providing best-in-class technology and digital education. After all, the world is getting more digital and all businesses – legal and otherwise – are moving their operations online. Here Dickon explains the company’s work and mission in more detail. “Themis is a bridge between the private and public sectors in financial crime, demonstrated in our work with the UK’s Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Home Office, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Cabinet Office in leading the development of Modern Slavery training for 60,000+ of the UK’s regulated financial services firms.” “As well as our work alongside the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and SOCNet on the development, publication and worldwide marketing of an Illegal Wildlife Trading Toolkit for the financial services industry.” “Our anti-financial crime ESG focus differentiates us from our competitors and helps us attract new team members who hold the same principles. In this way we retain the ethos and culture of the company and it becomes self-perpetuating. All of this differentiates us.” It goes without saying that Themis’s team is defined by a drive to be innovative. That drive permeates every tier and individual within the company. As a business operating alongside the aforementioned organisations, Themis also has to keep pace with their operations and processes, including national sustainability initiatives. “The entire Themis team is focussed on delivering on our UN SDG, ESG and B-Corp impact objectives. Our internal culture is one of fostering respect for each other, our customers and other stakeholders and we are committed to equality, diversity and continuing education of the team. As a result of this ethos, a junior member of our team established a ‘Females in Themis’ employeeT Financial crime is evolving and adapting to greater technological tools. Those that tackle such crime must keep apace, and indeed, have an ethos dedicated to innovation and development. Following the success of Themis in the programme, we spoke with CEO Dickon Johnstone to find out more about Themis and its work. Nov22434 led movement which aims to promote women in technology; on the basis of this initiative the employee received a “Highly Commended” recognition in the PIMFA “Rising Talent” award in October 2022 as part of their Diversity & Inclusion awards,” Dickon adds. So, what does Themis have planned for the future? As you can imagine, Themis aims to further enhance its offerings. As they say, crime doesn’t stop, and neither does Themis. “Our plans are to increase the team, retaining our ethos and culture, and enhancing and expanding the reach of our Modern Slavery digital learning module and IWT Toolkit. We plan to focus our ESG research resources on illegal logging and deforestation as part of our UN SDG 15 objectives.” Company: Themis Contact: Dickon Johnstone, CEO Email: Web Address: Address: Castle House, Castle Street, Guildford, GU13UW, The United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)208 064 1724

Acquisition International - Corporate Social Responaibility Awards 2022 7 Most Dedicated Fish & Seafood Business - Liechtenstein Bonafide Wealth Management AG (Bonafide) is in the business of driving blue revolution – “making it their mission to use the ocean’s resources in a sustainable manner.” Following the team’s success in the programme, we spoke with Marco Berweger (Managing Director, Head of Investor Relations) and Christoph Beierl (Sustainability Specialist) to find out more. Nov22102 There are few areas of sustainability on the global landscape more pressing and present in the collective zeitgeist than pursuits towards ocean-based sustainability. It helps to understand Bonafide’s mission with this in mind and focus in on the misconceptions that have defined the sector over the last 30 years. First and foremost, Marco is keen on addressing this misconception about the nature of aquaculture. “Aquaculture is not what it used to be 20 years ago. New technologies, in particular, have made it possible to monitor fish stocks around the clock - the most important step in detecting problems. Thus, when treating sea lice, it is possible to ensure a much faster intervention in favour of the fish & the production stock. Whereas in the past it was “normal” to use antibiotics in fish farming, today young fish are vaccinated and thus the use of antibiotics can be eliminated. Fish outbreaks have been greatly reduced by further development. “Sustainable farming in aquacultures is underpinned by the ASC or MSC seals, among others. The strict requirements separate the wheat from the chaff here. Risk analysis of industry-specific issues – such as fish escapes, overfishing, bycatch, etc. – is an important pillar for us when analysing companies. Here, Marco and Chris offer more insight into this endeavour. “Our investment process expressly addresses sustainability in four aspects. Starting with our focus on the fish & seafood sector, then our use of essential exclusion criteria and ESG ratings, to our continued commitment to the companies we invest in and exercising the associated voting rights, sustainability has a high priority at Bonafide.” “At Bonafide we are guided by a culture and set of principles that ensure that we never forget what our mission to be a driver of the Blue Revolution. We see our role as a pionier for global investments along the entire fish & seafood value chain,” Chris adds. Of course, it is one thing to drive towards sustainability through external actions, but