Business Excellence Awards 2023

24 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 Mar23120 Stationery & Creative Toy Manufacturer of the Year 2023 Stationery is a staple of every person’s childhood. You may remember how exciting it was when you got a new eraser or pencil sharpener, or how fun it was to test out your brand-new gel pens in your diary. Stationery has always been fun, but the geniuses at Maped Helix are looking to make stationery truly special. With creative design that has colour and quirkiness at its core, Maped Helix is at the forefront of reinventing the content of the next generation’s pencil cases for the foreseeable future. ounded in 1887, Helix’s first activity was the production of the wooden ruler, shortly followed by the invention of the Modern Drawing Compass. Since its humble beginnings in 1887, and now known as Maped Helix, it has spread its vision for stationery across the globe. Its inspiration for bringing originality to children’s learning processes has helped it amass an astounding reputation that’s founded on expertise and quality. Maped Helix cherishes a child’s right to enjoy education, and has worked tirelessly over the years to provide products that keep learning fresh and engaging for children of all ages. And with goals to introduce education to children all over the world who may not have access to it, Maped Helix has defined itself as a company that puts the flourishing of the future generation above all else. Now the UK’s leader in school supplies and accessories, Maped Helix has established itself as the go-to choice for parents and schools alike. Thanks to the innovation of its products, it’s been able to provide a new sense of fun to the classroom. It’s observed how children react to learning, and has combined its results with its brilliant ideas to cultivate all new inventions (and reinventions) of what most would view as basic pencil case essentials. This, in turn, inspires children to participate in their learning on a more profound level, which greatly improves the quality of their education in the process. Of course, with such a creative mindset comes a willingness to adapt. Maped Helix has constantly altered its perspective on what children need over the years. Their passion to inspire creativity in F children has led them to expanding their range from core stationery and school supplies, to develop Arts and Crafts ranges and Creative Toys. Continually looking to innovate, Maped Helix believe that children’s creativity should be given no boundaries and will continue to develop tools to boost a child’s imagination, and allow them to reach their potential. Additionally, not only is Maped Helix concerned with reinventing stationery and creative toys in a way that’s never been seen before, but it’s focused on doing so whilst enhancing its sustainability. Though it supplies an Eco Range of stationery, Maped Helix has also implemented additional methods of handling its environmental impact, and is working diligently to reduce emissions and develop new ways of creating products. Its care truly stems from a love for the world and the wonders it holds, and this passion carries over into the one-of-a-kind products that it’s founded since its inception. Maped Helix is a stationery company with a creative flair unlike any other. It’s become a household name through its astonishingly innovative and functional designs, whether it be the trusty Oxford maths tin, the rotating eraser or the bendy ruler. It’s pushed the boundaries of what stationery is, and has done so with a keen eagerness that’s beyond admirable. It fights to serve children’s education need, and looks to guide future generations towards changing the world with their own hands. It all begins with stationery, and Maped Helix will stop at nothing to offer products that, in the hands of children, have the chance to shape the future. Contact: Lianne Fletcher Company: Maped Helix Web Address: