Business Excellence Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 23 With the recent developments in technology, it feels as though everybody has their focus solely aimed towards their mobile phones, and are paying the beauties of our world no mind. As a result, pure entertainment has been harder and harder to come by, creating a rift between people that isn’t so easily reconnected. However, thanks to the fantastic and creative minds behind Anima Agent Ludique (Anima), encountering the true meaning of fun has never been so exciting to partake in. From team-building events, to fun for the entire family, get ready to experience the wonderful gaming events that Anima has to offer. Feb23366 taste in entertainment is one of the most subjective preferences that humans encounter throughout their lives. No two people have the same definition of the term, but it’s almost universal that time spent together is more enjoyable than time spent alone. However, with technology and social media driving a wedge between physical interaction, finding an opportunity to band together and invest in each other’s company again can pose as quite the challenge. Thankfully, Anima, established in 2010, aims to close these rifts and bring people of all ethnicities and cultures together through the medium of activities, games and events. Established in France, Anima utilises the brilliant and beautiful sights and structures of Paris to truly encapsulate the history and culture behind its wonderful country. From treasure hunts across the city, to escape games set in the Louvre, Anima presents a plethora of creative activities to unite participants from every walk of life. And with 13 years of experience in the craft, you can guarantee a quality experience that’s both unique and engaging for all audiences. With an aim to introduce the rich history and culture that defines the foundations of Paris to its participants, Anima has already masterfully accomplished a relation between people that simply can’t be overlooked. Thanks to its insight into how to best connect people, and with a devotion to upholding a community mindset that’ll bring anyone of any age together, Anima has fashioned one of the most inspired means to present culture and teamwork in one perfectly-crafted package. Offering treasure hunts, quizzes, escape games, and many more, Anima has something for absolutely any type of participant. Though it inspires to cater to every audience, Anima particularly specialises in the art of team building. Through careful planning, and an insight into Parisian culture that cannot be rivalled, Anima understands how to consistently apply its creative flair in order to assist corporate teams in reaching their partnership potential. It encourages teamwork above all else, and dedicates itself to strengthening the bonds that are forged within an active and engaging environment. Anima is intensely proud of its origins, and makes this statement visible through the passion that it applies to each event or activity it establishes. The team behind Anima believe that everyone should be able to experience Parisian heritage in a thoughtful and entertaining way, so that you can truly establish a connection with this astounding culture. Anima cherishes the spaces around it, and looks to create events and activities that convey the complex beauty that lies beneath the world-famous splendour of Paris. A Most Cultural Game Event Company 2023 - France So, whether you’re someone with a passion for brain-teasers, or a corporate team looking to strengthen your bonds through a culturallyenriched treasure hunt, Anima has a myriad of events available to choose from. No matter the type of person you are, Anima has something for you to enjoy, and will concoct an experience unlike any other. Paris is its passion, and it will present all of the hidden wonders behind this stunning city with a care and dedication that’s unrivalled in its field. Let Anima guide you through the best kept secrets Paris has to offer, all whilst enjoying interactive activities that’ll leave you with an understanding of the true meaning of teamwork. Contact: Isabelle Terrissol Company: Anima Web Address: Studio Masani