Business Excellence Awards 2023

22 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 Best Investment & Trading Consultancy Firm 2023 – Frankfurt ounded by Christian Schoeppe, SchoeppeFX International Consulting is a leader in the realm of FX. As Christian developed his career, from decades within the trading business at Deutsche Bank, DWS Investments, and Deutsche Asset Management, he decided it was time to set up his own enterprise which people could rely on for the best asset and wealth management solutions he could offer, now to a wider audience: “No less important than his background of experience is his practiceoriented approach – which has been awarded industry prizes – to analyze structures and processes and to develop tailor-made concepts from them. SchoeppeFX is rich in knowledge and experience, due to Christian and his partners, which inevitably acts as a buttress for all of its clients across global markets. Managing and growing our assets and wealth can seem like a huge feat, but, with Schoeppe’s unique approach to achieve tangible improvements of business metrics, the mighty task doesn’t seem daunting or impossible anymore. The approach that SchoeppeFX takes is always with the customer at center stage. It is respectful, transparent, and competent in its ability to achieve “a ‘Best in Class’ business set-up for teams and operations exposed to international transactions.” It constructs long-term relationships, offering clients support and invaluable knowledge of developed and emerging markets around the globe. Investment and trading can seem shrouded, but SchoeppeFX does all it can to help via means of analysis and advice: this includes “modernizing infrastructure, the integration of new technologies and transaction cost analysis (TCA) tools in the areas of portfolio management, trading, settlement, and compliance.” Across its four service pillars of strategic consulting, operational excellence, innovative collaboration, and risk management, SchoeppeFX ensures that every move made is one that will thrust its clients forwards F Feb23512 rather than back. “Leads can simply engage in consultation calls, operational analyses, strategic projects, and workshops.” SchoeppeFX International Consulting doesn’t plateau, it thrives with a fantastic trajectory aiming for sustainable success. With its prideful yet humble attitude injected by its leader, the company differs from traditional consultancies: hand-on and approachable, fair and honest – instilling confidence in all of its clients, so that they can have a secure future with regards to their assets, wealth, and, perhaps most importantly, peace of mind. As Best Investment & Trading Consultancy Firm 2023, Frankfurt, SchoeppeFX’s holistic data management and process efficiency approach continues to prove it as one of the best in the industry. We look forward to seeing what else it brings to the table as it continues to help even more clients in capital markets on a yearly basis. Company: SchoeppeFX International Consulting Address: Speicherstr. 37, D-60327 Frankfurt/M. Phone: +49 69 21990747 Email: LinkedIn: Web Address: SchoeppeFX International Consulting (SchoeppeFX) is an innovative consulting firm with deep expertise in foreign exchange (FX) trading and investments. By helping its clients to manage and grow their assets and wealth it has swiftly become a name we won’t forget. It has now won its title in the Business Excellence Awards 2023, and we are excited to reveal its services to you. “We help institutional clients in asset and wealth management to identify and exploit value creation and cost reduction potentials in order to increase their competitiveness in the long term.”