it is equally important – arguably moreso – to be driven by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) internally. “We T are active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices. The intensive cooperation as part of the active participation between Bonafide and the invested companies offers the opportunity to create more mutual transparency and thus a better understanding of respective positions, a more effective exchange of information, and improved accountability. Bonafide’s ethos is only going to be more relevant as we collectively move forward into a more sustainably focused future. “Generally, it can be said that our sector will receive more attention in the coming years. Thus, we want to leverage our expertise in the Fish and Seafood sector with new product options. So far, we have been following the long-only equity strategy. We now consider including private equity investments to be the necessary support for growth for small businesses in the sector.” Marco explains. “According to the Report The State of Word Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022 (FAO, 2022), many of the important inland fisheries lie within least developed and developing countries, where limited human and financial resources to monitor and manage such fisheries represent a major obstacle. At best, investments in such companies enhance global awareness and understanding of small-scale artisanal fisheries and aquaculture, and foster action to support its contribution to sustainable development, specifically in relation to food security and nutrition, poverty eradication and the use of natural resources,” Chris concludes. Company: Bonafide Wealth Management AG Name: Marco Berweger (Managing Director, Head of Investor Relations), Christoph Beierl (Sustainability specialist) Email: / Web Address: Address: Höfle 30, 9496 Balzers, Liechtenstein Telephone: +423 388 00 30 We invest in sustainable businesses along the entire value chain of fish & seafood to help feed the world and ensure food security while achieving attractive financial returns. - Marco Berweger, Managing Director

8 Acquisition International - Corporate Social Responaibility Awards 2022 Nov22614 Best Rehabilitation Luxury Residential Architecture Firm - Portugal Specialising in the luxury segment for private residences, developments, and company environments, the Gavinho Group stands out for its flair, innovation, and use of top-quality materials. We find out more from the firm’s founder in the wake of it being recognised in the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022. ith more than 30 years of existence, the Gavinho Group was born and developed by Maria Gavinho. Today it comprises two companies, Gavinho Architecture & Interiors and Gavinho & Associados, both of which function within the national and international market with a single objective, that of developing projects and differentiated solutions. From architectural design to strategic planning, from design to construction, Gavinho has the skills for any phase of a project. Gavinho Architecture & Interiors studio is distinguished by its projects in the areas of architecture, landscaping, interior design, product design, and art consultancy. Specialising in the luxury segment for private homes, developments, and business environments, Gavinho Architecture & Interiors creates and redesigns spaces with a focus on personalisation, contemporary style, and noble materials. Gavinho & Associados, on the other hand, focuses on real estate promotion and rehabilitation and brings together all services related to the construction and rehabilitation of private residences, developments, and business environments. The comprehensive work undertaken by Gavinho & Associados covers new construction execution of all stages, while respecting construction techniques and good construction practices. This includes the rehabilitation of pre-existing buildings where a large part of the built elements are preserved and the amount of necessary demolitions and corresponding reconstructions are reduced, in addition to making materials and techniques compatible, and giving preference to repair solutions that use traditional technologies and current materials. Due to its in-house capacity to develop the project in all its phases, the Gavinho Group is recognised for its sense of demand in planning, creative development, and execution. “The success of Gavinho Associados results from the combination of highly competent project teams, combined with the selection of excellent projects,” explains founder, Maria. “This selection and differentiation gives real estate assets an asset value that makes them less prone to market volatility, guaranteeing a consistent return.” The architecture and interiors side of the business creates places, products, immersive environments, attractive destinations, and W differentiated products. Its atelier focuses on multidisciplinary practice that addresses multiple layers of human experience and it designs buildings, interiors, landscapes, lighting, furniture, objects, and graphics with a focus that goes far beyond the appearance of things, always putting first the way people feel in the environments. Clients are predominantly individuals, promoters and entrepreneurs looking to stand out from the crowd and differentiate. “Designing and solving problems in an accessible and collaborative way, we believe in big dreams and that overcoming obstacles is a way to reach new solutions,” Maria elaborates. “We bring the same attention to detail to every project, because for us, it’s all about designing a world we want to live in.” In the main luxury artery of the city of Lisbon, Gavinho Architecture & Interiors has its showroom and atelier, where the creative department develops all projects. Here, you can find some of the pieces signed by Gavinho, in a discreet and elegant environment. In an authentic celebration of national art and manufacturing, the showroom genuinely illustrates the soul that embodies Gavinho Architecture & Interiors. Also existing in Lisbon, the firm has four ongoing developments in the city centre. With more being prepared for the coming year, the company is well established, bringing new life to the neighbourhoods in which it intervenes. Recently, for itsdedication to remodelling luxuryexistingaccommodation to high standards and protecting the integrity of these buildings, Gavinho was recognised in the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022 and crowned with the prestigious title of Best Rehabilitation Luxury Residential Architecture Firm – Portugal. This commitment to quality and to the originality of each project are the reasons for the firm’s success and for its international expansion to countries such as France, the United Arab Emirates, Angola, and Algeria. “We are proud of the design standards and timeless materiality, values that characterise our work, and that add from the broadest vision to the smallest detail, from the beginning to the end of each project.” Contact: Maria Gavinho Company: By-Gavinho Web Address:

Acquisition International - Corporate Social Responaibility Awards 2022 9 Best Specialist Recruitment Brand – ROI Searching for a job can be disheartening at times. We start to feel the weight of either not having a job, or having the wrong job that really does suit our way of living. However, with Executive Talent, you can find not only the job, but the career path of your dreams. Here we zoom in on its skills as it wins this excellent accolade in the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022. Dec22031 e all know that finding a job isn’t easy. Sometimes we stumble upon a vacancy, apply, and find we’ve got a job that, perhaps, doesn’t truly align with who we are or what we want out of life. Other times we find that we’re applying over and over to no avail. As a specialist recruitment brand with a whole lot of heart, Executive Talent has become a top player in its realm. It is dedicated to matching its candidates to the business that will enable them to feel part of a team, and part of the bigger picture. Helping as many people as possible, Executive Talent has been able to grow at an exponential rate. By utilising its experience, knowledge, and desire to aid others, Executive Talent has even survived one of the most turbulent times we have experienced – Covid-19. However, not only has Executive Talent survived, but it has thrived throughout the pandemic, ensuring that we have everything we need at our fingertips. Placing people from C-Suite, Director, and Senior Management to Supervisory and Team Lead positions, Executive Talent has made a name for itself in the recruitment industry, even despite the volatility of the industries surrounding it. Its core values are centred around respect, communication, and enthusiasm. Its highly professional members all do everything they can to ensure candidates receive the best treatment possible when searching for their perfect match. If you’re looking for a place to be successful, Executive Talent is there to supply opportunities for careers – not just jobs. Executive Talent works hard to understand what we need and want within the professional world, so that it can match us with the finest business to fit our desires. The give and take relationship between applicant and enterprise needs to be of equal measure and Executive Talent deeply understands this. W Its professionals have much experience in the world of recruitment, meaning that they can easily partner up with candidate or company to spark a relationship between them. Rather than forcing a match just to get people in and out of the door, Executive Talent treats each and every candidate, and company, with respect – and as individual beings. By doing this, it is the best recruitment partner from a candidate’s, and a business’, viewpoint. Executive Talent has partnered up with an extensive list of clients to ensure they find the best fit for the position – and it does all it can to guarantee a match made in heaven for each candidate applying for a role. By building strong relationships, its sturdy foundation has a lot to offer. Over the years its fun-loving, down-to-earth, peppered professionals have become a tight knit team of likeminded individuals. They work together as a well-oiled machine that doesn’t simply crunch numbers. Everyone who passes through its doors is treated with utmost respect, and its dedication to delivering specialist positions has paid off. Now Executive Talent has cinched the title of Best Specialist Recruitment Brand, ROI, and it is due to expand even further throughout 2023. It is a promising year for Executive Talent as it continues to pull out all the stops for its candidates. Long may its experience carry it to great success. Contact: Emma Nolan Company: Executive Talent Web Address: Keeping the channels of communication flowing freely, and taking the reins without completely taking over, Executive Talent matches only the best candidates with businesses that will nourish and cherish them.

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